"Doctor HairyLip" is the 14th episode of Mario & Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures.


The video starts with Black Yoshi playing Call of Duty. Mario shows up with Black Yoshi's kool-aid and Mr. Pig was mocking. Mario said it was his first time doing kool-aid and gave it to Black Yoshi, but Black Yoshi didn't like it because Mario put too much kool-aid. Black Yoshi wanted Mario to play Call of Duty while he and Mr. Pig make themselves some kool-aid. He also told Mario to either drink his kool-aid or throw it in the sink. Though, Black Yoshi wanted to see Mario drink the kool-aid and that is what he did.

One cup of kool-aid later, Mario said that it tasted bad. Black Yoshi, while being mildly racist, said that he is going to make the kool-aid himself and that Mario should stay on the couch. Meanwhile, there was a tiny clip of Mr. Pig and Black Yoshi going to the kitchen making kool-aid.

Toad came to Mario and warned him about what happened to Princess Peach. They rushed to her and they found out she was pregnant and going into labor, then Doctor HairyLip (nowadays, Mr. Goodman) showed up to see what's wrong. He saw that the baby's feet are inside Princess Peach. Luigi also showed up and talked a bit with Mario. Doctor HairyLip forgot his medical goggles in the office and came back with them. The medical goggles allow him to focus and Doctor HairyLip also said that Peach will be screaming during childbirth. Mario asks when the baby will come and Doctor HairyLip replied with "any minute". He told Mario to go to the lobby and will let him know when the baby gets out, and for medical purposes, informs him about cleaning Peach and curing cancer with a cotton swab.

Mario tells Toad to see when the kool-aid is coming. Doctor HairyLip informs Mario about what's happening a bit and tells him to stay with Peach while he is cleaning the swab. Mario tells Peach to keep the child in safety so that he can live a healthy and happy life. Peach says the baby is coming out, so Doctor HairyLip came back to help out Peach during the childbirth by comically putting a rubber ducky in front of the baby.

Two minutes later, Doctor HairyLip was smacking himself with the rubber ducky and it wasn't working. Doctor HairyLip thought of cutting Peach to get the baby out if the baby doesn't come out in five minutes. A bit later, Peach alerted that the baby is coming, so Doctor HairyLip tried to get another doctor because he isn't really a doctor, he is there to stare at female genitalia.

The new doctor is Shrek. Him being a doctor makes him afford all the cheesecake he wants. Moreover, he told Peach to get the baby out when Shrek says "1, 2, 3, cheesecake!". Though, something unexpected happened, it is a cheesecake being born. However, something else was coming, and this time, Peach probably gave birth to a monster.



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