"Bowser Junior Goes To Military School! Part 2" is the 219th video of SML Movies and the 2nd and final part of Bowser Junior Goes To Military School!


Bowser Junior is finished with Military School, but he is not the same.


The episode starts off where the previous one ended. There's a knock on the door, then Chef Pee Pee answers it, saying "Junior, is that you?," only to see Sergeant Brooklyn T. Guy at the door, where he asks for Junior's Thomas, where he says that he wants to burn his Thomas in front of him.

Chef Pee Pee goes to get Thomas, gives it to the sergeant, and he wakes Junior in the middle of the night, and he burns Thomas in front of him. When Thomas is completely destroyed, he pours water into the grill. Junior says he's hungry, so the Brooklyn Guy gives him dirt and worms for Junior's dinner.

Afterward, the screen cuts to a black background and displays white text saying "1 week later". After the background cuts off, it goes back to the door scene where the previous episode ended off at, another knock comes at the door and Chef Pee Pee opens the door and he answers "Hello?" and sees Junior looking at Chef Pee Pee while Sergeant Brooklyn T. Guy is looking at the back as he did when Chef Pee Pee first answered the door at the start of the episode, after Chef Pee Pee's response Sergeant Brooklyn T. Guy turns around looking at Junior and Chef Pee Pee saying "W-W-Was he already turned around?" and stops looking at Junior but looks at Chef Pee Pee, Chef Pee Pee replies saying "Yeah, Yeah!" and right after Chef Pee Pee says that Brooklyn T. Guy says "TURN YOUR ASS BACK AROUND!" and then he and Junior turn around while Chef Pee Pee says "Um Umm..."

Brooklyn T. Guy says that he broke Junior and they sit on the couch and Bowser Junior tells Chef PeePee what he did at Military School. Brooklyn T. Guy tells Chef Pee Pee to feed Junior weekly if he's good. Bowser comes and asks Junior what he did and says exactly what Junior did but Bowser was just kidding. Junior also keeps calling everyone "sir" at this process. Bowser says if he wants his friends to come over. Junior thinks of his dead friends from military school and doesn't say anything as a soldier.

Cody and Joseph come and asks Junior what he did. Junior responds that it was the best place that he's ever been to, and was even better than Disney World. Junior explains his cage-trap as a "ride", describing it where they don't feed you. His friends asks if he wants to play trains. However, Junior thinks of Thomas' death and responds saying it's too hot even thought the AC is on, except for telling the truth that Thomas got burnt down. They then played Call Of Duty. Joseph went first, and died in seconds. Junior goes next, and is a pro. Chef Pee Pee makes a meal for the trio but Bowser Junior puts nails on it because he thought the food was supposed to move, just like the dirt and worms he ate at the cage. Bowser Junior goes outside and the two peek through the window. Bowser Junior explains that he cannot do anything but take orders.

They order Junior to have fun. They order Bowser Junior to break a lamp and toss two bowls of cereal through a basketball hoop. Bowser Junior is almost back to normal. Joseph opens a bath cupboard and get the Clown Car. Junior then breaks the table. Joseph and Cody cheer for Junior's hard work and Bowser sees and calls Brooklyn T. Guy. However, Bowser doesn't want Brooklyn T. Guy to take care of him after what Brooklyn T. Guy did to Junior. Bowser calls Junior into the room and tells Junior how he's learned that he needs to be there for Junior and that he loves him for who he is. Junior removes his army suit and Bowser apologizes for sending him to military school. The video ends with Bowser and Bowser Junior fixing the table with tape, the exact thing Junior did the first time he broke it.



  • This is the second time Junior uses the clown car, the first was in Bowser Junior's Clown Car!
  • This is the fourth time an SML character changes then returns to normal. The first being Black Yoshi's In Trouble!, the second being Shrek's Diet!, and the third being Cool Cody!
  • This is the second appearance of the clown car.
  • Chef Pee Pee could've gotten Golden Thomas instead of the regular Thomas, as it would hurt Junior more. However, Logan did the regular Thomas because the golden one was a rare variant and destroying it would result in a hard-to-find search for another one. Not to mention, it would also mean destroying a rare, most valuable collectible and causing Logan to get arrested for vandalism.
  • Even though Thomas was burnt, this episode is NOT the last appearance of Thomas.
  • This episode proves that Joseph and Cody are very bad influences, and are willing to use peer pressure to revert Junior back to his normal self. However, they only did it because they were concerned about Junior's mental state and they were scared for his well-being after what he went through in military school. 
  • This episode is one of the most serious episodes in SML History. 
  • As of this video to onwards, Bowser finally thinks about Junior and decides to become a better father to him.  
  • The episode was uploaded exactly two weeks after the first one was uploaded, and Bowser Junior was at Military School for two weeks, meaning the series was likely canon to real time. 
  • This is the second time Bowser Junior plays Call of Duty. The first being The Call Of Duty Problem.
    • The same thing happened with Joseph where he plays C.O.D for the second time and the first being The Call of Duty Problem.
  • This is the second time the table breaks.
  • This is a list of what was in the meal that Bowser Junior and his friends were eating:
    • Dinosaur Chicken Nuggets
    • Mac and Cheese
    • Green Beans
    • Orange Lavender Hi-C


  • Cody should've been happy that Junior changed due to all the times Junior treated him badly. In this case, however, it's justified because he was concerned about Junior's mental state and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. 
  • In real life, all ranks below commissioned officers are addressed by their rank (for example, a Corporal is called a Corporal). However, Bowser Junior addresses Brooklyn T. Guy as "Sir" instead of "Master Sergeant".  
  • The Call Of Duty scene in the video was on PS4 rather than Xbox One as the square button can be seen for a split second.
    • However, it is possible that Logan was reckless at playing Call of Duty on the Xbox One, or he took it from a PS4 COD gameplay video from Youtube.
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