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"Chef Pee Pee's Mistake!" is the 128th episode of SML Movies.


Chef Pee Pee hits a dog while driving! Now the dog's ghost wants revenge!


The episode starts with Chef Pee Pee getting chocolate fudge brownie ice cream for Bowser while listening to Party in the Tub on the radio, accidentally running over a dog in the process.

Chef Pee Pee starts to freak out so he tries to ignore it and returns to the apartment. He gives Bowser his ice cream. The doorbell rings soon after, and Bowser Junior goes to answer only to find the puppy Chef Pee Pee ran over; it was love for Junior at first sight.

Chef Pee Pee is cleaning when Junior enters the kitchen with a surprise so he goes to tell Bowser about his puppy.

Bowser says it takes a lot of responsibility to own a dog and tells Junior that he can't keep it. Junior keeps it anyway and returns to the kitchen to show Chef Pee Pee his new puppy.

Chef Pee Pee freaks out again and yells at Junior to keep it away from him because it wants revenge. Junior instead goes into the dining room to play with the puppy, and notices he didn't get a drink with his macaroni and cheese. He tells the puppy to get him a drink.

The puppy instead goes to the kitchen and disturbingly starts staring at Chef Pee Pee, thus making the latter give him food, hoping it would make him happy. Chef Pee Pee then goes to lie down only to find the puppy right above his head. He runs away and heads to the bathroom needing to puke but he finds the puppy in the toilet. He then heads to the laundry room attempting to hide in the drier only to find the puppy waiting for him, making Chef Pee Pee admit defeat.

Pee Pee later goes to the parking lot demanding the puppy to run over him and end his life, as Officer Goodman arrives asking Chef Pee Pee what he was doing. Chef Pee Pee explains what he's having the puppy do only to notice it disappeared. Goodman doesn't believe him and takes Chef Pee Pee to an insane asylum, where he mentally loses his mind but finds out the puppy is haunting him in his cell. He freaks out screaming for help.

Meanwhile, Junior is still waiting for the puppy with his drink, however, the puppy didn't come back. The video then ends there.



  • This is the 4th mistake video, the first 3 were the Toad's Mistake episodes, the 5th one would be Jeffy's Mistake and the 6th would be "Cody's Mistake!"
    • This is also the first and only one of them to revolve around Chef Pee Pee.
  • Logan revealed in a Dabhdude live stream that this video was redone over 4 times because he was not satisfied with the results and it was originally filmed at the old house. It can also be inferred based on this that the video was likely meant to be released much earlier than it actually was.
  • This is the second time Chef Pee Pee is shown listening to one of Toad's songs (Party in the Tub), the first being Bowser Junior's Summer School 5 with Milk and Cookies.
  • This is one of the few videos where Chef Pee Pee goes insane.
  • This is the first appearance of the Insane Asylum.
  • This video is notable for blending the series traditional comedy with horror aspects and not bending far in one direction. Even now there arguably haven't been any other similar episodes.


  • After Chef Pee Pee ran over the dog, the camera panned a little too far to the right away from Chef Pee Pee and was shaky.
    • Also, whenever the camera changed to the view of the dog's body, Chef Pee Pee's voice can be heard with the car door closed.
  • It would be impossible for small dogs to make a loud knock.


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