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"What 'chu want, ni**a?!"
— Chef Pee Pee To Bowser Junior in Hide And Seek!
— Chef Pee Pee to Bowser Junior
"(GRRR....!) BOWSER, I'M SICK AND TIRED OF THIS!! You're not gonna beat me like I'm your five year old son anymore! I'm not just gonna sit here and let you do this! You know what? I....QUIT!!!! *HUGH!* I HATE YOU, BOWSER!!!!!"
— Chef Pee Pee to Bowser in Chef Pee Pee Quits! Part 1
"Nah, it's just me, n***a!"
— Chef Pee Pee
— Chef Pee Pee to Bowser
"Everyday is Taco Tuesday!"
— Chef Pee Pee in Jeffy's Backpack! as seen on the lunchbox.

Fernando 'Pee Pee' Strongbottom,[5] or commonly known and referred to as Chef Pee Pee, is a French-born Italian chef that works for Bowser as a slave and presumably a butler too.  

He serves as one of the two major protagonists (alongside Brooklyn T. Guy) of the Bowser Junior videos and a supporting protagonist of the Mario/Jeffy videos. Overhaul, he is the major protagonist in the SuperMarioLogan series 

Despite being a protagonist, he was the main antagonist in his debut, Koopa's New Job, Evil Chef Pee Pee!, Bowser Junior's Doll!, The Purge!, Bowser Junior's Big Vacation!, and Bowser Junior's Stinky Friend!

Bowser and his family place all of their tasks on him even when he is simply trying to enjoy himself, no matter how simple they may be. Because of this, he is very stressed out and can get sad or angry easily.

He usually makes food for Bowser Junior when Junior requests for some food, but he will often makes food for Bowser as well if he asks Chef Pee Pee to cook.

He also will make food for Mario and his friends usually without complaint because they will ask nicely and stay out of his way, unlike Bowser and Junior.  

He absolutely hates Bowser Junior, his least favorite thing in the world, and Bowser, his boss, because of their attitudes, but he ends up never quitting his job (with the exception of the Chef Pee Pee Quits series). He likes to kill both of them as he happily kills Bowser, specifically when he turned evil.  


Chef Pee Pee wears a basic chef clothesline. He wears a chef shirt with his name on it, and a normal white chef hat and also wears a red bandana around his neck.

Although he might appear as a chef, he is confirmed as a slave. It is also assumed that Chef Pee Pee is also a butler due to how he always serves Bowser and Junior and labors for them as well as sometimes answering the door for them.

Chef Pee Pee is tan-skinned and has black hair, which may be due to his Italian/black nature. He also sports a mustache that is the same color. Chef Pee Pee is 5 foot 6 inches (167.6 centimeters) and weighs 140 pounds (63.503 kilograms)[6]


Chef Pee Pee was born on July 27, 1971 in Paris, France. He would move to New Jersey at some point in his life. While growing up, he played with sticks and rocks. It could be assumed that he was neglected and locked in a cage by his father

At some point in his life, he was in an orphanage, Since he got teased by other kids and one of those nicknames were bottom bunk.

At some point he was adopted by Bowser who agreed him to be his Personal Chef when he just 30 years old.

Chef Pee Pee first appeared in Koopa's New Job. When he was first introduced, his character was completely different from his present-day characteristics.

He was portrayed as a dumb chef. He also spoke broken English with an Italian accent. Today, his accent is not nearly as thick and his English is better. He is portrayed as hating his job although he has never quit it for some reason (aside from the non-canonical Chef Pee Pee Quits! saga) and is significantly smarter than his original self: in fact, he is portrayed as one of the most sensible characters in the entire series.


In early videos, Chef Pee Pee was jolly, incompetent, stupid, and enjoyed working for Bowser. He sounded more Italian and he was almost as dumb as Mama Luigi, but when Bowser Junior was reintroduced, he became a lot smarter and his accent sounded more American.

He then became grumpier after getting his eyes stabbed by Toad causing him to be deeply mad and seem to be easily annoyed since he is always whining, yelling and complaining all the time and to some people, it became fairly annoying. Chef Pee Pee also blames others for what he does sometimes. He began to grow a strong dislike for Bowser, because of his bossy attitude and the way he demanded his food to be cooked immediately.

