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Crack Bear is a bear that appears in the Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures series. He has sniffed so much cocaine that his eyes are permanently wide open and that "he could be sleeping and one wouldn't know." The base of the character is an alteration of Koda from the Disney movie Brother Bear.


Crack Bear first appears as a prison inmate along with Mario, Goomba Max, Jamaican Crocodile Guy, Sally, and Bubbles Dunlop. He was placed in jail due to being caught with crack and was placed the day before Mario entered jail. In Mario's prison escape plan, Crack Bear's job was to be a distraction for the officer so Jamaican Crocodile Guy could trap the Officer with a wash cloth, passing him out. Crack Bear is then left behind but then randomly reappears through a secret passage outside to reveal his symbol to Mario meaning that he's from the Disney movie, "Brother Bear" and that he was working with Bowser the entire time since 1984 and was sent to kill Mario. Crack Bear mentions that Bowser has forgotten about him but despite so, Crack Bear still wants to kill Mario as doing so will somehow give him a raise. He is then kidnapped by the Eagle. He takes the lemonade offered by the Eagle, knocking him; along with a variety of other characters, out many minutes later. After a fierce battle between Donkey Kong and Eagle, (Donkey Kong winning) Donkey Kong tries his revenge on Mario by attempting to kill him. Donkey Kong spares Mario's life at the cost of Mario having to give him a picture of Peach and Bowser with a cookie in the same photo within "2 hours". For every hour Mario does not show up, one of Mario's knocked out friends would be killed. Crack Bear is the first and only on the list, being mistaken for Mama Luigi. Crack Bear is killed by Donkey Kong, having his neck snapped and being pushed off the backyard table. This is the last he is ever seen. He reappears as a corpse thrown at Mario in episode 8 but that's it.

Crack Bear being Cracked. Crack Bear may surely be missed...


  • The plush is a 6.5-7" beanbag plush of Koda from Brother Bear made by Hasbro in 2003. It has the Brother Bear symbol on its front right paw just like in the stupid and dumb adventures series
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    Front view of the plush. From amazon

    91a9T0D2cfL. SL1500

    Under view of the plush, showing the symbol. From amazon