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Chilly Jimenez (formerly Ladye Wanda Jimenez) is the former fiancée of Logan Thirtyacre. She portrayed several characters in the SuperMarioLogan series. She was in a relationship with Logan from late 2010 to early 2020.

In March 2017, she began a daily vlog series on her channel, known as "Chilly" (formerly SuperPeachLogan), which captured the daily lives of her and Logan.

In Logan's Draw My Life video, it was revealed that Logan actually broke up with Chilly once in 2014 (which is why Logan replaced Peach with Rosalina), but got back together after Logan got his life back on track. As of February 2020, they have broken up again; the circumstances of this second break-up are still hotly debated due to the number of conflicting stories.

In late 2019, Chilly, Tito, and her sister Damaris tried to prove that Logan had cheated on her with Elaina. This causes Logan to angrily rip up Tito's Sonic plushes, He and Tito along with Julian are no longer friends and Chilly didn't upload onto YouTube for a long time. By the time 2020 came, she and Logan came out and said they broke up for good and that Chilly cheated on Logan with a man named Roy Gebhard, who is divorced and has children; this would later be mocked in "The School Dance!." Lovell also stated that Chilly had started hating Logan in 2016, but stayed with him for the money (confirming accusations dabhdude made in 2017 that Chilly is a gold-digger), and also implied that Chilly is the reason for Elaina's (and by extension, Rosalina's) lengthy absences and Jeffy's overexposure. This caused Logan to find a new love interest, which was later revealed that she broke into Logan's house while he was away with his new girlfriend with the help of a locksmith to sleep with another and or more men she brought home with her. It was revealed that one of the men she brought home was her new boyfriend, Marc Fowler. This was proven by Logan himself and to her Twitter and Marc's Instagram, and as she was doing this, Logan's mother (who was there to take cat of Logan's cat, Precious) was not allowed in the house as the whole Jimenez family was saying hurtful things to her and about Logan, which all was later prove on Lovell's live stream with Logan.

On March 3rd, 2021, Chilly was booked in the Pensacola prison for "Contempt of Court", with a bond of $500. She was released later in the same day.

CDusk Interview (debatable)

It was later revealed in SML Drama: The Interviews that Chilly 'possibly' didn't cheated on Logan, it turns out Roy was just invited and nothing else. Logan had confirmed this in his interview by stating, "I don't really know the whole story, but I don't think they did anything". This had contradicted Lovell's original claims, as he had stated that Roy was the one Chilly cheated on. It was then revealed Logan was the one who had hooked up with somebody at the Super-Bowl, as seen in 40:53 in Chilly's interview. When the picture is thoroughly examined, it is easy to tell that it is indeed Adriana and Logan at the Super-Bowl together. This had confirmed that Logan had knew and dated Adriana longer than he had claimed in the interview, and that he had actually cheated on Chilly in October, as their Facebook had previously said. She's now currently living with JJ and is said to be on good terms with Logan.

Fans have debated Logan possibly just wanted to get the interview over with or wanted the drama to be over, or didn’t want to share his full side, as he felt it would be too personal to be shared online. Some also theorize Logan cheated on Chilly because of her disgraceful acts and made her suffer the consequences as revenge for mistreating him.

Other people think both Logan and Chilly had both cheated on each other, with one of them cheating longer.


  • Bringing men into Logan's House according to Lovell's livestream with Logan (formerly)
  • Click-baiting
  • Her Lamborghini
  • Tito Jimenez
  • Julian Jimenez
  • Damaris Chapman
  • Her family
  • Her dogs
  • The fans who still support her
  • The Cute Mario Bros (sometimes)
  • CDusk
  • Reactors (sometimes)
  • SML Reviewers
  • Avril Lavigne
  • Her Fans/Supporters
  • Pranking (sometimes, she used to be, but usually when she got offended by it or she tries to prank and trying to Tricked someone and made anyone Mad)
  • Opinions (sometimes)
  • Fan Mail
  • Jewtoons [ThatNerdyJew] (Formerly)
  • Vlogging (sometimes)
  • vlogging and Updating in the BTS (formerly)
  • Las Vegas (Used to Be, Formerly)
  • Hawaii
  • Disney World/Land
  • Enjoying on a Cruise at the Ship During Vacation
  • Partying
  • Shark Puppet
  • New York
  • Arcades
  • Beaches
  • Bowling
  • Fan Art
  • Posting some Status or Stories on Social Media
  • Gaming
  • Going to the Zoo
  • other Youtubers
  • Teasing a lot of viewers or people online
  • Memes
  • Making Jokes (sometimes. if it's a Prank)
  • Getting Attention
  • Sports (like Basket Ball, Tennis, American Football or Bowling)
  • SkipDip (not exactly. but she doesn't even know that user in person)
  • ZDude(a.k.a. Zeke) [it is unknown. whether she truly likes him or hates him?. but it's complicated to tell. so it will remain Unknown]
  • Logan Thirtyacre
  • Lovell Stanton
  • Jason Derulo (sometimes)
  • Charles Martinet (a.k.a the voice of Mario)
  • Magikoopa/Kamek (a.k.a Cody) [her former favorite Character]
  • Shelby [her pet Turtle]
  • Haleigh Grant (it is unknown whether if chilly and Haleigh are actually good friends. because some fans speculated that haleigh still like chilly?. but it is possible?)
  • Drama on Others
  • Lying
  • Cheating (formerly)
  • Scamming Everyone


