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Dealing with Ghosts is a song sung by Toad, who shows Luigi that he is good at catching ghosts.

However, Toad really isn't good at catching ghosts.

Though He Can‘t Catch Ghosts This Is A Good Strategy To Catch Ghosts.

The Song Is Fire 🔥 And The Green Screen Effects Are Great



Alright Luigi! You think I don't know how to catch ghosts! But I'll show you how to catch ghosts!

Lights! Camera! Action! All I see is ghost flashing!

WAKA! WAKA! WAKA! You would think I'm playing Pac-Man!

And I'ma sneak up

You just make

The distraction

Catching ghost a thriller

I feel like

Michael Jackson!

The ghost trying

Catch up like he

Looking for mustard

But i'm strapped

With the vac!

I'm the new ghost buster!

They all trying to scare

But don't let it phase ya!

These ghost disappear

Like they came from


I See ghost in the room

Homie pass the vacuum!

Ghost stay on me like

I gotta new tattoo!

And i got them all trapped

Like they was some raccoons

Maybe they won't see us

If we stand like some statues!


This Is The a First Time Pac Man, Michel Jackson And Ghost Busters Is Mentioned in SML so another Sign That SML Takes Place In The Real World.

Non-Awsered Questions About The Series

One Question Is That If This Is A Altered Game Or In The Actual SML Universe

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