"Chef Pee Pee's Family" is the 69th episode of SML Movies.


Chef Pee Pee's royal family visits!


The video starts with Bowser Junior asking Chef Pee Pee to make him a bunch of food. Chef Pee Pee said that he has a lack of time to make these and Junior said "how bout seven".

Chef Pee Pee complains he can't but can only make one meal and Junior said he want a big Cheeseburger. Chef Pee Pee said that he can make that and found his drunk pirate father asking for more beer.

A knock came from the door. Chef Pee Pee ask Junior to open the door. Junior said he can't and Chef Pee Pee said he open the door before. When Junior opens the door, King Strongbottom and Bitterman Carlito shows up. Junior then close the door and tells Chef Pee Pee that there are trick or treaters on the door. Chef Pee Pee doubt it and went to open the door and Junior said that King Strongbottom is dresses as Captain Crunch and Bitterman Carlito is dressed up as Mario.

Chef Pee Pee told Junior to not judge someone's look and he ask what they're doing. Bitterman made an introduction on who he is and King Strongbottom said that he made the wrong intro repeating an intro. Chef Pee Pee ask that he just want to know what he is doing here and King Strongbottom said he is looking for his son Pee Pee.

Chef Pee Pee said his father is a drunk pirate and King Strongbottom said that this is impossible and Chef Pee Pee shows King Strongbottom his pirate father. His pirate father told him he is not Chef Pee Pee's father and Chef Pee Pee was shocked.

Junior said that if he passed the money on when he dies, the money can be his. King Strongbottom said that it would be sent to the oldest which is Chef Pee Pee's sister. His sister is a cheerleader named Stacy and asked who wants to hear the cheer. Junior wants to but King Strongbottom doesn't.Stacy yelled "Give me a Q, Give me a U, give me a E, Give me a E, Give me a F" and King Strongbottom said it's always Queef. Chef Pee Pee ask if he will be the throne if Stacy dies but King Strongbottom said nope and Chef Pee Pee's 2nd sister shows up and said that Stacy pooped on the car.

Stacy teller him to give him a Q and Chef Pee Pee's second sister denies. Bitterman on the other hand said Q and said that he likes the surprise. Chef Pee Pee ask why he wants to meet me and King Strongbottom told him to do the most royal task which is to make a Cheese Pizza. Chef Pee Pee complain that this isn't royal and said anyone can make it and King Strongbottom said the last Chef died from monoxide poisoning.

Chef Pee Pee told his father that he can order a pizza and King Strongbottom ask how he can summon the pizza. Chef Pee Pee told him to use a cellular device and King Strongbottom and Bitterman both don't know what that is. Chef Pee Pee said that it is a form of long distance communication and Bitterman think it's a feather. Chef Pee Pee said no and said he could get the phone himself.

Junior then came up to Chef Pee Pee's Sister and Stacy and said that they're both pretty and Chef Pee Pee's sister ask how old he is, 5?

The video cuts to Chef Pee Pee with a phone. King Strongbottom ask what it is and Chef Pee Pee said it is a phone. Chef Pee Pee dial Dominos and King Strongbottom ask what the ringing sound is. Chef Pee Pee told him to wait and a call came.

King Strongbottom made his intro and Chef Pee Pee yelled that he doesn't have to do that. He demand a cheese pizza with no mushroom and heard the pizza would take 30 minutes. King Strongbottom said that he can have his slave build a pyramiding in 30 minutes and Chef Pee Pee said you have to work everything out here.

The video cuts to Junior showing Chef Pee Pee's sisters the train. They both want to pick Thomas but Junior wants to be. A doorbell came and Tyrone came answering. Junior was disappointed it wasn't another Trick Or Treater but took the pizza without giving money.

Junior gave the pizza to King Strongbottom and ask if he can have a slice. Chef Pee Pee said it is his father's but Junior demand that was his pizza. Bowser came and ask who they are and King Strongbottom said that he is his father. Bowser said that his father is a drunk pirate and King Strongbottom denies.

King Strongbottom ask that he needs to use his house for 6 months. Bowser denies but King Strongbottom said he will dominate Bowser as the number one Charlie and Friends fan. Stacy ask who wants to hear and Cheerleading and Bowser wants to. The video ends with Stacy cheering and King Strongbottom complaining it's always Quees.



  • This video marks the first appearance of King Strongbottom, Stacy, Carlos, Chef Pee Pee's unnamed sister, and Tyrone.
    • This video also holds the record for the most debuts in an SML video that were not one time characters.
  • King Strongbottom is revealed to be Chef Pee Pee's real father and not the pirate imposter.
  • Tyrone and Kingstrongbottom are the only character who debuted in the episode who still appears in SML videos.
  • It is reveal that King Strongbottom doesn't know what phone is so it is possible that King Strongbottom is really old.
  • This marks the second official appearance of Chef Pee Pee's drunk father.


  • King Strongbottom might be a reference to a fictional historical character.


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