  • SkipDip
  • Being Called "Ladye"
  • The SML Cast (status unknown)
  • Lance Thirtyacre (status unknown)
  • Elaina Keyes
  • Adriana Fajardo
  • Chris Netherton (status unknown)
  • Zeke (status unknown)
  • DabhDude (most likely)
  • Criticisms
  • SML Critics
  • Opinions (sometimes)
  • Toxic SML Fans in the Community
  • Fake Fans
  • Ranting
  • McJuggernuggets
  • Keemstar from Drama Alert
  • Trolls
  • Bots
  • Imposters/Fake SML Channel Accounts(the ones who impersonating sml, chilly herself, tito, dami[her sister] or Adriana)
  • Getting Cheated On
  • Scumbags
  • Haters who Accused her and trying be too Toxic to Chilly
  • False Rumors about Chilly
  • Misleading Information
  • Jeffy Fans
  • People who are very Biased and spreading false rumors about her
  • Jeffy
  • Good Morning America (not really, but sometimes)
  • Wisdom Tooth
  • Mustard
  • Cats
  • Collaborating with anyone or any Youtuber
  • Challenges (whether it's a Bet or even a "Truth or Dare")
  • Getting Arrested
  • Jumping to Conclusions (especially when Lovell is swooped in and trying to make an excused to debunk, defending logan or every other fans on purpose for interrupting or interfering)
  • Slandering (especially Adriana, Lovell or some other sml fans were doing behind her back and attacked her on social media and spreading some rude and false accusations. physically, for no reasons)
  • Physically Shots Fire by mentioning her name on Lance's Vlog or slandering her and the jimenez (especially by Adriana, Lovell or the Thirtyacre Bros. or even other toxic sml fans online)
  • People who call her out on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Twitch
  • Lovell Stanton (formerly)
  • FreakshowHost




Blizzard and Snowball are Chilly's dogs. They commonly appear in Chilly's vlogs on Chilly's YouTube Channel. They commonly follow Chilly around the house, love eating treats and chasing balls.

Blizzard made an appearance in the SML Video, The Burger! when he was only a 7-month-old puppy. In the video, he was part of Chompy's wish that also had Candy twerk for him.

YouTube Channels


  • Chilly, her mom, Tito, and JJ were the ones who helped write "cookies" on every sticky note for "Bowser Junior's Cookies!".
  • Chily's Zodiac Sign is a Libra
  • She has two Siberian Huskies named Blizzard and Snow.
  • She has an account on this wiki, but her username is unknown.
  • Chilly's favorite restaurant is McGuire's Irish Pub, though after eating there too much for the vlogs, she has lost the special taste.
  • According to several U.S Census documents, Chilly is of Puerto Rican descent.
  • Chilly's first name was Ladye and her former middle name was Wanda until she legally changed her name from "Ladye Wanda Jimenez" to "Chilly Jimenez".
  • She calls the fans "Chilly Peppers".
  • Chilly's Cameo can be found here. It's where fans of SuperMarioLogan can buy a message of any of the main cast saying whatever the fan-requested! It started around March 2019, with their first video being to a fan called Jeffy. It is currently inactive.
  • Her birthday is the same as Bowser Junior's.
  • Since either late 2019 or early 2020, Chilly and Logan have broken up.
  • It is revealed that Chilly and Tito and JJ aren't friends with Logan after the breakup.
  • Poopy Butt is Chilly's favorite SML character.
  • Despite the fact that Lovell had claimed Chilly was cheating on Logan with a man named Roy, in CDusk's interview, Logan had said, "I don't think they did anything." He also goes as far as to say, "I wanna meet and greet with him," despite the fact that Lovell had claimed Logan had already confronted him with Chilly at the Super-Bowl and the Casino. This implies some of the claims Lovell made on Chilly maybe false, or Logan just wasn't taking the interview seriously and was more focused on getting it over with.
  • According CDusk's interview, he had claimed that Chilly and Logan still talk to each other and are not enemies. Most people dismissed his claims as false, as he did not show any proof of Logan texting her. However, weeks later, Chilly had started to post proof of her and Logan talking through text, his Lamborghini at Chilly's driveway and her at Logan's house. All these pieces of supposed evidence were dismissed as false. On December 1st, 2020, Chilly had posted a supposed conversation between her and Logan about an Sml video, which she had supposedly gave the idea. She had also posted details about the video before it was released-how Lance was out of town that day, and the synopsis of the video itself. This raises the possibility that Logan and the rest of the Jimenez family have come to peace with each other
    • Though some fans believe Chilly went to Logan's house to fight Adriana and that Logan is on neutral terms with Tito (given Logan allowed Tito to finish an old video filmed in his house and was in one of Tito's videos to send off his character Jet) in which Tito is the one behind Chilly's Logan account and texting her Logan's video ideas.
  • Chilly has claimed Logan brought her a car on Instagram but there is no official confirmation the car came from Logan as there is a chance Chilly or a sibling brought it and Chilly is trying her best to make her side believable.

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