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This article is about the original Bubbles. If you were looking for the newer version, see Bubbles.

Bubbles (aka Wario), is a homosexual prisoner and criminal who was originally portrayed by Wario, and now by Lovell Stanton.

He is somewhat retarded and also is homosexual. He also will do a lot of things that are inappropriate. He and Mama Luigi were roommates during college. He has raped both Mario and Mama Luigi, although the latter found it fun. Bubbles admits to the court that Mama Luigi raped him but he found it fun.

Goodman tells him that he can lie because he is not under oath. Bubbles says he is not lying, to Goodman's shock and disgust. In an Instagram post by Logan, it is said that Bubbles will be in The SuperMarioLogan Movie!.

Rape Victims


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