"Crazy Monkey" is the 16th episode of Mario & Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures.


The episode Starts off with The events of the last episode and then cuts to the events currently happening.

Bowser Is angry but Peach is having none of it and is demanding for Black Yoshi to kill Bowser and storms off.

Bowser wants to kill Black Yoshi due to him killing Bowser Jr but Black Yoshi is telling Bowser why he's innocent, Bowser doesn't care and storms at black Yoshi knocking him over, Black Yoshi's Glock falls and the trgger gets pulled killing Peach and Bowser is about to kill Black Yoshi until he hears screaming and then gets attacked by Diddy Kong and Diddy proceeds to throw him.

Bowser runs from Diddy Kong as fast as he can and gets to his car but the car isn't starting, Bowser panics and turns around to see Diddy Kong and gets mauled to death by him.

Black Yoshi can now move freely again and picks up his Glock and discovers that Peach has been killed and hides the body in the trash then Black Yoshi trying to forget what he's just seen goes to his room and plays Call Of Duty.

The power goes out and suddenly a boo appears out of nowhere and licks Mario which wakes him up, Mario see's him and runs off screaming to Black Yoshi then the episode ends.




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