Charleyyy and Friends
Charleyyy and Friends
Charleyyy and Friends title card.

Original airing

July 18, 2013 – August 6, 2019

Original channel

Laugh Box TV


Lovell Stanton as Charleyyy
Laugh Track (the "friends")


Fishy and Friends
Harleyyy and Friends

First appearance

Bowser's Biggest Fear
Charleyyy looks for his keys!

Latest appearance

Bowser Junior Needs Help!
Charleyyy Goes To “Work”

Charleyyy & Friends is a fictional comedy television series, exclusively on SuperMarioLogan, which is Bowser's favorite show. It features the main character, Charleyyy, (portrayed by Lovell who also voices Bowser)

The show consists of skits of every one of Charleyyy's failed attempts to perform a task (like turning on the shower in Bowser's Biggest Fear 2). In Bowser's Depression, Charleyyy and Friends was finally cancelled for a limited time which made Bowser really upset. Up until an unrelated spin-off Fishy and friends was cancelled and Charleyyy and Friends returned in 2014 after a hiatus. It will possibly be cancelled in 2063 as hinted and foreshadowed in Bowser Junior Goes to the Future!.

It is extremely successful, receiving acclaim and getting a movie adaption, and a video game starring Charleyyy.

Episode Summaries

In Bowser's Biggest Fear, Bowser walks in to his bedroom to watch Charleyyy and Friends, known as "he is Gay". Charleyyy was trying to find his keys, of course to no avail, when he looked in a shoe. He also asked to himself if his keys were in Narnia. Then, he went inside his closet as well as his clothes and thought he was stuck. He attempted once more to find his keys and it turned out to be in his pocket. Charleyyy then signed off the show and left. Bowser Junior interrupted Bowser when he was watching it and the former called the show and soap operas gay to which Bowser got angry and slapped him silly.

In Bowser's Biggest Fear 2, Bowser comes in and turns on Charleyyy and Friends. The show plays its opening theme (which is Charleyyy dancing while a man sings about him in the background). After the opening theme, Charleyyy says "Hi" to the audience and states that he stinks and he has to take a shower. But, he appears to have trouble turning on the shower. An idea pops up in his mind and he flushes the toilet, thinking that it will turn the shower on. Afterwards, he figured out that he needs to get in the bathtub to get the shower working, and then flushed the toilet again. After the two failed attempts to turn on the shower, he huddles up and becomes sad about not turning on the shower, saddening Bowser too. Then, Charleyyy felt better when he turned on the sink and splashed water on his face to which he concluded that he was clean. Bowser laughed like a maniac at this debut In the third-season premiere and Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures, because of the fact that Mario was in another dimension, Chef Pee Pee watches a spin-off of the show called Harleyyy and Friends starring Logan whom has a dreaded fear of spiders.

In Bowser's Video Game, Bowser finds out "Charleyyy and Friends: The Video Game" was released and gives some money to Chef Pee Pee and orders him to go buy it. When he returns with the game (six hours later, as there was a line), Bowser cannot beat the game. Later, Bowser Junior plays the game and beats it after ten minutes, which Bowser finds out and leaves disappointed.

In Bowser Goes To The Movies, Chef Pee Pee decides to watch TV, he realizes about Charleyyy and Friends: The Movie and Bowser comes gleefully in the room and orders Chef PeePee to take him to the movies to go see Charleyyy and Friends: The Movie, in which Chef Pee Pee agreed, although he didn't want to watch the movie with Bowser. Later, Bowser is running to his seat and happens to be next to Chris Netherton and Patrick, which Patrick moves two rows ahead, while Chris is being annoyed by Bowser before and during the movie with things like popcorn being thrown, Bowser being loud, etc. Bowser was about to sent a tweet about the movie just about it was about to start, then Officer Goodman told him to put it away and if he saw him again with it, he would've kicked Bowser out, which Bowser listened. After the movie, Bowser wanted a happy meal because he was still hungry.

In The Christmas Special!, Bowser's one and only gift was "Charleyyy and Friends: The Movie on Blu-Ray.", it was seen later that Bowser's watching the movie when Charleyyy was in a store slurping a drink when there was no cups.

In Mother's Day!, he was watching the show when Charleyyy pushed his Baby Doll down the stairs, which Bowser laughed at, then later, he gave $10 to his mom thanks to the day being Mothers Day. After that, it was announced that all three seasons of Charleyyy and Friends came out for just $9.99, so he called his mom again, begging for the $10 back which she refused. Bowser became desperate and kept demanding Junior and Chef Pee Pee to give him another $10, which never happened. At the end of the episode, he didn't get what he wanted.

Movie Adaption

A trailer for Charleyyy and Friends: The Movie was aired earlier in Bowser Junior's Nerf Gun, and later in Bowser Goes To The Movies!, the movie adaption hit the big screen. It doesn't really have a plot, but guessing from the reactions of the people in the theater, it was well received. The movie later made an appearance in the Christmas special 2015 as one of the gifts under the tree.




  • In early appearances, Bowser was fond of Charleyyy and Friends rather than obsessed with it. 
  • Despite being called "Charleyyy and Friends", none of Charleyyy's friends show up at all. This is also the same for it's alternate reality counterpart. However, it's possible that Charleyyy's last name is "And Friends" or the cheering and laughing audience are his friends.
  • Charleyyy showed up much more in Seasons 1 through 4. He only appeared once in Season 5 and a few times in Season 6 (so far).
  • After 1 year of hiatus, Charleyyy made his revival series on Chef Pee Pee the Robot!.


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