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Not to be confused with Damaris Chapman’s daughter.


Cecilia Maria Torres (known as Cecura by Jackie Chu) is a Mexican girl who appeared in the Bowser Junior's Summer School series. She only speaks Spanish, which makes Jackie Chu think she's dumb, and likes to eat tacos from Taco Bell. She's Jorge's sister. She can speak some English, but it is extremely broken English. She is a series-exclusive character who is played by Chilly Jimenez.


All quotes are translated from Spanish to English as she speaks Spanish most of the time.

  • ¡Hola! mi nombre es Cecilia y soy de ...("Hi! my name is Cecilia and I'm from)(first line)."
  • ¿Hay mexicanos en la cárcel("Are there Mexicans in the Jail?")
  • Me trajo Taco, me gusta!("I brought taco,(pulls out taco) I like it!)
  • Tengo contactos("I Got Contacts")
  • El nombre de mi hermano es Jorge.("My Brother's name is Jorge")


  • Despite the fact Cecilia only speaks Spanish, when Jorge the Drug Dealer said he was selling her drugs in English, she said "Hola, Jorge!", which is Spanish for "Hello, Jorge!". It is possible that she knows a few English words.
  • She wears glasses (later contact lenses), possibly a jest to her name, "Cecilia", an English name that means "blind".
  • Like with the other characters from the Summer School series(excluding Junior, Cody, Joseph, and Toad), it is unknown what happened with her and if she will ever return.
    • Due to her actor, Chilly Jimenez being part of the cast and will be unable to reprise her role, her return to the series is unlikely.
  • Ironically, her name is not Spanish as the name "Cecilia" originates in Latin.
  • Since she failed the summer school class she went back to the grade she was in and is most likely still failing or in a grade below Junior.


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