Bowser Junior Goes To Military School!
Bowser Junior Goes To Military School! Teaser Screenshot
A teaser of the movie from Cody's Revenge!.

Release date

February 19, 2016 - July 2, 2016



Previous series

American Idol

Next series

Days of School Series

Debut Episode(s)

Bowser Junior's Clown Car! and Cody's Revenge!



Screen format

16:9 HD

Created by

Logan Thirtyacre

Running time

27 minutes (Episodes)
37 minutes (Debut Episodes)
1 hour and 4 minutes (Total)


Logan Thirtyacre
Pablo Sanchez
Lance Thirtyacre
Lovell Stanton

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A screenshot of the mini-series.

Bowser Junior Goes To Military School! is the 15th SuperMarioLogan series, and the fifth special movie released by SML overall.

Main Plot

The series focuses on Bowser Junior going to military school, after he broke a table in Bowser Junior's Clown Car! and Mittens' cup of ashes in Cody's Revenge!.



  • This is the third SML school series, and the first to be about military school, not regular school.
  • This is the sequel to Bowser Junior's Clown Car! and Cody's Revenge!.
  • Many fans have criticized Brooklyn T. Guy's behavior towards Junior.
  • It is unknown how Bowser Junior got his regular Thomas back in recent episodes, since Brooklyn T. Guy burned the original Thomas toy. (possibly one of the clones that Bowser Junior made in Chef Pee Pee's Clone!.)
  • The costume Brooklyn T. Guy is wearing is the same one Worn in Jeffy's Drone!.
  • The concept of first and second parts of Bowser Junior Goes to Military School! is somewhat similar to the South Park episode, Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers, where a character gets sent to a program that changed their personality because of their parents, and their friends come over to help the main character change back to who they always are.

List of videos in the series

No. of episode Name Air date
Debut Episode 1 Bowser Junior's Clown Car! February 19, 2016
Bowser is going through a box of his old childhood memories and his son Bowser Junior finds something he wants to play with!
Debut Episode 2 Cody's Revenge! March 15, 2016
Cody blackmails Junior!
1 Bowser Junior Goes To Military School! Part 1 June 18, 2016
Bowser Junior is sent off to Military School to learn how to respect others and be disciplined!
2 Bowser Junior Goes To Military School! Part 2 July 2, 2016
Bowser Junior is finished with Military School, but he is not the same.
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