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Channel Information
Genre: Vlogs
First Episode: SuperPeachLogan (April 11, 2010; 10 years ago)
Series: SuperMarioLogan
Date Joined: April 15, 2008; 12 years ago

March 15, 2017; 3 years ago (relaunch)

Date Shut Down: Possibly 2020
Subscribers: 1.6 million (as of February 2019)
Videos: 343 (as of May 2, 2018)
Schedule: Daily (formerly)
Status: Inactive
Channel Trailer
Most Viewed Video

Chilly (formerly known as SuperPeachLogan or sometimes "SuperPrincessPeachLogan", Custom URL: "ChillyVlogs"), is Chilly's main channel that she uses. This channel previously was Logan's 4th channel and had videos about Logan's cats and dogs, and his sister, Haleigh, in whom Bowser Junior is based on.

As of now, Chilly manages the channel. Vlogs are now being uploaded daily with behind the scenes and captures the lives of her and Logan. Chilly's fans are called the 'Chilly Peppers'.

As of June 2020, ownership of the channel has been given to Tito and is now a sister channel to Titototter.
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SuperPeachLogan. (April 11, 2010 - March 15, 2017)

Relaunch as Chilly

On March 15, 2017, the name of the channel was changed to "Chilly." The avatar had changed to a picture of Chilly Jimenez on the same date. The channel remained mostly inactive before then.


Following 2 weeks of inactivity on Chilly's YouTube channel after the last video upload was on November 29, 2019, it was speculated that Logan and Chilly had broken up.

On December 15, 2019, Chilly's sister, Damaris Chapman, spoke out on both her Twitter and Instagram that Logan had cheated on Chilly with two prostitutes. She also said that Logan had told Tito not to tell Chilly of his adultery, but Tito told her, which led to Logan ripping all of Tito's plushes. Then, he angrily told both Chilly and Tito to get out of the house.

Logan would later confirm on his instagram that he had been in a falling out with both Chilly and Tito for the past month, and it culminated with him ousting them from the house. Tito also confirmed on his Instagram as to why he snitched on Logan.

On February 3, 2020, Logan confirmed on his Instagram that he and Chilly have been broken up for a month.

Logan planning to sue Chilly

On a February 22, 2020 livestream with Lovell, Logan said that he was planning on suing Chilly for the channel so he can change it back to SuperPeachLogan. He says that she can keep the channel but as long as she deletes video's with him in it because as Logan said in the live stream with Lovell that she hasn't been paying him for vlogging for her. When Tito and Chilly heard about this, they warned that they will counter-sue if he tries to sue them. Logan responded by saying that he will get his fans to help pay for any of his legal fees. Lovell then said that he will help Logan finacially if he ever does sue Chilly.

Channel takeover by Tito

On June 12, 2020, a new video was released on Chilly's channel after six months in which Tito breaks into SML's house. He did this to finish a Titototter video which involved the house. On a newer Chilly video 5 days later, Tito revealed that Chilly has gotten a job and that he took over Chilly's account since Chilly wasn't using it anymore and to prevent it from reverting back to Logan's ownership. He also says that since he now owns the channel, Logan would have to sue him to get the channel back. It's unknown how Logan will react to this, although Lovell threatened on a live stream to 'end them and their entire family' if they keep messing with the SML crew and Logan. The channel (and Titototter) hasn't upload a video since. It's likely Logan, Lance, and Lovell got a subpoena to stop Tito from doing anything else to the channel.

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