"Chef Pee Pee's Restaurant!" is the 393rd episode of SML Movies


Chef Pee Pee is tired of working for Bowser, so he decides to open up his own restaurant!


The video starts with Chef Pee Pee cooking when Bowser comes in with Chef Pee Pee's paycheck. Chef Pee Pee then complains about how his paycheck is not enough, which makes Bowser take a quarter away from it, which was due to Chef Pee Pee leaving a hair in Bowser's food last time, making Chef Pee Pee upset since he worked so hard.

Junior comes in and asks for money, but Chef Pee Pee tells him he only has 74 cents. Junior suggests him to work at a restaurant, but he doesn't want to since he doesn't want anyone to take credit for his work. Junior then suggests to make his own restaurant, but Chef Pee Pee says that's too expensive. So Junior suggests getting money from the bank, and Chef Pee Pee does just that.

It cuts to Goodman and Chef Pee Pee in the dining room. Chef Pee Pee asks Goodman if he can borrow $50,000, Goodman declines because Chef Pee Pee only has 74 cents, and he heard that hair was in the food. So he burns the money as a way of saying that he's never gonna give Chef Pee Pee money. Chef Pee Pee tells Junior that he's gonna make his own restaurant in the house called Bonappetit. Chef Pee Pee tells Junior that he's gonna be the waiter. Junior writes the title of the restaurant (but he spells it as "Bone Apple Titty") and then their first customers arrive.

Junior greets Judy and Tyrone and they come inside. He seats them down in the dining room near the backdoor and hands them the menu (which is written in crayon) Junior says that Tyrone only has to pay for the meal. Tyrone yells if there are separate bathrooms too and Junior says one for men and one for woman and Tyrone says ok. Tyrone asks for water and Judy asks for coke and junior gives them their drinks along with grape Koll-aid. Judy asks for a salad because she's watching her figure (which leads to Junior making fat jokes) and Tyrone asks for chicken.

Chef Pee Pee makes the food and Junior hands it to them. There is then another customer who is Cody asking if his parents are here. Junior says they're eating and Cody asks for a table for 2 but Junior says it's gonna be 45 minutes. Cody asks why and Junior says they only have one table. Cody asks if he can sit at that table but Junior says he doesn't want to confuse the orders so Cody has to wait.

Judy and Tyrone are done eating, but they don't pay. Junior comes in and sees that they left without paying. He tells Chef Pee Pee the bad news and then goes to Cody who is waiting by the entrance. Cody tells Junior that his parents were laughing about them not paying. Junior sits Cody down and he orders Alfredo and no drink (saying that he has enough "liquids" in him after last night.) Junior gives him one cheese stick with a bite on it and Chef Pee Pee makes the food. Junior delivers the Alfredo and he has to watch Cody eat to make sure he pays. Cody says he doesn't have money because he thought they were playing pretend. Junior tells him it's real since they have a menu but Cody says that it's written in crayon like a pretend one. Junior lets him take the Alfredo home and lies to Chef Pee Pee saying that he paid.

The doorbell rings again and this time it's Goodman, who asks for a table for 3. Junior says he cannot seat Goodman until the rest of his party arrives, but Goodman claims that they are already there, saying "It's me, myself, and I". Junior then seats Goodman and offers him some water, but spills the bottle while pouring a glass. After throwing a brief tantrum, Junior pulls himself together and asks Goodman what he wants to eat. Goodman takes notice of how there are no prices on the menu, forcing Junior to make up prices. Goodman chooses the steak as Junior said it was $10 and asks for it to be cooked well done.

Junior gives the order to Chef Pee Pee, and the latter is overjoyed that the most expensive thing on the menu has been ordered. Junior asks how much the steak is, and Chef Pee Pee says that it costs $80. Junior says that he told Goodman the steak was $10 as there are no prices on the menu, and Chef Pee Pee angrily tells him to go back and tell him the correct price. Junior does so, and a shocked Goodman asks why the price increased 800% from $10 to $80. Junior gives an extremely unconvincing excuse, saying that there was an alien invasion and a lot of cows were abducted, making them hard to find and that they had to get cows from McDonald's. Goodman does not believe that this justifies a massive price increase but demands that he be given his steak anyway. Goodman tells Junior to clean to the mess, but he lies that they also abducted the napkins, but Goodman shows him the napkins and makes Junior clean the mess.

Chef Pee Pee finishes cooking the steak, but Junior notices that it hasn't been cooked well done as there is a lot of pink visible on it. Chef Pee Pee says that nobody asks for their steak well done, and insists that Junior serve it to Goodman. While delivering the steak, Junior accidentally slides the plate off of the table. Junior apologizes, saying that he assumed Goodman would catch it and starts to walk away, but Goodman refuses to eat the steak as it was on the floor. Junior says that the restaurant has a 5-second rule policy if any food is dropped on the ground, and an annoyed Goodman asks to speak to the chef. Junior calls for Chef Pee Pee, saying "We've got a whiner", and Chef Pee Pee comes into the dining room to find out what he wants. Upon seeing Goodman, the two get into an argument when Goodman complains that his steak was dropped onto the ground, as well as the fact that he counted "at least" 6 hairs on it and also because it wasn't cooked well done.

Although Chef Pee Pee offers to recook the steak instead of throwing it away, Goodman demands a fresh new one. Angered, Chef Pee Pee deliberately burns the new steak to a crisp and Junior serves it to Goodman, but the latter unsurprisingly rejects this steak as well as he did not ask for a "pair of smoker's lungs" and leaves without paying. Junior tells Chef Pee Pee this, but Chef Pee Pee says that he does not need Goodman or his money. Just then, the doorbell rings once again, but this time Chef Pee Pee decides to greet this customer personally.

However, the customer turns out to be Officer Brooklyn T. Guy, who says that the restaurant name is "bone apple titty" which leads to Chef Pee Pee yelling at Junior and he responds by saying that he didn't know how to spell it and then Chef Pee Pee yells "it's tit you idiot". Officer Brooklyn T. Guy promptly arrests Chef Pee Pee after learning that he does not have a business license to run a restaurant. He tells Junior to bail him out with the money he made, telling him they didn't make any and that he lied about Cody leaving money on the table and Chef Pee Pee says "You bit---" and the video ends.



  • This is another one of few episodes where Joseph doesn't appear alongside Bowser Junior and Cody.
  • It is revealed how much Bowser currently pays Chef Pee Pee, which is around 75 cents.
  • This video hints that Tyrone is Jamal's biological dad.
  • This is the third time Junior helps Chef Pee Pee, one time was Chef Pee Pee's Birthday Surprise!, another was Chef Pee Pee's Bucket List!.
  • This is the 5th appearance of Brooklyn T. Guy in a row.
  • This is the second time where Junior actually does the fat animal joke in front of Judy herself, first being Cody's 10th Birthday
  • This is one of the few videos that made it into the trending list.
  • Logan has claimed in one of dabhdude's livestreams that the money burn in the video is fake


  • Bowser junior said that they only have one table but in the house tour video there's 2 dining rooms. It is possible that Junior forgot.


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