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Charleyyy and Friends: The Movie is a 2015 comedy film starring Charleyyy portrayed by Lovell. It also acts as the 40th episode of Charleyyy and Friends. It is based on the popular comedy TV series of the same name. It was featured in Bowser Goes To The Movies!.

The trailer for the movie was released on April 12, 2014. It appeared in Bowser Junior's Nerf Gun.

In The Christmas Special!, Bowser gets the Blu-Ray, and then immediately goes to watch it.


Charleyyy has his biggest day out in his first ever feature-length movie![1]


Like the TV show it is based on, Charleyyy and Friends: The Movie seems to have no definitive plot whatsoever.

The movie begins with a MGM version of Charleyyy; he roars like a lion with the MGM backdrop surrounding him and text above stating Charleyyy and Friends. The movie's opening theme song then plays, which, strangely, is absolutely identical to that of the TV series. It is even referred to in the theme song as the "Charleyyy and Friends Show", despite it not being the "show" at all. In addition, the tagline "Charleyyy and Friends was filmed in front of a live audience" remains intact. The film begins with Charleyyy waking up in the bathtub, greeting the audience. Realizing he's hungry, Charleyyy gets himself out of bed and down to get something to eat. On his way out, he throws himself down the stairs headfirst, but somehow manages to survive this. He opens his garage and gets into his Mario Kart, calling it a "hot ride" as he rolls out of his garage. He goes through the drive thru at McDonald's and gets his order. Then, on his way home, his car breaks down and he gets a hola-hoop and plays with it. The next scene shows Charleyyy mini-golfing. He swings the golf ball too hard and it bounces all around the courses, but gets a hole-in-one shortly after. Charleyyy then gets too excited and accidentally throws his ball in the water. Then he goes to a convenience store for a slurpee, but realizes there there aren't any cups, so he turns the valve and eats it directly from the machine. Charleyyy returns home and goes back bed in the bathtub, says closing goodbyes, and then the closing credits begin rolling (consisting of "Charleyyy-Lovell Stanton" over and over again).

Home video release

The film was released on DVD and Blu-ray on (presumably) November or December 2015.



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