It is possible that Chef Poo Poo, Chef Pee Pee's clone introduced in Chef Pee Pee's Clone, is a homage, or throwback, to Chef Pee Pee's original character. This is because the old Chef Pee Pee and Chef Poo Poo have striking similarities in characteristics: Poo Poo is significantly more retarded, cheerful, and also speaks with a more Italian accent than Chef Pee Pee.

Even though he complains and whines a lot, he's friends with Mario, Black Yoshi, Shrek, and Woody. Mainly because they're all nice and greatful to him and ask him politely to make food for them. He is especially shown to be a lot more laid-back around Mario than he is around Bowser.

He sadistically hates Bowser due to bossing him around too much, and for Junior, due to annoying him a lot. In one of his reaction videos on Lovell's YouTube Channel he has stated he thinks of ways to kill Bowser in his sleep every night and is thrilled whenever someone says that they will kill Bowser for him.

Despite becoming very annoyed, and in some cases downright notoriously hating Bowser to the ground, and also disliking Junior due to being Bowser's son, he shows that deep down inside, he actually has a caring heart for them in some aspects. For example, in Bowser's Depression, when Chef Pee Pee discovers Bowser attempting to hang himself in his bathroom (after Charleyyy and Friends was canceled), he admits that he is "kind of happy" due to his least favorite thing in the world dying, but decides to save Bowser's life nonetheless.

He also attempts to talk Bowser into regaining his life again. Also, in Toad's Girlfriend!, Chef Pee Pee gives Junior advice when he asks him on how to deal with Toadette hitting on him despite being Toad's girlfriend.

In Turkey Tyranny!, Chef Pee Pee protects Junior from the cop invasion by getting down and covering him with his hands, in Chef Pee Pee Quits Part 3 when Chef Pee Pee and Goodman are called from a police call about Bowser abusing Junior, Chef Pee Pee tases Bowser as revenge. On Mother's Day! Chef Pee-Pee is truly touched by Junior's efforts into making him happy and even tries to get Bowser off Junior when he gets beaten up. In Bowser Junior's Big Vacation Chef Pee Pee takes Junior to Disney World, saying that despite the fact that Junior is a brat, he states that he is "his brat".


His true name is proven to be Fernando Strongbottom in Sicken. Referencing because he's part of the Strongbottom family. The family he's part of is royal, So his father told him that he's not going to be the king because he wasn't the first son. He's mostly called Chef PeePee like most of the character, He doesn't remember that King Strongbottom is his father. He thought a drunk pirate slash car salesman was his father the whole time.

Chef Pee-Pee is however treated a bit less badly in later videos.

Likes and Dislikes


  • Cooking (but not on Bowser's demand)
  • Making food for himself
  • Knocking Bowser out
  • Junior being punished (Bowser Junior's Doll! and Bowser Junior's 9th Birthday! only)
  • Junior's misfortune
  • Playing tricks on Bowser and Junior
  • Taking breaks and day-offs
  • Relaxing
  • Cooking a masterpiece
  • Casserole
  • Black Yoshi
  • Mario
  • Robot Chef Pee Pee
  • Jeffy (sometimes)
  • Rosalina
  • Paradise
  • Money
  • Being rich
  • Bowser dying
  • Sending Bowser to North Korea
  • North Koreans killing Bowser
  • Tricking others by saying "Nah its just me n***a!"
  • Cooking for Mario and his friends (sort of, he does primarily as they show better gratitude than Bowser and Junior)
  • Tainting Bowser's food
  • Beyoncé
  • Woody
  • Shrek
  • Family Guy
  • Killing Bowser
  • Succeeding in killing Bowser
  • Beating up Bowser
  • Poisoning Bowser
  • Slacking off
  • Abusing Bowser with kitchen utensils
  • Hitting Bowser with the car
  • Annihilating and terrorizing Bowser to his death
  • Helping out
  • Snoop Dog
  • Cussing
  • Making Bowser and Junior's life miserable
  • Revenge and plotting murderous schemes
  • Sleeping (to get rid of his reality of being a slave)
  • Fetishes
  • Pussy
  • Pee
  • Britney Spears
  • Blackmail
  • Kinky stuff
  • Karma
  • Precious
  • Bowser (Only when he pays him good money)
  • Oreos


