"Bowser Loses His Voice!" is the 92nd episode of SML Movies.


Bowser loses his voice and no one can understand him!


Bowser was watching Charleyyy and Friends, but loses his voice when laughing at a joke.

He tells Chef Pee Pee what happened. However, he understands Bowser so, he wrote what happened but, Chef Pee Pee still doesn't understand. Bowser then gets a cup of water but, it didn't work.

Then the TV said that Charleyyy will be answering one phone call from one lucky fan but, Charleyyy doesn't understand (even you could what hear Bowser was saying) and then Charleyyy hangs up.  

Then Bowser Junior asked if him and Joseph could bang holes in the wall. Bowser says no but, Junior thought he said yes. Then Bowser takes his son into the room and Junior figures out what happened.  

Goodman comes in, and Junior said he had something stuck in his butt but, then  Junior tells the doctor that Bowser lost his voice.  

Then Goodman says that Bowser swallowed his voicebox so, Goodman says Bowser could get medicine or get uppercut punched in the throat. Bowser says he wants the medicine but, Junior thinks he wants to get punched. 

Jackie Chu comes and punches Bowser but, it doesn't work so, Goodman does it. Then Bowser complains about getting punched.

Then Bowser gets even more furious when he sees Chef Pee Pee watching Charleyyy and Friends in Bowser's room, which led to Chef Pee Pee crying in sorrow; Bowser then eats his hot dogs, but he says the hot dogs were still raw.



  • This is the first 2015 SML video.
  • The "turd" Charleyyy ate was actually just a chocolate swiss roll.
  • This video reveals that Bowser has bad penmanship.
  • This is the 1st time in which Bowser communicates with Charleyyy.
  • This video was uploaded a year after Chef Pee Pee's Father.
  • A Christmas tree can be seen in the background of some of the episode's scenes, revealing that it was shot around Christmas time (not surprising, since it was uploaded on New Year's Day 2015).


  • Bowser urgently tells Chef Pee Pee that he needs water (thinking that it will resolve his missing voice). However, all he needed to do with grab the cup and fill it with water, so there was really no reason to tell Chef Pee Pee to do it in the first place. It could, though, just be assumed that Bowser is either extremely lazy by default, he's just faking, or is just used to Chef Pee Pee doing everything for him.
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