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Chef Poo Poo is a clone of Chef Pee Pee. He usually appears naked (in Chef Poo Poo's Kitchen Disaster!, he wore Chef Pee Pee's chef outfit in order to take over for Chef Pee Pee). Unlike Chef Pee Pee, Chef Poo Poo gets along pretty well with Bowser Junior. He was created when Bowser Junior pushed Chef Pee Pee into the toaster and cloned him, in "Chef Pee Pee's Clone". He is also very unintelligent. Because of the fact that he is a clone of Chef Pee Pee, he has the same blood as Chef Pee Pee and is therefore, part of his family.

He serves as the protagonist of Chef Pee Pee's Clone and the main antagonist of Chef Poo Poo's Kitchen Disaster!.

In Chef Poo Poo's Kitchen Disaster!, he made a huge mess in the kitchen, ruining Margaret's birthday party.


  • Every time he says "Hi everybody!", it is apparently inspired by Dr. Nick from The Simpsons.
  • People believe why Chef Poo Poo hasn't made an appearance in the new house is because his puppet was used as Chef Pee Pee's stunt double in Chef Pee Pee The Robot.
  • In recent episodes, his puppet has been used as a stunt double for Chef Pee Pee hinting he might appear soon. (Possibly The SuperMarioLogan Movie!)
  • His favorite cereal is Froot Loops.
  • Chef Poo Poo's origin is similar to Mama Luigi's, as he was a clone of Luigi who came out of a printer, while Chef Poo Poo is a clone of Chef Pee Pee who came out of a toaster.
  • Chef Poo Poo's personality is very similar to Chef Pee Pee's portrayals in his early appearances.


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