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"Chef Pee Pee Quits! Part 2" is the 81st video of SML Movies and the 2nd episode of Chef Pee Pee Quits!


Chef Pee Pee becomes a cop!


The video starts off with Officer Goodman and Chef Pee Pee doing an obstacle course. Pee Pee, however, doesn't pass the course taking place on the slide, monkey bars and the swing set. Goodman, however, passes Pee Pee and then begins tazing and pepper spraying Pee Pee, much to Pee Pee's dismay.

Meanwhile, Bowser and Bowser Junior politely admit to Craig the Devil that they can't stand his cooking.

As Craig sadly leaves the house, Bowser and Junior talk about how they should dismiss Craig: rough or soft. They then confirm that going soft on him is best because he is The Devil and needs to understand that not everyone's cooking is perfect. Bowser and Junior then leave to make a phone call to find another replacement chef.

Goodman is explaining to Pee Pee the purpose of being a police officer on night duty and chase after a speedy, swerving car. It turns out to be Tyrone Calvin who anxiously explains to Goodman that he is borrowing his friend's car and that he got fired from his job and wants to go home to make him feel better, but Goodman does not excuse Tyrone's explanations for not having a driver's license.

After Goodman asks about the 4 shots of tequila and green weed (which Goodman at first believed it to be alcohol and Oregano for pizza), Tyrone is ordered to step out of the car, but Tyrone refuses. After Goodman orders Tyrone to step out 3 times, Tyrone punches Goodman, runs to a fence and Goodman shoots Tyrone. Pee Pee is also sucked into shooting Tyrone and they leave the gun beside Tyrone and leave to wait for another car crime.

Back at the house, Brooklyn T. Guy arrives to cook a Totino's pizza for Bowser and Junior, despite his electrician job. Toad then arrives and starts to annoy the electrician while he is cooking the pizza. After putting it in the microwave and using a pot full of boiling water, Bowser comes to the kitchen to discover that the pizza looks like lasagna. Bowser then pays and fires the electrician.

Still looking for suspicious drivers during night duty, Goodman tells Pee Pee that the situation with Tyrone didn't work out too well. The officers then catch a red Lamborghini speeding past them. It turns out to be Craig the Devil who admits that he is driving recklessly without a license. Pee Pee then threatens to give Craig a ticket, but Craig vanishes. After Pee Pee and Goodman discover that Craig has been drinking coffee and driving, they find Craig in the trunk and take him to jail, much to Craig's dismay.



  • This is the first time Tyrone dies.
  • Tyrone and Craig are the second and third SML adult characters to not have a driver's license. The first SML character being Bowser.
  • Goodman mentions that all police officers have to get tazed and pepper sprayed so they'll know what they're up against. This, however, isn't true with police officers in real life.


  • At 15:40, the F word is uncensored.
  • Brooklyn T. Guy claims he doesn't have a name. He probably said it because he doesn't want to tell Junior and Toad because they are kids.
  • Pizza is an entrée, not a vegetable. Brooklyn T. Guy believes pizza is a vegetable because it has tomato sauce.
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