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Debra is Brooklyn T. Guy's ex-wife. She has been mentioned numerous times, but never actually made an actual appearance until "Jeffy Gets Glasses!" when she was pictured. In SBL Plays: The Sims 4, Brooklyn T. Guy mentions them having two children: a son and a daughter. While they may not be canon, it is assumed that they are, as it is said that Debra took custody and since Brooklyn T. Guy is now married to Sharon, it is very possible that Debra's daughter is canon. In "Bowser Junior's Summer School 6", it is revealed that she had a deep Brooklyn accent.


She has blue eyes, pink lipstick, and orangey-brown hair in a bun. Brooklyn T. Guy describes her as having a long, pointy nose, big fat lips, blue squinty eyes, a lot of acne, big pointy swollen cheekbones, a big chin, small black double-bun hair, wide hips, and being "beefy" and fat due to Brooklyn T. Guy being drunk and saying she cleans out buffets.


  • In the wedding photo, she is the same puppet used for Laqeqeqeaqealefanda.
  • She is portrayed by a Mellisa and Doug Balerina puppet.
  • It's presumed that she got divorced somewhere between "Stuck in a Tree!" and "The Grilled Cheese".


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