Candy is a stripper that appeared in The Button! and many other videos.


Bowser Junior and Toad hire her to strip for them. Later, once she gets her money she leaves, leaving Toad crying. She later reappears as a stripper for Bowser. Later, her father comes to the house and yells at her.

Characters she has twerked for


  • According to Gemmy fans, she is the animated twerking plush from a series called the "Plush Dancers" made by Gemmy Industries.
  • According to Logan, the creators of Candy don't make her anymore.
  • Ever since Jeffy was introduced to SML. Candy no longer make appearances anymore (as of now).
  • Candy is supposed to sing "Bang Bang" by Ariana Grande, however Logan either removed the wires connected to the speaker or muted the footage. 
  • As revealed in 'Puppet Closet', Logan bought 2 additional Candy duplicates after he found out that Walmart was no longer going to sell them.


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