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"Oh, hi Guys, I’m Charleyyy! And today ______"
— His introduction

Charles "Charleyyy" is a minor character (formally recurring) in SuperMarioLogan. He is the host and main character in Bowser's favorite TV show, Charleyyy and Friends.

He is a comedian, TV presenter and possibly a singer. He is also well mentioned by Bowser because of his bond with Charleyyy and Friends. Charleyyy doesn’t know Bowser at all and pronounced his name “Bower” in Jeffy and Junior's Big Heist! He is possibly the frenemy of Jeffy and Bowser Junior, considering he was acting nice to them at the start when he got back his underwear.

Charleyyy has never met Bowser considering the voice actor, Lovell Stanton playing two characters at the same time wouldn't be possible because since he also plays Bowser.

Summer School Series

Charleyyy was a student in the Bowser Junior's Summer School series and attends the same school as Bowser Junior. The reason why he was taking summer school is unexplained. Apparently thought, part of Charleyyy and Friends was filmed live while Charleyyy was partaking in the class.

Charleyyy only appeared in episodes one and two of the series: he was marked absent for the rest of the series at the beginning of each class and was late in episode two, only appearing at the very end. By the end of the series, Jackie Chu, the teacher of summer school, declared that Charleyyy officially flunked out of class due to him missing almost all of his classes (Charleyyy of course wasn't even there to accept his failure like the other failing students did). The reasons why Charleyyy kept not showing up for his classes might be because he was busy filming Charleyyy and Friends.

Charleyyy and Friends

In the Charley and Friends series itself, Charleyyy is often seen in doing activities in humorous and sometimes dangerous manners, and is generally portrayed as a jolly and happy-go-lucky guy. He often attempts and usually fails to perform certain tasks, and usually adds irony in his activities.

In Bowser's Depression, Charleyyy and Friends was cancelled for unknown reasons and was replaced by Fishy and Friends, but was back on the air again by the end of the episode.

Criminal Record

Although Charleyyy is a TV star, he still has a criminal record.

  • Child Abuse: In Gravity!, on TV, he throws his son, Charleyyy Junior in the middle of the street then runs off.
  • Face Mask Violation (COVID-19 Exclusive): In Bowser’s Change!, on TV, he appears at a bank without wearing a face mask while receiving a bag of bread from the ATM.

Likes and Dislikes


  • His fans
  • Charleyyy and Friends (his TV show)
  • His goldfish
  • Being humorous
  • Jeffy (only in Jeffy’s Pet Dinosaur!)
  • Pots
  • Making Movies and Video Games
  • Fanmails
  • McDonald's
  • Playing golf
  • Food
  • Milk
  • Making people happy and laugh
  • Eating
  • Stuff
  • Car
  • Driving
  • Bowser
  • Positive reviews
  • Sleeping in the bathtub
  • Pesos
  • Mexican girls
  • Big Booty Bitches
  • Finding His Keys




  • Charleyyy becomes friends with Luigi in Luigi's Mansion Episode 8 and it's currently unknown whether or not the two are still friends with each other.
  • In an alternate dimension, Charleyyy is replaced by Harleyyy.
  • The Charleyyy and Friends show is supposed to be targeted by young kids but strangely, Bowser enjoys the show and his video game is rated M for "Mature".
  • It is not known how Bowser started to like Charleyyy and Friends as it was first shown in Bowser's Biggest Fear.
  • Charleyyy has his own video game and it is rated M for "Mature".
    • Despite this, there is hardly anything that warrants an M rating, and Bowser Junior plays it.
  • In Bowser Loses His Voice, it was revealed that Charleyyy has his own phone number, and it's [[1]].
  • He is introduced in Season 1's Bowser's Biggest Fear.
  • In his first few appearances, Bowser was actually just a casual viewer of Charleyyy, rather than obsessed with him.
  • Charleyyy doesn't seem to like children as seen in Mother's Day!, Charleyyy says that he has a daughter and that she doesn't have a mother because she left him. He then proceeds to throw the child down the stairs. In Gravity!, he reveals to have a son that he later slams onto the street.
  • Charleyyy's father left him early in life.
  • He is featured in more episodes than Doofy the Dragon and Dr. Fredrick Finkles**tz.
  • His TV show is the first TV show to reoccur more than once. Doofy The Dragon and Dr. Finkles**tz are the second and the third to reoccur.
  • In Bowser's Biggest Fear 3, it is revealed that his favorite drink is milk.
  • In Jeffy and Junior's Big Heist!, it is revealed that Charleyyy's three Ys in his name represent every divorce he's gotten, as he asks himself "Why he even got married".
    • This means that Charleyyy got divorced three times.
  • It is revealed in Jeffy and Junior's Big Heist! that the reason why the show is called "Charleyyy and Friends" is because the audience are his friends. He also dropped out of second grade of school when he was younger.
  • In Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures Season 3 Episode 1, there is an alternate version Charleyyy And Friends which is called Harleyyy And Friends


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