  • His job (though this used to be a "like")
  • Bowser (usually, due to his bossy attitude and demanding him to cook against his will)
  • Bowser Junior (usually, because of his annoying behavior)
  • Annoyance
  • King Strongbottom
  • Shrek (sometimes)
  • Jeffy
  • Spiders
  • Snakes
  • Chompy
  • Paying bills
  • Failing in killing Bowser
  • Beating beaten by Bowser
  • Chef Poo Poo (sometimes)
  • Peach
  • Toad
  • Egg rolls
  • Fish
  • Thomas
  • Grapes
  • Paying parking tickets
  • Goodman
  • Purple pill (as seen in Chef Pee Pee Pees Peas)
  • Him peeing Peas
  • Him peeing the letter P (5 Letter P's)
  • Him peeing two P's peeing Peas
  • Him peeing Chef Pee Pee peeing two P's peeing Peas
  • Cody
  • Joseph
  • Lunchables
  • Being called "old"
  • Cleaning toilets
  • Shrek pooping
  • Rape (after getting raped by Judy)
  • Judy
  • Slavery
  • Bowser Junior Making him mad
  • getting angry by Bowser
  • Being a butler
  • Cody and Junior as humans


  • Chef/Slave (stated numerous times although he claims to be a chef.
  • Cop (formerly)
  • Plumber (formerly)
  • Goodman Enterprises Employee (formerly)
  • Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Security Guard (formerly)
  • Grim reaper (formerly)
  • Rapper (formerly)
  • Gym Leader (in Pokémon dimension)
  • Illegal restaurateur (formerly)

Murder Victims

Death Count


  • Red 2017 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 (presumably; not actually seen driving it)
  • Red 2016 Chevrolet Camaro SS (formerly)
  • Red 2012 Chevrolet Camaro SS (formerly)
  •  ??? Subaru (formerly)



Chef Pee Pee strongly loathes Bowser to the earth's core, often because of his attitude and how he rudely demands for his food to be done immediately. Bowser is Chef Pee Pee's least favourite thing in the world, and arch-enemy. Bowser makes him work even more, leading to much stress in him. It is unknown why Bowser is not really aware of Chef Pee Pee's feelings throughout the series. Chef Pee Pee is forced to cook food for him, even when he's angry and in a bad mood. Sometimes, they are allies, but remain enemies most of the time. Chef Pee Pee dreams of getting Bowser out of his life, even trying to kill him.

Bowser Junior

Chef Pee Pee has animosity towards Bowser Junior, yet he is forced to take care of him and his friends due to Bowser's irresponsibility for his own son despite Bowser's love towards his son. He is easily angered by Junior's spoiled and mischievous actions, especially when they are targeted at him.

However, Chef Pee-Pee is shown to care for Junior deeply, just like for Bowser but to an even greater extent. An example of this is in the episode "Mother's Day!" Junior gives Chef Pee-Pee (who is dressed as Junior's fake mom) a card, thus making Chef Pee-Pee truly touched by his efforts in making him happy. Chef Pee-Pee even tries to get Bowser off Junior while beating him up. After he is revealed, Junior hugs and says he loves him. Chef Pee-Pee sort of admits he loves him too. This happened again in "Bowser Junior's New Room!", yet it was said more mumbled than in this instance.

In "Bowser Junior's Big Vacation!", Junior asked Chef Pee Pee if he wanted to go to Disneyland or the Grand Canyon with him. Chef Pee Pee stated that Junior was never his friend and that he would rather sit his hand on the stove for a week than hang out with him. Chef Pee Pee even gave Junior a bowl of sand and told him to count every grain to try and make him go away. Junior then wished that Chef Pee Pee loved him, which overnight, turned Chef Pee Pee into a human (Played by Tito).

The Human Chef Pee Pee was originally very nice and friendly to Junior, and even gave him a Happy Meal for breakfast. Overtime however, Human Chef Pee Pee became even more violent and homicidal than his former self, trying to kill Junior several times. First, using Happy Meals full of violent weapons, then taking Junior to Disneyland to try and kill him with the rides. Human Chef Pee Pee eventually did manage to successfully kill Junior by throwing him off of the cliff of the Grand Canyon. This however, was all merely just a dream Junior had while sleeping in class.

In real life however, Chef Pee Pee offered to take Junior to Disneyworld for a surprise, even leaving his cooking to go take him. Chef Pee Pee stated that even though Junior was a brat and he hated him, he would always be his brat.

As of "Bowser Junior's New Room!", Chef Pee Pee is the roommate of Junior, much to his dismay, displeasure, and annoyance. However, the trade-off is that Chef Pee Pee has a decent bed for the very first time in the series outside of one video. He no longer sleeps on the couch or in the kitchen after that point.


