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This article is about the original. For the remake, see "Cool Cody! (remake)".

"Cool Cody!" is the 178th episode of SML Movies.


Cody is tired of being made fun of! He is ready to be cool!


Junior, Joseph, and Cody were getting ready to watch Ice Age: The Meltdown, the highest grossing animated film from 2006 internationally, until Cody's mom called him, explaining that Cody's bubble bath is ready and to come home as soon as possible. Junior and Joseph overhear the conversation, and begin to roast him. Next, Toad invites Junior and Joseph to a party, with lots of 'chicks', but Toad says Cody is not allowed, because he is weird. Junior tries to cover up the lie, but eventually Joseph gets tired of Junior explaining, and eventually tells him the truth. After the party, Cody comes back with a 'hog' and a Barbie doll, instead of his usual Ken doll, and comes back with sunglasses and a leather jacket proceeding to take on a new nickname calling himself Blizzard Snake.

Junior and Joseph believe that he is too cool, so they call Toadette to tell Cody that he is not cool, in which she does the complete opposite. Cody then takes out his guitar and sings, to which Toadette says that Cody can have her. Junior tells Cody to stop being cool, but Cody declines. When Junior uses Plan B, he tells Cody that no matter how he changes, he will still be the same nerd he was. Cody says that the old him has died, and Junior sobs in humiliation and despair.

Junior officially moves to Plan B, and Joseph is distracted by a Reese's bar. Junior says that Plan B will consist of Junior showing Ken to Cody, and Cody is supposed to 'remember his moments with Ken.' In the next scene, Bowser Junior makes out with Ken and eventually tries to take he shirt off, this being Cody's breaking point. He tells Toadette, Junior and Joseph to leave. He says to Ken that he has changed and has to fit in.

He then discards his cool identity and makes out with Ken, ending the video.



  • Bowser Junior explains that the Toadette in this video is not the same one from "Toad's Girlfriend!", and that there are many Toadettes in the Mario universe, as Toad said one time.
  • This is the first time that Cody has been acting strangely.
  • The is the third time that we see an SML character never change. The first being "Black Yoshi's In Trouble!" and the second being "Shrek's Diet!".
  • This is the first time that Candy appears but does not twerk.
  • This is the first time that no Italian music (Chef Pee Pee's theme) was played when Chef Pee Pee appeared on-screen.
  • The Cody plush from "The Burger!" is used again in this episode and for the thumbnail.
  • Bowser Junior reveals that Toad has braces.
  • This video marks the last SML video released before Jeffy first appeared.
  • This is Pablo Sanchez's favorite video.
  • This is Emily's final appearance before getting killed off in "The Secret Door!".
  • Cody saying “not a chance” is a reference to an actual experience that Logan had in Washington D.C. where a secret service member said those exact words to him when he asked him if he wanted to be in the video "The President's Chef!".
  • This is the last video of the Junior Era as Jeffy made his debut the following video.


  • The episode is similar to the 1963 comedy "The Nutty Professor", because both nerdy characters (Sherman Klump and Cody) develop cooler personalities, but ended up as their original self.
  • Cody says he only likes the first Ice Age film. This is a reference to how people hate the sequels and think the first one is best. 


  • Usually Junior and Joseph are disturbed when Cody acts like a baby and weird, but in this episode they make fun of him instead.
  • At 4:31 of the video, Junior calls Cody "Joseph".


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