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"Where’s my saw?"
— DBTG’s last words before he was shot to death by his twin brother

Does Bad Things Guy was a major antagonist of the SuperMarioLogan franchise. He was the only identical younger twin brother of Brooklyn T. Guy and the main antagonist of The Secret Door!

He was one of the main antagonists in Season 8 and 9. He served as an anti-hero in The New House!, the secondary antagonist for the last 17 episodes of Season 8, and the main antagonist of the first 33 episodes of Season 9.

Having murdering countless people (including Bowser Junior in Pinch! Pinch! Pinch!, although this death is non-canon), he almost succeeded in murdering Mario, Rosalina and Jeffy before being shot in the head by his brother.


Does Bad Things Guy was born on August 21, 1977 in Brooklyn, New York, to Mr. and Mrs. Guy along with his twin brother Brooklyn T. Guy. Most of his childhood and teen years are unknown, but it is likely he attended and graduated from high school at the same time with his brother.

From the events of The New House! to The Secret Door!, he took Brooklyn T. Guy's place for 7 months.

He was a ruthless serial killer that murdered 26 people who bought the house before Mario and Bowser did. He sold the house numerous times to people but warned them not to go in a door in one of the rooms, as behind the door were the bodies of his previous victims. If they stayed out of the room, he did nothing and left the new residents alone, but if they disobeyed his orders and opened the door, he knocked them out, tied them in chains, and killed them in a variety of brutal ways. After his victims were dead, he took photos of the mangled corpses and hung them up.

He would ultimately meet his death in The Secret Door!, when after tying up Mario, Rosalina, and Jeffy, and was about to murder the trio, his twin brother arrived in the room they were in and shot him in the head, killing him.


Like his twin brother, Does Bad Things Guy acted in a manner identical to him, being miserable and sarcastic.

However, he was also shown to be strict since he did not allow people to open or enter the Secret Door.

In his final appearance, The Secret Door!, he was revealed to be evil, homicidal, violent, sadistic, cruel, bossy, angry, dangerous, heinous and heartless.

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  • His wife - His first victim, it is unknown why he murdered her since he had no secrets behind the door yet.
  • 25 unidentified victims - Does Bad Things Guy brutally murdered 25 more victims, ranging from adults to children. He killed them in multiple ways with different weapons, including nails, knives, different types of saws, etc.
  • The unnamed man at Thanksgiving- Not one of his normal victims. During Thanksgiving, he tells everyone a story about busting a guy who had a turkey and frying him in the electric chair to death.
  • Bowser Junior (non-canon) - When Junior goes overboard in pinching people and tries pinching him. Does Bad Things Guy uses this as an excuse to shoot Junior.


  • Despite murdering the 26 people, he also killed others as part of him acting as a cop.
  • Some fans believe that Does Bad Things Guy may have killed even more people than was shown in the door. They believe the death toll could be higher than 26.
  • Does Bad Things Guy is the second character to fill in for another character over a period of time, the first being Robot Chef Pee Pee.
  • He was most likely inspired by notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.
  • He was Brooklyn T. Guy's only identical twin brother.
  • It's possible that the version of Brooklyn T. Guy that appeared in The Pizza Delivery!Bowser Junior Goes to Military School!Bowser Junior Goes to the Sun! and Bowser Junior's Package! was acually Does Bad Things Guy as Brooklyn T. Guy's personality and actions resembled more of Does Bad Things Guy.
    • The Brooklyn Military Trainer from Bowser Junior Goes to Military School! is most likely actually be Does Bad Things Guy as the bodies of the Three Military School Students that died in the series later appeared in The Secret Door.
  • Though most characters have died, but were revived in the next or future video, DBTG is one of few characters who died and stayed dead.


  1. He is the identical twin of Brooklyn T. Guy and therefore has the same birthday
  2. He is Brooklyn T. Guy's identical twin brother and Brooklyn T. Guy said he is turning 41 in Jeffy's Birthday Surprise! This video was uploaded in 2018

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