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Bowser Junior's Bulbasaur or simply Bulbasaur now Ivysaur is Bowser Junior's Starter Pokemon in The Pokemon Series, The reason why Junior got him was because he "Overslept" and it took 8 Hours for him to find the Pokemon Center/Lab In which he tried to lie to Joseph and Cody that the Professor gave him a Mewtwo, And when he revealed the truth he and Joseph battled each other but Bulbasaur got roasted by Charmander and got nursed back to health in the Pokemon Center, He along with Charmander and Squirtle are the 3 Starter Pokemons,

In episode 2 He defeated Chef Pee Pee's Magikarp in which it can't breathe and Snorlax which died due to Congested Heart Failure Whoch is somehow a move, He returned in Pokemon Part 3 and Pokemon Part 4 in Which Team Rocket (Wario and Waluigi) Attempted to take Chef Pee Pee's Newly caught Psyduck but Accidently took Bulbasaur due to Waluigi's Pokemon Koffing's Smokecreen, They later threw away Bulbasaur while The Gang returned Home, Back at Home Toad was waiting for a Gym Leader Battle with Chef Pee Pee, while Jigglypuff put everyone to Sleep with its Sing Attack it drew on The Gang's Face with a Market, He later came back Battling Ash Ketchum and his Pikachu and When Junior Technically Won he evolved into an Ivysaur. In Pokemon Part 5 he was used up against a Pidgeotto. Due to Pidgeotto being at level 25, Ivysaur lost again. He was then used again when Bowser Junior found an ant that was not really a Pokémon.


  • Tackle: A physical, Normal type attack that was used on Chef Pee Pee's Magikarp and Snorlax, The Ant, And Ash's Pikachu.
  • Razor Leaf: A physical Grass type attack, used on Joseph's Charmander. It should learn it at level 19 and should be an Ivysaur by then, which learns it at Level 20.
  • Thunder Leaf: Junior's Made-Up Attack which is probably Grass and Electric Not an actual attack in games or anime.
  • Solar Beam: A powerful, two stage Grass move used against a Pidgeotto But missed, Colored Green But is supposed to be Yellow, Requires 1 Turns to charge Up before attacking, but can be sped up via various methods, but if not, it is giving the opponent(s) a Free Turn to attack, learned Naturally with a Venasaur, Used on Pidgeotto. 
  • fart: not actual attack at all.

Win/Loss Chart

  • Lost to Joseph's Charmander.
  • Won against Chef Pee Pee's Magikarp and Snorlax.
  • Won against Ash's Pikachu with Chef Pee Pee's Help, Claimed Pikachu, Evolved.
  • Killed an Ant: Doesn't Count.
  • Battled and Captured a Pidgeotto.
  • Total Wins/Losses: 3 Wins (4 Wins if you Count The Ant Kill) 1 Loss.


  • Despite winning most of its battles and know Razor Leaf and Solar, Ivysaur is called a cabbage by Junior and the reason why he hates Bulbasaur is because it's a very weak Pokemon.
  • Bulbasaur is technically now Ivysaur as of Pokemon Part 4.
  • The reason why Ivysaur is smaller than Bulbasaur is because Bulbasaur's plush is from between 2013 and 2014 while Ivysaur's plush is from between 1998 and 1999
  • Bulbasaur is the very first Pokemon in the Pokedex.
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