"Cody's Sister!" is the 182nd video of SML Movies.


Cody's sister is visiting, Bowser Junior and Joseph fight for her love!


The video starts out with Junior proving Joseph that the earth is flat. Joseph denies saying that the earth is round. Junior said that since a map is flat, earth is too. Joseph said that since the globe is round, earth is too. They argue for a bunch and then decided to ask Cody.

Joseph grabs his phone and Cody said he has no time since his sister is visiting. Junior and Joseph were shocked asking that they never knew Cody have a sister and Cody said he came visiting from Wisconsin. Junior told Cody to tell Joseph that the earth is flat and Cody shows up at the door. Cody told Junior that the earth is round and Junior denies. They see Katy who is Cody's sister that wears all pink rather than blue.

Junior and Joseph fell in love with Katy. Cody told Junior and Joseph that Katy is his twin and they denied. Junior continues to argue with Cody. Junior then ask Katy if the Earth is round or flat and Katy said round. Junior disagree and gives a reasoning that a basketballs are round but basketball courts are flat and Joseph then agrees with Junior.

Cody got mad and went banging his head near the wall on the other side. Junior and Joseph then argue who to get Katy and they decides to ask Cody. We then see Cody banging on the wall. Junior and Joseph ask Cody and Cody said no one can date his sister Katy. They then went ask Katy what to do and Katy said weird stuff on the Effiel Tower.

Junior then decides to play Spin the Bottle. Junior explain the rules to Katy. Cody denies but Junior told him if the bottle lands on Cody and Joseph, they have to kiss and Cody agree. Joseph however denies but Junior force Joseph to play so they went playing Spin the bottle. The following shows which 2 people the bottle lands on with the bottle.

  • Junior lands on Cody and felt disgusted they have to kiss.
  • Katy lands on Cody and Junior got angry that it didn't land on him.
  • Cody lands on Junior again and felt extremely disgusted.
  • Joseph lands on Cody and Joseph ran away not kissing Cody.

Junior got extremely mad and they then decide to watch Movie. They went watching Butterknife the movie. The movie begins with 2 people in the bathroom full of blood near the bloody bathtub at the bloody bathroom. Then, Junior tries to hit on Katy but got caught. The movie returns and one person woke up.

The speaker told the Person to get a key which is in the other person's ass. Katy then sneeze on popcorn and Cody said she's allergic to it. The movie returns and the speaker says there is another key not in the other person's ass. They then put a drill on and tries to get the key. The video cuts to Junior and his friend on couch.

Katy farts and Joseph accuse Junior. Cody told him that she farts since he have allergies to popcorn and Katy farts again. The video comes back to the movie and the person found the key in his ear. Then, Junior came and tries to kiss Katy but accidentally kissed Cody. Junior got mad and said he deserved to kiss Cody's sister and Katy said he was taken by a Barbie doll. The video ends with Junior complaint on a waste on video.



  • This video marks the first appearance of Katy.
  • The globe makes its latest appearance since Bowser Junior's First Grade Part 5.
  • Joseph and Cody rant on about how the Earth is round and not flat, the same with Bowser Junior's rant that the sun is a planet, and not a star.
  • Junior is shown to be even more stupid in this episode by thinking that the earth is flat.
  • This marks Lovell and Chris's latest appearance since Bowser Goes To The Movies!
  • This is the third time Bowser Junior watches a scary movie. The first being Bowser's Biggest Fear and the second being Bowser Junior's Sleepover.
  • This marks the first appearance of the Demonic Speaker.
  • Katy is lesbian because she is in love with a Barbie doll.
  • This is the first time that Junior and Cody kissed each other.
  • Junior and Cody kissed 3 times in this video, with Cody enjoying it.
  • Cody is seems to be very incestuous with Katy, as he told his friends how "totally bangable" and "super hot" she is, and how she has "rockin' tits".


  • The movie that Bowser Junior, Joseph, Cody, and Katy watch is a reference to the 2004 horror film, Saw.
  • When Junior says "Game over man, game over!" is a reference to the 1986 film Aliens, the sequel to the 1979 cult classic horror film Alien.


  • At 11:22 and 11:42, the word "fuck" is uncensored.
  • At 14:31, the word "shit" is uncensored.
  • It was unknown why Cody didn't notice or react when Junior was flirting with Katy when the movie started but later he did notice.
  • Junior said that he was there when Bowser bought the couch. But in Bowser's House Fire!, the Brooklyn Guy bought their apartment. This adds to the fact that Junior was lying. 
  • Junior argued that the Earth was flat in this episode, but in other videos, he thinks that the sun is a planet because its round and the earth is round. 
  • In the movie Butterknife, it's unknown how the key in the man's butt was not bloody. 
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