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"Hey, Retard!"
— Bully Bill to Jeffy
"Hey, freak! You look like an alien because how ugly you are."
Bully Bill when Jeffy is an alien that he calls him freak because he is ugly!
"Oh my god! Oh my god! F*ck you!"
— Bully Bill to Bowser Junior when he is sorry.

Bully Bill is an antagonist of the SuperMarioLogan franchise. He is a young Bullet Bill with a large tendency to bully other characters, especially Jeffy. He first appeared in Bowser Junior Learns Karate! as the main antagonist. He also became the main antagonist of the Days of School Series and its sequel the Third Grade series. He serves as the second arch-nemesis of Jeffy, often trying to bully him only to get beaten up in the process.


Bully Bill was born to Banzai Bill and his unnamed mother in Pensacola Florida. His father Banzai Bill was a former minion for Bowser and  during his childhood he was often abused by his Parents. He was also named Bully, making him think to became one.

It's unknown who his mom is. It's implied she either died when Bill was younger or she doesn't appear often. He is the main antagonist in the episode Bowser Junior Learns Karate!, in which he takes Junior's Golden Thomas, followed by him beating up Junior.

When Bowser confronts Bully Bill, he calls his dad (Banzai Bill) beat up Bowser. Then, the cops are called on Bully Bill, but the cop gets beat up as well. He later learned his lesson when Junior stabbed him in the eyes with chopsticks.

He reappears in First Day Of School! where he is one of the students in Bowser Junior's second-grade class.

He makes his second major appearance in Jeffy Gets Bullied! as also the main antagonist, where he bullies Jeffy by throwing paper balls at him and calling him a retard. Jeffy is somehow able to beat him up numerous times during the episode. At the end of the episode, he says he will try to be better but still bullies people in later episodes.

He had a fairly large role in Robot Jeffy. When Jeffy got detention and his robot lookalike Jeffo filled in for him, Bully Bill repeatedly called him a retard. Jeffo initially didn't react, but Bully Bill eventually activated Jeffo's "kill mode", causing him to turn around and shoot lasers out of his eyes, killing Bully Bill and turning him into ash.

His next major appearance was in Jeffy Gets Expelled! On St. Patricks Day, he pinched Jeffy in class for not wearing green, causing Jeffy to beat him up.

Since Bully Bill's family decided to press charges, Jeffy was expelled and placed under house arrest.

He was given an experimental ankle monitor that would explode if he left the house. Bully Bill tried to take advantage of this by showing up at Mario's house for a rematch with Jeffy. Jeffy said they would have to do it inside, but Bully Bill coerced him into going outside. Seconds later, Mario felt the explosion and thought Jeffy was dead after finding his shirt outside, but Jeffy showed up alive (shirtless).

He explained that he put his ankle monitor on Bully Bill, which killed him instead of Jeffy. As this meant he could no longer press charges, Jeffy was allowed back into school.


Bully Bill is shown to have very spiteful behavior and is usually seen picking on students.

He is extremely tenacious and can be a real pest to kids like Jeffy.

He is also not the brightest since he keeps on picking on Jeffy despite having been beat up plenty of times. 

He also has a huge hostile relationship with everyone in his class (with the exception of Patrick as seen in Jeffy's Imaginary Friend!).



Bully Bill loves to pick on Jeffy. However, Jeffy is shown to be the only person who is able to beat up Bully Bill showing that Jeffy has a deep hatred toward Bully Bill.

Bowser Junior

They don't have that good of a relationship. He bullied Junior in Bowser Junior Learns Karate! and at the end of the episode, Junior beats him up. In Jeffy Gets Bullied! when Jeffy was beating Bully Bill up, Junior was saying "go Jeffy!". In The Test!, when Junior and Jeffy were cheating, Bully Bill said he was gonna tell on them but Jeffy beat him up.

Banzai Bill

Bully Bill and Banzai Bill seem to get along really well. His dad helped him beat up Bowser and Brooklyn T. Guy. However, Bully Bill has said that his dad beats him because he refuses to listen to his dad, thus building up aggression in Bully Bill, so he takes out his anger on other kids. Banzai Bill grounded him thinking he stole Jeffy's Bike! when Hansel was the one who took it.


Bully Bill and Patrick seem to be in fine terms since Bully Bill was never mean to Patrick and asked him to be his partner in Jeffy's Imaginary Friend! Patrick agreed.


He and Joseph befriend each other in Joseph's New Shell!, and they began bullying Junior along with Goomba. It is unknown if they had stopped being friends or if they are still friends.

Likes & Dislikes



Deaths and Injuries

Criminal Record


  • He is the third bully character to be introduced into the series, the first one being The Bully (from Nerd and Bully's) and the second being Tanner.
  • He could possibly also be a replacement to Tanner, as the two have very similar personalities.
  • Bully Bill and Tanner are also both enemies from the Mario franchise.
  • Despite the fact people like Tanner, people hate Bully Bill for bullying Jeffy.
  • Fans thought he probably died because his eyes were stabbed by the chopsticks Junior had. However, this was proven wrong in First Day Of School!
  • He said that he bullies certain people just because he has the word "Bully" on his name.
  • He has also tried to excuse his bullying by saying that he does not listen to his parents, so they beat him and he takes his aggression out on other kids. This may be true as Banzai Bill prefers to have Bully Bill be doing bad things and grounds him if he does not do anything bad as revealed in Jeffy's Bike! where he gets angry when Bully Bill reveals he didn't steal Jeffy's new bike.
  • The Body Impact Sounds Didn't add to it in one of the SML Episodes.
  • Elaina's Meet the Cast video reveals a Bully Bill human puppet that is soon to be released in the SML Merch store. His puppet design resembles and references the character Buford van Stomm from Phineas and Ferb. The skull on his shirt also resembles the one depicted on the sides of Bill Blasters in certain Mario titles. The puppet appeared in Jeffy's New Friend!


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