For the TV series of the same name, see Doofy the Dragon (TV Series).

"Hey Kids!
I’m Doofy the Dragon!"
— Doofy talks to the kids

Doofy the Dragon is a retired (formerly recurring) character who first appeared in "Bowser Junior's Sleepover". He is portrayed as a TV star of his show and is Bowser Junior's Charleyyy and Friends. He sings "educational" songs in his own "preschool" TV program and yet often ends up killing himself somehow. It was confirmed in one of the meet the cast videos on SuperLuigiLogan that Doofy would no longer be in SML videos anymore because he gets a lot of his videos age-restricted, because of him being a suicidal, killing, murderous dragon. However, he did make a cameo at Jeffy the Boxer!.


Doofy The Dragon was born on April 16 to Mr. and Mrs. Dragon, During his childhood his dad was abusive and tried to beat him and sometimes tried to choke him (explaining his scary and messed up behavior later on). 

During his adulthood he met Diffy the Dragon. Although they’re married, they never really loved each other.

At some point he had a son with her who he possibly abused. After that he had his own show called Doofy the Dragon (TV Series). He teaches and brainwashes kids to commit series of taboo, dangerous and illegal activities such as doing drugs, committing crimes, suicides, murder, swearing, dangerous stunts, etc., often resulting in violent acts and suicide.

As of 2018 on the SuperLuigiLogan channel, Logan stated in a Logan Reacts video that Doofy will be retired. Obviously this is because Doofy is a drug addict, alcoholic, he beats his wife and he is very suicidal; another thing is it's breaking the YouTube's Terms of Services. This is however proven false in the movie "Jeffy's Energy Drink!", where Doofy makes a new cameo. However, Doofy has been less focused on murder but instead more focused on less gory suicides like skydiving without a parachute for humour. Additionally, he refers to the viewers as mature audiences and not kids. After that video, in Lance's Meet The Cast, Logan has confirmed that Doofy will never appear in any video again.

Despite this, he returned in Jeffy the Boxer! as a quick cameo.


This version of the Doofy Puppet is Smoulder the dragon from Melissa & Doug.

List of Songs sung by Doofy

Bathtime Song (Bowser Junior's Sleepover)

Make sure you clean your balls!
Make sure you clean them good!
You don't want smelly balls!
'Cause then girls won't like you!
Make sure you do cocaine, kids!

Farm Animals Song (Bowser Junior's Pet!)

Old McDonald had a farm!
And on his farm, he had a bunny!
And that bunny pissed me off
So I'll stab it in the face!
Die bunny!
Die bunny!
Die bunny!

Shoe Tying Song (Cody's House)

When you want to learn how to tie your shoes!
Doofy can teach you what to do!
First, you gotta grab one shoelace!
Then you gotta grab the other one!
Then you give up 'cause it's too fucking hard! (too fucking hard!)
Then you grab a noose and kill yourself!

Muffin Man Song (Bowser Junior's Big Mess!)

Do you know the Muffin Man? the Muffin Man, the Muffin Man!
Do you know the Muffin Man? 'cause the asshole owes me money!
Have you seen the Muffin Man? the Muffin Man, the Muffin Man!
Have you seen the Muffin Man? 'cause if you do, I'm gonna get my money!
I'm gonna shoot 'em!
I'm gonna kill 'em!
I'm gonna shoot 'em!
Shoot 'em!
Shoot 'em!
You know what, stop the damn music!
Stop it!
Muffin Man if you're listening, I'm coming for your ass!
I'm coming!
I'm packing too!

Evicted Song (Bowser Junior's Playtime 2)

I didn't pay my bills! I didn't pay my bills!
I'm getting evicted 'cause I didn't pay my bills!
My wife is leaving me!
My wife is leaving me!
I'm gonna kill myself 'cause my wife is leaving me!
Remember kids, woman will leave you if you lose everything!

Drug Song (Bowser Junior's Midnight Snack!)

Twinkle twinkle little star!
I have drugs inside my car!
If the cops show up I'm fucked!
I might as well give myself up!
Oh shit!
That's the cops!
I better run!
I'm gonna kill myself with this gun!

Easter Song (Bowser Junior's Easter Wish!)

The Easter Bunny didn't give me candy!
So I'm gonna shoot him in the face!
He's gonna bleed everywhere!
And hopefully doesn't stain the carpet!
Oh hey, Easter Bunny little son of a bitch!
You enjoying that carrot?
Huh? let's add some lead to it!
Die die die die die!

Electrocuting Song (Bowser Junior's Broken Leg!)

My wife left me!
She took the kids!
I hate my life and I don't wanna live!
So I'm gonna put a fork in the electric socket!

Doofy O's Contest Song (Bowser Junior Goes To Disney World! Part 1)

You'll need to eat a bowl of Doofy O's!
You could win a trip to Disney World!
All you gotta do is find the knife!
And then you need to kill my ex-wife!

Baseball Song (Bowser Junior's Imaginary Friend!)

Take me out to the ball game!
Take me out with the crowd!
Just hit me harder and crack my head!
I do not care if I end up dead!
Ow ow ow!


