”Chef Pee Pee's Cooking Sucks!” is the 40th episode of SML Shorts.


Chef Pee Pee thinks he is good at cooking, but someone needs to let him know the truth!


Chef Pee Pee gives Junior his dinner, which is chicken nuggets with tuna and Jello. Junior says it is gross, while Chef Pee Pee retaliates by saying that it is delicious and that his cooking is good. Junior then asks Chef Pee Pee if he can eat on the couch. Chef Pee Pee initially says no, then says yes. Junior expresses disgust to the food, and in doing so accidentally spills his drink. He panics at first, but then just covers it with his dinner plate.

Chef Pee Pee comes over to the couch and asks Junior to move his dinner plate so he can sit down, but Junior refuses. Chef Pee Pee asks him why, and Junior, in an attempt to hide his mess, says that he will not move his plate because Chef Pee Pee is too fat. Chef Pee Pee then tearfully says that he is only 154 pounds, and rarely eats, and when he does, he throws it back up because he wants to be a model. Junior guiltily says that he had no idea, and says to the chef that he is beautiful. He moves his plate and accidentally reveals the stain.

Chef Pee Pee screams and yells at him, and Junior reveals that it is just invisible ink by rubbing it and having it disappear.

As the two watch TV, a commercial for a World Cooking Competition comes on, and Chef Pee Pee is enthusiastic and excited about entering. Junior tells him that his cooking sucks, while Chef Pee Pee tells him that it is good, otherwise Junior wouldn't have eaten all of his food. Junior lies and says that he ate all of his food and that it was really good, and excuses himself from the couch. Chef Pee Pee looks under the couch and sees the still full dinner plate hidden there, and screams for Junior.

Junior consults his pet spider Terrance about how to prevent Chef Pee Pee from embarrassing himself at the cooking competition, and he and his spider agree that he should ask his dad. Junior goes to Bowser to ask him what he thinks of Chef Pee Pee's cooking, and Bowser, thinking that Junior is going to ask him if there are more than two genders, tells him that there are only men and women, and not anything else. A second later, Junior asks him for his evaluation of Chef Pee Pee's cooking, and Bowser replies by saying that he too thinks that it sucks, but he can't tell him for fear of hurting his feelings.

He encourages his son to tell Chef Pee Pee as a motivational bit of advice, and Junior agrees. He gives Chef Pee Pee a book called Cooking Basics for Dummies and explains to him that it is because he cares about him and wants to give him help for the competition. Chef Pee Pee is not keen about the book and throws it in his cooking piece for the contest (which is macaroni and mustard) after Junior leaves the kitchen. As Chef Pee Pee admires his peanut butter cracker lasagna, Junior shows Chef Pee Pee a video he made himself of the two portrayed as clay characters, and the video shows Junior barfing and soiling himself after eating Chef Pee Pee's cooking. Chef Pee Pee gets angry with him and tells him to get out or he will hit him. Chef Pee Pee literally throws a pizza in the oven as Junior and Toad start a rap song about how much Chef Pee Pee's cooking sucks, and Chef Pee Pee turns into a burnt toast. The video ends with Junior and Toad spreading jelly on the burnt toast.



  • This is the 1st Chef Pee Pee video of 2017 and the 1st SML Short of 2017.
  • This is the 2nd appearance of Toad in 2017 and the first appearance for Bowser in 2017.
  • There was no report on the couch being spilled on and is easy to clean up with a nose.
  • This is Terrance's first appearance since The Tarantula!, even though he only made a cameo this time. This is also his last appearance as it was confirmed that Terrance passed away.
  • This episode reveals that Chef Pee Pee weighs 154 pounds and his binging and purging habit.
  • This is the first video in 2017 that Jeffy, Mario, and/or Rosalina don't make appearances making it the 1st Bowser Junior and/or Chef Pee Pee genre video in 2017.
  • This brings back Chef Pee Pee's inability to cook from early videos.
  • The video ended abruptly because Lovell ended up losing his voice and was unable to continue filming. [citation needed]
  • Chef Pee Pee's thumbnail pose from Chef Pee Pee's Kids returns.
  • Bowser once again shows proof that he does not like his son when he said Junior being born was a mistake although in previous and later videos Bowser does not seem to mind having his son around.
  • Chef Pee Pee was a robot in this video as explained in Chef Pee Pee The Robot. This also may explain him being awful with cooking in this video
  • This is the first time that Bowser Junior throws up or pukes or vomits, this is however only seen in the stop motion video he did.
  • This episode reveals that Bowser Junior might be non-binary.


  • In Junior's stop-motion video, while Chef Pee Pee's head was rolling away, part of his eye got stuck in the vomit.


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