"Chef Poo Poo's Kitchen Disaster!" is the 123th video of SML Movies.


Chef Pee Pee is very busy, but when an emergency pops up, he must leave the cooking duties to one... stupid chef....


Bowser is watching Charleyyy and Friends when he finds his mom, Margaret, in his bed snoring. She wakes up and asks what day it is, so Bowser says it's May 6, which is apparently her 200th birthday. She asks if her son forgot, so he lies, saying he didn't forget. When Bowser asks Margret what she wants, she says she wants cake, cupcakes, bananas, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, and a lemon, so Bowser goes to Chef Pee Pee, who is checking out his new blender. He tells him that it's Margret's 200th birthday, and to make a cake and cupcakes.

Bowser goes back to Margaret, who tells him that she also wants a stripper. Meanwhile, Chef Pee Pee finished the cake, when Bowser Junior comes in for something to eat. Junior decides to have a banana (which are his grandma's), so Chef Pee Pee cuts one up for him, but accidentally cuts his arm in the process. Chef Pee Pee is worried about who will fill in while he goes to the hospital when Chef Poo Poo comes in and says "Hey, everybody!". Chef Pee Pee asks him to fill in and he decides to do it, so Chef Pee Pee throws him his shirt.

Chef Poo Poo spots the cake and sniffs it, getting frosting on his nose. Junior comes in, thinking Chef Poo Poo is Chef Pee Pee, and brings Band-Aids to him, but realizes Chef Poo Poo doesn't need them. He tells him that the cupcakes are still in the oven, so Poo Poo gets them out, but drops on the floor. He tries to save them by putting them back on the pan (though he eats one in the process) and putting them in the blender. He turns it on, and the cupcakes get blended.

Chef Poo Poo thinks something is missing, so he puts a lemon and a tomato in the blender, but throws the tomato out, thinking it's too big for the blender. He then adds milk in the blender (while spilling it everywhere) and a banana, then blends them. Shrek comes in and asks Chef Poo Poo, thinking he's Chef Pee Pee, for cheesecake and tells him he will pick it up in a minute. Chef Poo Poo, not knowing how to make cheesecake, puts cheese in Margret's cake and smashes it with a hammer. Shrek is not satisfied with the cheese in the cake, so he leaves.

Black Yoshi brings in a watermelon and tells Chef Poo Poo, who also thinks he's Chef Pee Pee, to cut it up while he plays Call of Duty. Chef Poo Poo bashes the melon with the hammer, but Black Yoshi corrects him, so Poo Poo cuts it up with a knife poorly, which was fine by Black Yoshi. Junior and Cody come see Chef Poo Poo and ask for cereal, so Chef Poo Poo pours the whole bag of Froot Loops in a bowl and sets the bowl on the messed-up cake. Junior and Cody notice that Chef Poo Poo made a big mess. Chef Poo Poo tries to make a cake, but fails miserably and spills the flour and the eggs.

Chef Pee Pee comes home and is horrified to see the giant mess in the kitchen. He is furious at Chef Poo Poo about the mess, but Bowser calls, Chef Poo Poo leaves, and Chef Pee Pee hides in the oven. Bowser is shocked to see the kitchen is a mess, but Margaret loves it. They celebrate, and the Brooklyn Guy comes in and strips his jacket part way and they dance.



  • Chef Pee Pee has finally learned from his mistakes in Bowser's Birthday and Bowser Junior's Birthday Cake and learned how to bake proper birthday cakes.
  • The Brooklyn Guy says in Bowser Junior's Train Table he will never come here again, but he did, so the series is possible that it runs on negative continuity
  • Running Gag: People mistaking Chef Poo Poo for Chef Pee Pee.
  • In this SML Movie, Chef Poo Poo doesn't make cheesecake the correct way. This is a reference to SML Movie: Shrek's Homemade Cheesecake. In that SML Movie, Chef Pee Pee also doesn't make cheesecake the correct way.


  • Despite Chef Poo Poo wearing a chef hat in the thumbnail, he doesn't wear a hat during the video.
  • At 4:17 and 13:40, the word shit is uncensored.
  • When Chef Poo Poo was shaking the Fruit Loops, a little part of Lovell's face could be seen.
  • While Chef Pee Pee was cutting bananas, Chef Pee Pee has cut his right arm. But in the next shot, Chef Pee Pee wrapped bandages in his left arm when blood was seen here.
  • Shrek shouldn't of ask Chef Poo Poo (who he thought was Chef Pee Pee) to make his cheesecake because in Shrek's Homemade Cheesecake, Chef Pee Pee makes it the wrong way.
  • In this video it is Bowser's mom's 200th birthday. However, in Bowser Loses A Tooth! Bowser says he's 312 years old. This means that Bowser is somehow older than his own mother.