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Christopher the Cucumber, more known as Chris the Cucumber, is a mentally challenged talking cucumber who first appeared in Bowser's Salad Wrap as the main antagonist. He is a vegetable that tells interesting "facts" (which are mostly false information) randomly out of nowhere. He is a friend of Junior (formerly). He is voiced by Lovell. He actually is from VeggieTales.

He is actually a plush of Larry the Cucumber from the direct-to-video Christian series VeggieTales and VeggieTales in the House, but unlike Larry, who is smart yet very doofy, Chris is very stupid because of his false knowledge about things and spreading false facts. However, he is not as stupid as Mama LuigiTony the Tiger and Jeffy.


  • He was seen attending the same summer school as Bowser Junior, implying he is actually rather lacking in academics. Again, in the classroom, he has blurted out random, false facts. 
  • Bowser Junior's Summer School was the only video where Chris doesn't state a fact.
  • He is voiced by Lovell Stanton, impersonating Mike Nawrocki (Larry's voice actor).
  • For some reason, despite being mentally challenged, he got an A at Summer School but wasn't seen in 1st Grade. It is possible that he attended a different classroom.
  • It is unknown if Chris will ever return in the series
  • It is implied that Chris is a drug addict as shown in Bowser's Salad Wrap because he said that a brick of cocaine keeps him going in a day, meaning that he takes a fair amount daily. This may also explain why he is always so hyper and crazy.
  • Although his facts are sometimes false, Chris sometimes tells facts that are true, usually these facts that are true point out the obvious such as stating knives are pointy or that Chef Pee Pee hates Bowser Junior.


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