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"Cody The Vampire!" is the 50th episode of SML Shorts.


Bowser Junior and his friends think Cody is a vampire!


Junior and his friends are watching Dr. Finkles**tz, who is talking about Vampires. Junior and Joseph get scared and start to think that vampires are real. They notice that Cody is biting Ken, and ask him if he is a vampire. Cody says that he isn't, but they say that he has two sharp teeth, but Cody assures them that he's always had two sharp teeth.

They then ask him to go to the bathroom so they can see if he has a reflection. They go to the mirror, and they see that Cody doesn't have a reflection, but Cody corrects them, saying that it is a medical disorder. Junior then asks Cody why he isn't always out in the sunlight, but Cody says that he is always out in the sun.

Chef Pee Pee calls them in for dinner, which is pasta with garlic, to which Cody says that he is allergic to garlic. Junior then keeps accusing him of being a vampire because he doesn't like garlic, and then says that he's drinking blood, which is really Hawaiian Punch. Cody gets mad, and "admits" that he's a vampire. Junior and Joseph freak out, and Cody assures them that he isn't a vampire. They think that he'll turn into a bat, and Cody takes out a baseball bat, which freaks out Junior and Joseph.

They then get the idea to rub garlic on Ken. Cody comes in, and Junior says that Ken wants to make out with him. Cody kisses Ken, and then starts having an allergic reaction, and dies. Junior and Joseph call Brooklyn T. Guy so they can show him that they killed a vampire. Brooklyn T. Guy asks how they killed him, and then starts making out with Ken while claiming he loves garlic.



  • Logan originally announced this video in a Chilly vlog.
    • This was also intended to be uploaded in around December but he canceled it due to YouTube's mass age restriction of his videos. According to an Instagram post, 4 scenes of the video had to be reshot as a result. It is unknown if the original versions of the 4 scenes will ever surface.
  • According to Logan in the “Logan Reacts” for this video, Junior and Joseph were originally going to rub the garlic on Ken's butt instead of his mouth. It was decided that this was too inappropriate for the “family friendly” streak that the channel was on at the time.
  • At the 6:30 timestamp, around Brooklyn T. Guy saying "Where's the dead body?", for about half a second, Brooklyn T. Guy's face is overlayed with Logan Paul's. This is a reference to Logan Paul's suicide video controversy.
    Logan Paul

    Logan Paul's face overlaying Brooklyn T. Guy's head.

  • This marks the first appearance of Dr. Finkles**tz in 2018.
  • This is the second episode in 2018 to have swearing in it, Jeffy The Rapper 2 being the first.
  • This is the second time in a row that Cody dies and is overall the 10th time he has died.
  • This is the first time that censored profanity has been used since the Toad's Mistake! and Jeffy Has Kids "Family Friendly" making those two the only videos in 2017 to censor profanity.
  • This is the second time someone is thought to be an undead being, the other being Bowser and Chef Pee Pee turning into zombies in "Zombie Bowser!".
  • At 2:16, Cody said “It’s a medical disorder” in a scared tone. This is most likely a reference to the Summer School series where Cody says the same line at the same tone, usually when he gets bullied by others.
  • Cody references the Pokemon series that hasn't had any new episodes produced since 2016 by saying "Whatever happened to it?"
    • This may hint to a continuation or reboot of the series.


  • In the scene where Cody is shown without a reflection, one part of the mirror and some of the background seems to be a still image; however, this could be because it is more difficult to record the same scene twice.
  • Cody is shown to have a reflection in videos like Picture Day!, The Burger!, Bowser Junior Kinda Goes Camping!, and SuperPowers 2.
    • He also mentioned pulling his hats off one by one in front of the mirror in Loch Ness Monster!
      • This could just be a simple inconsistency or mistake made by Logan.
  • The description of this video is technically incorrect, as only Junior and Joseph believed Cody was a vampire.
    • However, Logan may be referring to Brooklyn Guy, who is more of an acquaintance than a friend to Junior.


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