Chef Pee Pee gets angry with Goodman a lot because he hates his former job with him and how Chef Pee Pee got arrested by him several times. Though Goodman doesn't like Chef Pee Pee, he doesn't "hate" him. He thinks Chef Pee Pee is immature though for tasing Bowser. They are enemies in Chef Pee Pee's Restaurant!.


Like Junior and Joseph, Chef Pee Pee thinks Cody is weird and gay, especially since Cody makes out with his Ken doll 24/7 and finds it gross. An example of this is in "Bowser Junior Goes To Disney World Part 1". Chef Pee-Pee is forced to sleep in the same bed as Cody and Ken, much to his disgust. After the lights are out, Chef Pee-Pee hears Cody talking seductively to Ken. Resulting in Chef Pee-Pee telling him to shut up. Cody is not fully aware of how Chef Pee Pee truly feels about him.

Mario and his friends

They all get along very well with each other. Chef Pee Pee likes the way Mario, Shrek, Black Yoshi, and Woody ask him for food politely and that they're the only ones who don't treat him badly like Bowser and his son. He is shown to be much more relaxed and friendly around them than he is around Bowser, whose yelling often makes him tense. But for some reason, he hasn't decided to work for them instead of Bowser (although this may be because he is in a slave contract with Bowser). However, he now also works for them, since they all moved in with him, Bowser and Junior. 


Chef Pee Pee and Shrek, unlike Chef Pee Pee's relationship with all of Mario's friends, is mixed. On one hand, Chef Pee Pee respects Shrek for being more tolerable then Bowser and Bowser Junior. On another hand, Chef Pee Pee finds Shrek gross and disgusting, such as in Shrek's Homemade Cheesecake and Mine!, and dislikes him.

Black Yoshi

Chef Pee Pee has a nice relationship with Black Yoshi. He seemed to be happy with helping him so he could kill Bowser. However, in Black Yoshi's Fried Chicken, he says "he does not care for Black Yoshi", hinting he doesn't like Black Yoshi for whatever reason or this could be because he was busy and stressed out.


Chef Pee Pee's hate towards Jeffy surpasses Bowser Junior's and since he acts very similar to Bowser Junior and he thinks Jeffy is even more annoying, troublesome and problematic than Bowser Junior is, ever since Chef Pee Pee The Babysitter! because of Jeffy's stupidity and obnoxious behavior that at the end of the episode he got so annoyed with Jeffy's shenanigans too the point where he would've killed Jeffy if Mario hadn't showed up in time. Fortunately for him Mario is the one that mostly deals with Jeffy's obnoxious attitude.


Chef Pee Pee and Woody are good friends. They usually help each other out and have each other's back when they're in a jam. Like in episode 6 of Shrimpo Hunter or in The Big Thanksgiving.

Chef Poo Poo

Chef Pee Pee hated him in his debut, but in Chef Poo Poo's Kitchen Disaster!, he doesn't necessarily care now.


Chef Pee Pee hates Peach, just like Bowser Junior and Bowser.

Known Recipes


Robot Chef Pee Pee

Robot Chef Pee Pee is a robotic counterpart of Chef Pee Pee. He is the main antagonist in Chef Pee Pee The Robot. He replaced the real Chef Pee Pee for two months on vacation on Happy Merry Christmas!. He got killed by Bowser Junior when he pushed him in the bathtub.

Evil Chef Pee Pee

Evil Chef Pee Pee is a evil counterpart of Chef Pee Pee who appeared in Evil Chef Pee Pee!. When Chef Pee Pee dies, Craig The Devil resurrected him but evil. He kills BowserBrooklyn T. Guy, and almost kills Bowser Junior. He also makes a cameo in No Crust!.

Zombie Chef Pee Pee

Zombie Chef Pee Pee also known as Green Chef Pee Pee is a green counterpart of Chef Pee Pee who appeared in Zombie Bowser!. He is green in color due to food poisoning.

Chef Beep Beep

Chef Beep Beep is Chef Pee Pee but covered in aluminum foil and acts like a robot even though he isn't really one... He appeared in Bowser Junior Goes to the Future!.

Criminal Record

Murder: Killed multiple characters, (e.g. Bowser, Brooklyn T. Guy, and Toad).

Assault: Multiple accounts against his least favorite thing in the world, Bowser, and his second least favorite thing in the world, Bowser Junior.

