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{{Infobox character|name = Cheerleader|age = 22| |species = Human|gender = Female|hair = Yellow|eye = Blue|jobs = Cheerleading|friends = Bowser Junior (One-sided)

Joseph (One-sided)Chef Pee Pee King Strongbottom|behavioral alignment = Good|first appearance = Bowser Junior's YouTube Channel!|portrayer = Elaina Keyes|image =
|DOB = January 18th, 1995|enemies = Bowser Junior

Joseph [[Does Bad Things Guy]]}}'''Cheerleader''' is the officially unnamed cheerleader that debuted in [[Bowser Junior's YouTube Channel!]]. She was standing, before [[Bowser Junior]] and [[Joseph]] approached her ([[Cody]] was secretly recording). Bowser Junior and Joseph hit on her, but she rejected their affections. They eventually gave up, and just insulted her. She got very emotional and ran away. == Triva == *The puppet used for [[Stacy]] is reused for this character. *She may be dead since her puppet was used as a dead body in [[The Secret Door!]] [[Category:Characters]] [[Category:Females]] [[Category:Puppet Characters]] [[Category:One Time Characters]] [[Category:Cheerleaders]] [[Category:Puppets]] [[Category:Puppet]] [[Category:Good characters]] [[Category:Forgotten Characters]] [[Category:Minor Characters]] [[Category:People used in the Secret Door]] [[Category:Retired]]

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