"Bowser Junior Stubs His Toe!" Is the 36th episode of SML Shorts.


Bowser Junior stubs his toe. Stale Cheezits.


The video starts with Bowser Junior and his friends getting ready for Goldfish, Cody refuses to because he is "vegetarian". Joseph and Junior both say Goldfish are crackers, But Junior said "honkies" instead of crackers, leaving Cody saying "Wait, what?" Then Junior pours the Goldfish crackers on the couch, trying to get Cody to eat them.

All of them looked at the Goldfish crackers and saying all of the details. Junior violently smashes the crackers, Joseph agrees with Junior and Cody was left concerned about the damage that has done to the crackers.

Junior later goes to the kitchen and tries to look for the Cheez-its, He noticed that the Cheez-its are too high up, So he calls Chef Pee Pee over and asks him to get the Cheez-its, but Chef Pee Pee refuses due to his fear of heights and decides that Junior can get the box himself. Junior then says how is he going to get up there, Chef Pee Pee doesn't know and he wants Junior to get the Cheez-its himself.

Bowser Junior grabs a ladder and reaches for the Cheez-its, Later, He falls off the shelf resulting Cheez-it crackers being spilled on the floor, He gets back up and grabs the Cheez-it box.

On his way to the couch, Junior stubs his toe on the table in a 16-second slow-motion scene.

Chef Pee Pee, appearing very afraid, asks Brooklyn T. Guy how bad is it, He takes a look at Junior toe and said that it's the worst stubbed toe he ever seen and he can never walk on the toe again. Chef Pee Pee weeps about the incident and he felt sorry, Junior says "That was the worst pain I've ever felt, One second, Your life can change." Brooklyn T. Guy explains things that could go wrong with a stubbed toe. Junior asks for a gun with a bullet to shoot himself. Chef Pee Pee refuses and Junior says he needs to die.

Later, His friends came up and talked about the toe and Joseph said he told his mom about the problem, Cody asks about on what did Joseph's mom said. Joseph replies with silence. Junior tells his friends that he can never walk on the toe again. Cody motivates Junior by saying "Don't give up!".

Junior yells out and accidentally stepped on a Lego brick, His friends were weeping and Brooklyn T. Guy said he needs his legs amputated. Junior asks about Bowser in the situation. Brooklyn T. Guy said there's a wish, and Junior asked for a box of Cheez-its, Brooklyn T. Guy asks for some Cheez-its. The video ends with Brooklyn T. Guy eating them until he figured out that the Cheez-its was stale.



  • This is the third SML Short of 2016.
  • This is the shortest video of 2016 (excluding WE GOT 1,000,000 SUBSCRIBERS!)
  • This video has the same exact characters as No Crust! except for Logan Thirtyacre that was in No Crust! post-video.
  • This is another time that two SML Shorts were uploaded in a row.
  • This is the first time Chef Pee Pee actually felt bad and was sad for Bowser Junior.
  • This is the ninth video to feature slow motion.
  • This is the second time Logan used Junior's sad face.
  • This is the third time that Bowser Junior gets on his wheelchair, first being Bowser Junior's Flu Shot! and second being Bowser Junior's YouTube Channel!.
  • This is the final SML Short in the apartment.
  • Despite still being an inside joke, the episode is certainly serious and dramatic among Junior centered videos.
  • It's more well received then most SML shorts.


  • When Joseph tells Junior that he still has one good leg, Junior replies, “You’re right, Cody.”


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