Attempted Murder: Threatened a knife on Jeffy, pulled a gun on Bowser Junior.

Running an illegal business: In Chef Pee Pee's Restaurant! he ran a restaurant called Bone Apple Titty without a business license.

Grievous Bodily Harm: After releasing that Junior had been lying about his broken leg, Chef Pee Pee beats him up, breaking Junior's leg for real.

Health code violations: His cooking is shown to be disgusting and once poisoned Bowser on purpose with a tainted cheeseburger. In the same episode, his workplace was messy which can lead to health hazards.

Beastiality: In Chef Pee Pee's Accident! he was forced by Junior to kiss Catherine Catfish.

Vandalism/Criminal Damage: In Bowser Junior's AirPods!, he put Junior's (it has Richard's) airpods in the garbage disposal, along with throwing his M.A.R.S down on the ground in Bowser Junior's Bad News!, In Which Chef Pee Pee Shatters Bowser's Dishes in Hide And Seek!.

Child Abuse: In some episodes, he beats and fights Bowser Junior.

Forced Suicide: In the Pokémon Series, he makes all three of his pokemon commit suicide inadvertently.

Pokémon Team

  • Snorlax
  • Magikarp
  • Psyduck


  • He appears in Lovell's Channel and does reaction videos, the only difference is that he does not wear his chef attire. Instead, he wears a casual black shirt.
  • According to Pop Rocks and Coke!, Chef Pee Pee may have been undocumented.
  • In Sicken, it is revealed Pee Pee is actually a nickname he received due to a genital piercing that he has that periodically gets infected. His real name is Fernando.
  • Chef Pee Pee is portrayed by a Melissa and Doug chef puppet.
  • His father was a King.
  • He was born in France, and he stated numerous times that he's Italian.
  • Starting with The Fly, Chef Pee Pee's clothes now has the words "Chef Pee Pee" on the left, near his arm, however, in the episode "Chef Pee Pee's Birthday" he is seen given the clothes by Jackie Chu, this might mean that Chef Pee Pee's birthday might have been made before The Fly.
  • In his earliest appearances, he would kill Koopas and then turn them into turtle soup.
  • In his current appearances, Chef Pee Pee would most likely represent Wrath, due to his severe anger towards Bowser, Bowser Junior, Jeffy, etc.
  • Although Chef Pee Pee claims he was unable to quit in Mario's Wig, he was still able to in the Chef Pee Pee Quits series.
  • Despite severely hating Bowser and largely disliking Junior, he has been showing care for them.
  • His parents got a divorce over Monopoly.
  • He was in Bowser Junior's show and tell at summer school.
  • In the first season and some of the second (most notably in his 1st appearance), his accent was more Italian, he loved working for Bowser, and he was far less intelligent, but from late season two onwards, his accent is more American and he is smarter.
  • Nowadays, he says "hell" in practically every sentence he makes.
  • Despite hating cooking for his least favourite thing on the planet, Bowser, he has deep down cared for him and his son.
  • Although Toad used to be the unluckiest person of SML, Chef Pee Pee and Mario now shown to have the worst life.
  • Chef Pee Pee has had a fear of ferris wheels since he was three years old, as revealed in Bowser Junior Goes To The Fair, but he doesn't like to talk about it, saying it is really "tragic."
  • He owns a Magikarp, Snorlax, Psyduck, and Weedle and is a gym leader in the Pokemon series.
  • Everytime he appears, Italian music plays, the song can be found here.
  • After realizing how much hate Pee Pee was getting, Lovell (Chef Pee Pee's voice actor) tells the fans, in a behind the scenes video, "Don't diss my n****."
  • Chef Pee Pee swears a lot and out of all the SML characters, he is the only one who swears constantly.
  • It is revealed in The Purge that he hates Junior simply because he exists.
  • Despite hating Toad, Chef Pee Pee has been shown to enjoy his music. He listened to one of his songs in Bowser Junior's Summer School 5, andChef Pee Pee's Mistake!.
  • According to Mother's Day!, Chef Pee Pee keeps tampons.
  • Chef Pee Pee currently has no soul, as he sold it to Craig The Devil for a strike in bowling (but he was conned into only getting a spare).
  • Chef Pee Pee has a clone named Chef Poo Poo.
  • There is a running gag in the series where everyone accuses Chef Pee Pee of being gay even though he is straight.
