"Bowser Junior Needs Glasses!" is the 159th video of SML Movies.


Bowser Junior looks into the sun with a telescope... What an idiot!


The episode starts with Bowser Junior and Joseph sitting on the couch for short period of time doing nothing in which Joseph broken The Silence and asked Junior what they're doing with Junior replying that he is waiting for Cody to come over so he can prove to him that the sun is a planet.

Cody arrives with a telescope and they Trios went outside with Cody warning Junior that he'll become blind by looking at the sun with a Sticker on the telescope that says don't look at Sun but Junior says it mean don't look at stars in which Cody said because the sun is a star and that he won.

Junior denies and continues to look at the sun. He then screams yelling that his eyes is on fire and went home telling his dad. He then got home blindly and then tried to tell dad but he can't see his road so he ended up in the kitchen with Chef Pee Pee.

Chef Pee Pee ask what he is doing and Junior told him that he is blind. Chef Pee's Pee ask how he got blind and Junior responded that Cody punched him. Cody then yelled saying he did no such thing and responded saying that he actually looked with his naked eye into the telescope. Chef Pee Pee ask Junior why he would do that and Junior responded that he wanted to prove to Junior that the sun is a planet. Chef Pee Pee then yelled at Junior an Idiot telling him that the sun is not a planet and the went to call the eye doctor to check out Bowser Junior's eyesight.

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  • This is the second time Bowser Junior dismisses his friends, the first time being Bowser Junior's Game Night 2.
  • Cody and Junior along with Joseph argue whether the Sun is a planet, which is a continuation of a running gag in Bowser Junior's 1st Grade! Part 5.
  • This is the third time in which Bowser Junior acts differently, the first being Bowser Junior's Punishment, and the second being Bowser Junior Loses Thomas!.
  • Another preview of Bowser Junior's GoKart Race! is shown; this time, it is told to be the next video.
  • Post-video, Logan shows the viewers his fan mail that he got.
  • Chef Pee Pee teams up with Joseph and Cody for the second time, the first time being Bowser Junior's Halloween Problem!.
  • On the eye chart, one of the lines says "G E T R E K T"
    • Another says, “G O B R A D Y”
  • It is shown that Bowser Junior learned that the sun is a star but still tries to prove that it is a planet. This behavior is common in some people in real life in which a person knows that something is true but still tries to find a way to prove to other people about it.
  • It is revealed that the reason why Cody didn't wear contacts is that "They don't fit" in which it could be that his eyes are too big as seen in The Burger!.
  • This episode is similar to the Yin Yang Yo! episode 'Too Much Yang formation" where Yang acts smart, becomes a jerk and emotionally abuses his and Yin's friends along with his sister Yin. Junior does the same thing as Yang, except Junior simply just verbally insults his friends along with Chef Pee Pee.
  • Junior talking smartly is similar to how Double D (a.k.a. Edd) talks like in Ed, Edd n Eddy.
    • Apparently, according to the fan mail from December 20, 2018, it was Pablo's (The voice of Cody & Brooklyn T. Guy) favorite show as a kid when a fan drew the main trio of the show.
      • This could possibly be the reason that they got that idea from.


  • At 9:18, Lovell's face can be seen.
  • At 16:35, the F word is uncensored.
  • At 13:13 Chef Pee Pee can be seen on the ground.
  • Bowser Junior looked at the sun through the telescope (Which can be used with one eye) and the sun only burnt one of his eyes, so that means that he only had to wear a monocle, or rather just one contact lens or even just some eye drops. It's possible his other eye couldn't adjust.
  • It doesn't make sense why Joseph and Cody would laugh at Junior for having glasses when Cody himself has glasses.
  • At 8:00, Bowser Junior reacts as if the doorbell had rang but the doorbell isn't heard.
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