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"Chef Pee Pee's Date!" is the 478th episode of SML Movies.


Chef Pee Pee has a date!


The episode starts off with Chef Pee Pee cooking some food while the human Junior rushes to Chef Pee Pee with a letter that had already been open, but Chef Pee Pee didn't want Junior to open the letter. Junior said that the letter is from Lola. Chef Pee Pee reads the letter and gets excited that she wants to see him. Junior thought the letter was for him, but in reality, the letter was for Chef Pee Pee, so he decided to call Lola to come to the house for a date. They called, chatted and Chef Pee Pee said that they are going to date at 6:00pm.

A bit later, Chef Pee Pee brushed his hair in Junior's bathroom. Junior came in and asked why he is in his bathroom and Chef Pee Pee said that he is going on a date. Then Junior asked if he could go on the date, and Chef Pee Pee denied that.

Some time later, Chef Pee Pee and Lola went to watch a movie. Chef Pee Pee brought with him some popcorn with extra butter and an extra-large soda. Chef Pee Pee also made her believe he is rich because he was able to afford the soda. They were chatting and they were about to watch movie trailers, including Flushing Nemo (a parody of Finding Nemo). After they watched the trailer of that movie, Tyrone came in and asked to take a seat next to Chef Pee Pee, and Chef Pee Pee accepted that. Lola told Chef Pee Pee that Tyrone was her ex-boyfriend, and she didn't want him to ruin the night. They watched the trailer of a parody of Cars. Tyrone asked the size about the popcorn, and Chef Pee Pee is that it is small popcorn. Tyrone said that he gets extra-large popcorn, but Chef Pee Pee prefers small popcorn. Lola told him about the soda's size, though, then they watched the movie, which is a parody of Star Wars. Lola loved the movie, and Chef Pee Pee told her he is going to the restroom. Tyrone recognized Lola, and they were discussing to each other. Chef Pee Pee wanted to go back home after this discussion.

The couple returned home and Chef Pee Pee said that it is better for him to cook for Lola something, using his spatula, instead of going to the movies. So, Chef Pee Pee started cooking burnt mac and cheese. Junior came in, smelled it and said that he wanted to eat it. Even though he likes it, he also thinks that Lola wouldn't probably like it after Chef Pee Pee said that it is for Lola, so he continued cooking it anyway. He has given the burnt mac and cheese to Lola and she didn't like it, so she told him to make something else. Junior came in to eat Lunchables with her and told her that he got used to eating burnt mac and cheese. Meanwhile, Chef Pee Per was quickly looking at the refrigerator to see what he wanted to cook or find next. So, he found baloney and wanted to give it to Lola, but then, he found out that they were eating Lunchables. She didn't like baloney, but she did like the Lunchables and was already full of it. Chef Pee Pee told Junior to go to his room, and Lola told Chef Pee Pee to go to his room (which is the same room as Junior's). So, they went into the room.

Chef Pee Pee went into his bed with Lola to snuggle, and Junior awkwardly came in. Junior wondered about what they are going to do and wanted to do what they wanted to do, but he was too young for it, and he wanted to stay in the same bed, but he was told to go to his bed. Junior saw them and wanted to tell a scary story, which mocks Chef Pee Pee. Moreover, Junior thought they were wresting, so Junior joined in, breaking Lola's collarbone, so Chef Pee Pee immediately called a doctor.

Brooklyn T. Guy, the doctor, came in and wondered what the problem was all about. It was about Lola's collarbone bring broken by Junior. Brooklyn T. Guy saw Junior and didn't like the human version of him, making him write down a hate comment about it and state he's going to dislike the video. Then, he was focusing on the problem again, and he said that he is going to put a cast on her arm. He told her that he shouldn't move for 6 months and Chef Pee Pee should put some clothes on, so Lola left the house to get some rest for 6 months. The video ends with Junior asking about "wrestling" with Chef Pee Pee in bed, so Chef Pee Pee denied it.



  • This marks the second appearance of Lola.
  • It is revealed that Tyrone was Lola's Ex.
  • This video is a continuation of The Human Potion!.
    • This confirms Junior's human design as well as Bowser's human design. Ironically, Bowser looked like a drug dealer, which is why he didn't appear.
  • Tyrone was referred to as Tyler. It's likely an alias of Tyrone.
  • This video was uploaded 7 years after Replacement Egg, and 15 years after the release of the Nintendo DS.
  • This is Rebecca's second and last time where she will be in a SML Video since she is no longer a part of the SML Cast following Logan's break up with Chilly since Rebecca is sided with the latter.
  • This was the last video in a long while to use the word “Chef Pee Pee” in the title and the thumbnail due to the word "pee pee" being offensive to YouTube and causing videos to get demonetized. The name eventually returned in "Mr. Chef Pee Pee Head!" a little over a year later.


  • Brooklyn Guy stating how he does not like Junior’s human self and how he's going to write a hateful comment about it is a reference to how many SML fans disapprove of the human puppet changes of Junior, Joseph, Cody, and Bowser.
  • Both of the trailers that Chef Pee Pee and Lola saw were based on Pixar films Finding Nemo and Cars. These trailers could be seen as a way of poking fun of how Pixar has done several sequels of their films. The Cars trailer parody also involved Lightning McQueen crashing. This is a possible reference to Lightning's crash in Cars 3.
  • Junior said he was Mr. Steal Your Girl. This may be a possible reference to the artist, Trey Songz.


  • In a scene where Chef Pee Pee settles down the snacks for the two at the movies, his rod is seen breaking off.
  • Junior knows what it means when people get "freaky" but in this video he does not know.


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