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"Cody's Revenge!" is the 192nd episode of SML Movies, and the second of two prequel episodes to the Bowser Junior Goes to Military School! series.


Cody blackmails Junior!


The video starts with Junior sleeping but he is woken up by Bowser and Does Bad Things Guy about to send him to military school, Junior begs his dad for mercy but a furious Bowser sends him anyways, After Does Bad Things Guy mentions Big Hero 6, Junior absolutely does nothing but begs his dad for mercy, after Crying and begging, Bowser changes his mind and gives him one last chance. This only makes Does Bad Things Guy mad, the reason Bowser has a soft heart is because today is his cat "Mittens" birthday but the cat was cremated and is in the jar. Bowser then reveals to them that he accidentally ran Mittens over. If Bowser catches him doing anything wrong he will send him to military school. Junior then sits on his couch when Chef Pee Pee walks over and makes fun of him and is happy and starts to mock him with his toys. Junior is enraged because he can't do anything with his toys. Chef Pee Pee leaves the room as Joseph and Cody arrives at the door with a bunch of drum-set equipment. Junior then quietly calms then down and explains why they can't do any loud stuff today or else Junior goes to military school and makes him watch Big Hero 6. Joseph leaves because Junior is not acting as himself. Junior and Cody start playing Super Mario chess. Cody starts moving while Junior starts doing incorrect moves, Junior then decides to stop playing chess, Junior is enraged because he lost ken and starts throwing a fit. Junior then throws ken at a cub and breaks the cup full of cereal and is worried that his dad overheard him. Cody then takes advantage of the situation and takes a picture of it to blackmail Junior. Cody then reveals to Junior that he took photo evidence of the incident and starts to blackmail Junior. Junior is worried that Cody would tell his dad. First, Junior apologizes to Ken and then Cody makes him call him the "Hunky God". Cody then makes Junior give Ken backrubs. But this is only the beginning, Junior then gives Ken backrubs and is annoyed. Joseph comes over to apologize and sees Junior doing weird stuff. Junior does not explain to Joseph that he is being blackmailed. Cody then makes him draw a portrait of Cody and Ken. Junior draws the first picture but Cody rudely calls out his drawing and makes him draw it again. Junior then goes to the Kitchen and gets him a go-gurt , Cody declines and makes him bring Ensure active. Cody then makes Junior watch Big Hero 6 and Junior is enraged, Cody then pulls a Blu-ray DVD with the deleted scenes and behind the scenes. This makes Junior more enraged and he is horrified. After watching the movie, Junior is paralyzed because of the terrible work on the movie. Cody then makes him watch it again. After the second time. Junior begs Cody for mercy not to play it the third time. Cody wants Junior to do a belly rub and tells him a story. After the story, Cody then makes Junior give him a bath. After Cody wants to take Junior's Golden Thomas. Junior begs him for mercy and wants him to stop the Blackmail. Junior gives him the Golden Thomas but he tricked him to get the toy wet. Junior begs him for mercy, Cody then makes him a birdhouse. Cody gives him a C-. Cody then throws it into the bathtub. Junior is trying to end the blackmail, Cody then decides to make the blackmail stop, Junior must admit that the sun is a star and not a planet and he wants to record it. Junior is nothing but enraged and decides to put a stop to this once and for all. He then rushes to tell Bowser and tells him that he broke a cup. Junior begs him for mercy, Bowser then decides to not send him to Military School. Junior is happy until he knocks over and breaks Mitten's Vase. Junior tries to apologize but an already extremely frustrated Bowser growls at Junior and the video ends on a cliff-hanger and Junior is seen at Military School.



  • Bowser Junior still mentions the events from "Bowser Junior's Clown Car!".
  • This marks the first appearance of Golden Thomas in the Jeffy Era.
  • When Bowser Junior and Cody watch Big Hero 6, the ending theme changed from "Immortals" by Fall Out Boy, the movie's original ending theme. This was likely to avoid copyright issues.
  • This video reveals that Junior hates Big Hero 6 and that Cody loves it, and also implies that Bowser hates it too.
    • Logan says he hated Big Hero 6 in his Puppet Closet video which might explain why Junior hates it.
  • This video was uploaded on the Ides of March.
  • The "Sun is a Planet" argument was brought up again, but this time, Cody brings it up.
  • Cody never realized something with the recording. He can record Junior complain that the sun is a planet and not a star, upload it to the internet and people can see how dumb Junior is.
  • This video marks the first and only appearance of Mittens, due to her being killed at the end of this video (although she was already dead).


  • Bowser said he killed Mittens by 'backing out the driveway'. However, this is presumably wrong as Bowser does not have his driver's license. It is possible Chef Pee Pee was driving and bowser was inside the car.
  • Junior could have just stole Cody's phone and delete the images, seeing in previous videos that Cody phone is not locked.
    • However, it is possible that Cody has added a lock on his phone.
  • At 0:07, the S word is used uncensored.


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