  • Chef Pee Pee's dream is to be free from cooking and cleaning and to have Bowser dead.
  • Chef Pee Pee's theme song was once heard in the Teen Titans Go! episode, Grube's Fairytales. [7]
  • Chef Pee Pee is similar to Squidward from SpongeBob SquarePants, Sourpuss from the classic Terrytoons shorts, Benson from Regular Show David Seville from Alvin & the Chipmunks, and Cranky the Crane from Thomas & Friends.
  • Chef Pee Pee was arrested in Bowser Junior's Summer School 7 because Junior said he was child molesting him, but it was a lie.
  • Chef Pee Pee's puppet is real, it is sold by Melissa & Doug, with the difference it does not have the words "Pee Pee" on it. It is also unique among other Melissa & Doug puppets, most notably his eyes are further apart, his mustache is wider, and his hair is shorter, and you can name the puppet as you want.
  • He does not like to sleep nude, as revealed in Truth or Dare!.
  • It is revealed that Chef Pee Pee is uncircumsiced in The Mystery Safe.
  • Chef Pee Pee exclaims in a video that he would "plow" Bowser, meaning he has sexual feelings for Bowser[clarification needed]
  • He also exclaims in Bowser Junior's Playtime he would have married Chester The Cheetah, a male mascot for Cheetos if it wasn't for the "government "meaning Chef Pee Pee can be somewhat bisexual. More evidences showing that he is bi is in Chef Pee Pee The Babysitter! he says that his food smells like his "Ex-Girlfriend Panties." He also tried online-dating for a girlfriend in Chef Pee Pee's Accident!.
  • His legal name was changed to Poopy Butt, though this was most likely changed back, or non-canon.
  • Chef Pee Pee has killed 12 characters.
  • After the episode, Bowser's Soup, Chef Pee Pee now has black burn marks On one of his fingers.
  • In the SML Movie, Sicken, Chef Pee Pee's first name is revealed as Fernando after he told his story about his piercing.
  • Even though it was indirectly revealed to be born in France, he may be Italian.[4][8]
  • It is possible that Chef Pee Pee has Bulimia Nervosa, as he has said "I make myself throw up", and that he worries about his weight.[9]
  • Chef Pee Pee associates with the Blood gang.[10]
  • Chef Pee Pee has a third nipple.[11]
  • His favorite fruit is pears.[12]
  • His favorite holiday is Christmas, as revealed in Bowser Junior Meets Santa Claus!.
  • According to Bowser, Chef Pee Pee's phone number is 555-382-717.[13]
  • It is revealed in Bowser Junior Almost Goes To Sleep Forever!, that he is allergic to grapes.
  • His favorite snack are Zebra Cakes.[14]
  • Chef Pee Pee has been given two different birth years, as in Chef Pee Pee's Birthday Surprise! he turns 26, this video was released in 2016, making his birth year 1990. However, in Chef Pee Pee's Accident! his dating profile list his birthday as July 27, 1989.
    • In Jeffy's Shirt!, Chef Pee Pee's driver's license gives his birthday as July 27, 1988.
    • In Black Yoshi's Birthday!, Chef Pee Pee celebrates his 30th birthday, however this video was released on May 30.
  • In Chef Pee Pee's Cookin Sucks!, it's revealed that Chef Pee Pee weighs 154 pounds and that also makes himself throw up after each meal, due to him wanting to be a male model. Later in Chef Pee Pee's Accident!, its shown on his dating profile that he weighs 140 pounds, thus proving his statement to be true.
  • He actually has a depressing backstory, which involves being mistreated by his parents, and this is shown when he is shown numerous being ignored, and somewhat being hated and looked upon.
  • It's revealed in Bowser Junior's Crazy Sleepover!, that he grew up in an orphanage.
  • Goodman reveals in Chef Pee Pee's Restaurant!, that Chef Pee Pee has a credit score of 4 out of 800.
  • He, along with Bowser never had passports, indicating that they're unable to travel to Canada as revealed in Bowser Junior Needs Help!
  • He has called Bowser Junior a "N***a", in older and newer Videos.
  • Chef Pee Pee can commonly be compared with Squidward from SpongeBob. They are both grumpy, are both tortured by two characters (SpongeBob and Patrick for Squidward and Bowser and Bowser Junior for Chef Pee Pee), and both act like jerks and are punished for it. Chef Pee Pee and Squidward are also commonly tortured, as well.
  • In Bowser Junior Goes Bowling! Chef Pee Pee sells his soul to Craig which means he is going to hell.


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