  • Professional
  • Funny
  • Goofy
  • Stupid
  • Insane
  • Violent
  • Retarded
  • Evil
  • Suicidal
  • Self-harming
  • Mental
  • Aggressive (Possibly)
  • Self-Killing
  • Alcoholic
  • Drunk
  • Abusive

Likes and Dislikes


  • Killing anybody and even himself
  • Crimes
  • Entertaining and "teaching" kids
  • His TV career
  • Money
  • Illegal activities
  • Doing dangerous and deadly stunts
  • Drugs
  • Killing bunnies
  • Guns
  • Skydiving
  • Swearing
  • Doing drugs
  • Abusing his ex-wife


  • Himself
  • Children who don’t like his show
  • The Bunny Do!
  • His ex-wife
  • Bunnies
  • Police
  • Laws
  • The Muffin Man
  • Parachutes
  • Paying his bills
  • The IRS
  • Having no teeth
  • People who are older than him
  • His landlord
  • His life
  • Tying shoes

Criminal Record

  • Brainwashing: He brainwashes and forces kids to do illegal stuff, such as drugs.
  • Animal Cruelty: He frequently kills bunnies.
  • Tax Evasion: In Bowser's House Fire!, Doofy says it's his birthday and that the IRS is following him for this reason for him to turn into a birthday cake.


  • "Hey kids, I'm Doofy the Dragon, and today......"
  • "My ex-wife loves me again, so now I have to be responsible."
  • "That's flat!"
  • "We're not together anymore, so we're going to burn that one."
  • (crying) "I guess, time for the bleach.”
  • “I’m gonna turn myself into a human birthday candle.”
  • Also the IRS hates me because they’re trying to come after me for tax evasion.”
  • “So let’s get this show on the road.”
  • “Oh that’s the stuff.”


  • Logan confirmed that Doofy would play a supportive role in The SuperMarioLogan Movie!
  • The puppet used for Doofy is the same that was used for Kevin in Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Episode 2.
  • Despite being a kids show, Doofy swears but censor bleeped, and the series is quite dark due to multiple evil and non-kid-friendly aspects. This includes telling kids to do drugs and illegal things, threatening to kill the Muffin Man, poisoning himself, hanging himself over tying his shoes being "too f**king hard."
    • It could be that Doofy the dragon is an adult dark comedy tv show that Juinor mistakes as a kids show.
  • His introduction is "Hey kids! I'm Doofy the Dragon!".
  • In his first two appearances, he had a hillbilly accent.
  • As stated above, Doofy is the Charleyyy to Bowser Junior, due to being a character Bowser Junior enjoys watching, completely identical to Bowser's love of Charleyyy, and as Junior had disliked Charleyyy, with Bowser's chagrin, Joseph and Cody express disinterest in Doofy, to Bowser Junior's chagrin. But in Bowser Junior's Broccoli Problem, they like him.
    • However, it is shown in Bowser Junior's Lightsaber! that Cody and Joseph don't want to watch Doofy, because Joseph stated that Doofy "kills himself all the time."
  • He has his own cereal called Doofy O's.
  • It is unknown which channel Doofy's show airs on.
  • In Bowser Junior's Playtime 2, it is revealed that Doofy has a wife.
  • He has sung parodies of the nursery rhymes: Old MacDonald, Muffin Man, The Farmer in the Dell and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star as well as three original songs: Bathtime, Tie Your Shoes and Die Easter Bunny.
  • He seems to make mountains out of molehills, for example, he gets an assault rifle and shoots at a toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste because he has no teeth, hangs himself because he gave up with tying his shoes, and also might have some sort of anger problem, as shown in the Old MacDonald song, a rabbit just comes out of nowhere and he gets pissed and stabs it. He can also be seen as a pessimist, and he gets the blood all over the whole screen.
  • His songs can be seen on the YouTube Kids app, but it is unknown why because all of them have inappropriate references. An example of an inappropriate reference is a video on Superkidz Finger Family about Mickey Mouse and his family dressed as Deadpool firing gunshots at one another committing suicide, which Logan shouldn't post his videos onto that child-safe app because it's illegal, he'll get threats from angry parents and he will get arrested. This is because content like that can affect children.
  • In Bowser Junior's Broccoli Problem, it is revealed that Doofy does not have teeth because he is a puppet.
  • In Bowser Junior's Broken Leg!, he hosted a meet and greet that Bowser Junior missed out on. In The Elevator!, Doofy hosted another meet and greet. However, Junior and his friends missed out on his meet and greet because of the “broken” elevator.
  • Doofy The Dragon began its 2nd season in Pop Rocks and Coke!. The episode had the same title.
  • His Pop Rocks and Coke appearance ends the 4-month hiatus of Doofy the Dragon's absence, besides his cameo in Bowser Junior Orders A Pizza!.
  • In Bowser Junior’s World Record!, he is in his car with some sort of object with carbon monoxide poisoning and puts it in his mouth and attempts to kill himself. After four attempts, he killed himself.
  • Doofy's own TV show is a spoof/parody of several live-action preschool television programs such as Barney and Friends, Bear in the Big Blue House and Sesame Street.
  • According to some fans, he is similar to Krusty The Clown from The Simpsons as both are personalities for children's shows who do drugs, have general addiction problems, are rather greedy, and are similarly miserable.
  • He was a costume in Bowser Junior's 8th Birthday! by Brooklyn T. Guy but then it got ripped in half by the Hop Hop Bunny.
  • In Bowser Junior Goes to Disney World! Part 1, it is revealed that he has merchandise such as cereal, cheeseburgers, party games, and costumes.
  • He appears to have fewer episodes than Charleyyy and Friends.
  • Doofy will kill himself in nearly every episode.
  • Despite him having wings, he has never been shown flying.
  • Doofy has appeared less frequently, possibly due to his show being not family-friendly with the number of drugs, weapons, and violence seen.
  • Doofy has not made a physical appearance in 3 years, 2019, 2020 and 2021.


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