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"Bowser Junior Gets Rabies!" is the 200th episode of SML Movies.


Bowser Junior gets bitten by a squirrel with rabies.


The episode starts with Bowser Junior coloring a picture about North America bombing ISIS. He then hears a knock at the door. It's Joseph and Cody. (They come over for a playdate/sleepover like they do always since Junior and his friends are off on Summer Vacation.) Joseph shows off his new ball and exaggerates by saying it can "bounce to the moon." Cody says it can't but his friends say it can. Junior goes to tell his Dad.

Meanwhile, Bowser is watching the news. The news said it was going to rain. Junior asks his dad if he can go outside. Bowser says no because it's going to rain (Junior says it won't and that the rain won't kill him, and Bowser say it will because lightning really can kill you if you're not careful.) and says that if he goes outside, he would wash Junior's mouth out with soap. Junior believes that he's got his punishments mixed up.

So Junior goes to tell his friends that it would rain and his Dad would wash his mouth with soap if he went outside. The trio sneak outside to prove Cody wrong about the ball not going to the moon. They bounce it again and the ball goes over the fence. So Junior forces Cody to try to go and get it. Just then, a squirrel appears.

Junior makes a bad choice (as usual) to pet the squirrel. Cody tries to tell Junior to leave it alone on how it might have rabies. Junior say that he doesn't care if it has "babies" and that Cody is not population control. As Junior tries to pet the squirrel, it bites him and the trio run back to the house (Joseph still wants his ball, however). Joseph and Cody are worried when they see a huge red blister on Junior's arm.

Cody realizes Bowser Junior has rabies and Junior falsely realizes that he's going to have babies. He starts crying saying that he's not ready to be a father and that he's pregnant. Cody says "No! Rabies!" Junior says "What's Rabies?", so Cody looks it up. He says "If you get rabies, you slowly start to Hallucinate, you start to go Crazy, you get really sick, and then eventually you die!" Junior thinks that a band- aid would help but Cody says that it's not going to work and that Band-Aids do not cure diseases. Bowser Junior puts a Band-Aid on anyway.

Cody keeps saying that Junior is going to die if he doesn't get it taken care of, but Junior tries to prove him wrong. Cody then asks if people need open heart surgery, you just put a Band-Aid on their chest and they're fine. Junior tells his friends to stop worrying about it and think about a game to play. He and his friends start to think and the scene gets very quiet.

While his friends are thinking, Junior starts to hallucinate, say stuff that's not true and go crazy. He starts banging his head on the table and says quotes from movies and his friends are worried. Junior said he thinks he's calming down. So he shows his friends the picture he was coloring earlier. Cody and Joseph are impressed. Then he asks his friends to play trains.

Once Joseph and Cody get ready by grabbing the trains they want to play with, Junior is missing. They start wondering where he is. Just then, Junior appears out of nowhere, foaming at the mouth like a rabid creature. Cody and Joseph are concerned. They tell Junior to calm down and simply grab a train. Instead, Junior knocks the trains all over the place and starts hissing at them. So Cody and Joseph decide to escape. Meanwhile, Chef Pee Pee is cooking tortillas.

Then foamy-mouthed Junior comes in. At first, Chef Pee Pee thinks he's playing a joke. Then he gets scared. So he calls the police. Before the Police come, Chef Pee Pee makes a trap by putting Golden Thomas under a box hung up in the air by a stick attached to a rope. The trap works! When the police come, he tells Chef Pee Pee to shove a pill down Junior's throat, then he bites Chef Pee Pee. The Police says it's fine and it was worth it.

The next day, Junior tells his friends he's all better. Joseph and Cody are wondering why Chef Pee Pee is now foaming at his mouth. Then, Junior says, "Oh nothing. He's just having babies. He's gonna have lots and lots of babies! You guys wanna poke him with a stick?" and, the others say sure! So they do it!



  • This is the 200th SML Movie.
  • Brooklyn Guy is still alive in this video even though he died in The Purge! and Pop Rocks and Coke! it is possible that Brooklyn Guy revived and came back to life, or the series as a whole runs on negative continuity.
  • This even further shows Bowser Junior is patriotic, as he draws a picture of America bombing ISIS. It is likely because of the events of the November 2015 Paris Attacks.
  • Logan uses a deformed Bowser Junior puppet in this video he was originally going to use in more videos. when Logan was trying to make Bowser Junior into a puppet, this backfired as Logan found the puppet to be scary. It was first featured in Logan's "Mario Plush Collection" video.
  • Chef Pee Pee's feelings for Bowser Junior shows as he wanted to help him cure the rabies virus.
  • This is among the darker episodes, as Junior's experience with rabies is played realistically, and the hallucinations and deliriousness and eerie music don't help, this scared many fans.
  • According to Logan, to make the Bowser Junior puppet, he cut off the mouth of a Patrick puppet and got it on to an knockoff Chinese Bowser Junior plush.
  • When Bowser told Bowser Junior if he went outside, he will wash his mouth out with soap. This is a reference to Bowser Junior's Punishment!.
    • It is unknown why he forgets to beat him instead of washing his mouth out with soap.
    • This is ironic because Junior didn't even swear.
      • However, Bowser was probably doing the following:
        • He was probably trying to be a bit easy on him.
        • He was just in a bit of an angry mood.


  • On the thumbnail, Bowser Junior's rabid foam is purple, but in the video, it is white.
  • Reptiles can't get rabies because it's exclusive to mammals including humans.
  • In Bowser Loses A Tooth!, Bowser Junior says that he doesn't have any teeth, but however, in this episode, Chef Pee Pee tells Junior that he needs to start brushing his teeth better, meaning that he has teeth. He may have grown teeth overtime.
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