"Bowser Junior's YouTube Channel!" is the 181st video of SML Movies.


Bowser Junior and his friends make a YouTube channel!


The video starts with Joseph and Cody showing Junior a video similar to a HowToBasic video. Junior thinks it's dumb so the three then decide to make a YouTube channel called SuperPwnageThomas. They decide to make prank videos. First, they prank a cheerleader that is 21 years old. Junior asks for her phone number.

However, the prank fails because Cody recorded a leaf instead. Then they make a stolen phone prank on Jackie Chu. However, Junior gets smacked in the face. Junior asks Joseph if he caught it, but he didn't because there was no memory left because Cody had recorded a 5-hour video of a butterfly. Then they ask Brooklyn Guy if they could pay him $20 to be in a prank.

However, people start to hate on the video. They prank Tyrone Calvin by calling him a nigga. Unfortunately, Junior gets beaten up off-screen. Cody wants to do videos of Ken, but Junior and Joseph say that no one would watch videos of dolls. Junior and Cody suggest trying reaction videos, but Joseph wants to put effort into the videos.

Junior and his friends then see that gaming channels (PewDiePie) can get millions of views for playing "stupid video games", which then sparks the interest of them. They are then playing the Sims 4; customizing their character, when Bowser Junior makes his Sim fat and "wants him to be a nigga". (Tyrone) is seen coming out of Junior's closet after he hears this and punches him in his left eye off-screen. Junior then says he didn't know there was a black guy in his closet and quits gaming. Junior decides to do a vlog about his life and records in the kitchen while distracting Chef Pee Pee.

While recording Chef Pee Pee notices his black eyes and asks him how he got those, with Junior saying that he "got it for saying nigga", which causes Chef Pee Pee to beat up Junior so bad that he has to be in a wheelchair. Junior then admits that he heard the word in a rap song and wanted to say it after Cody tells him he should stop saying that word. Junior and Joseph then decide to quit YouTube after they messed up too many times and Junior says that successful YouTubers hacked their way to fame.

However, Cody is then seen watching his leaf video he recorded earlier which has 1B views on his own YouTube channel (HunkyCody), and the video ends and cuts to the SML Question.



  • The cheerleader puppet that was reused in this video was previously used for Stacy.
  • This is the second time that Bowser Junior is seen in a wheelchair.
  • If the viewer looks closely at 14:20 when Junior says the n-word, Tyrone can be seen coming out of Junior's closet.
  • This is one of the rare times Junior is called "Bowser Junior."
  • Videos of Junior and the How To Basic spin-off can be viewed here. Also viewable is a video of a what-if scenario in which Chef Pee Pee wins the lottery, openly insults Bowser, Junior, and Toad to their faces, and quits, leaving triumphantly.
  • This is the second time a HowToBasic reference has been made. The first being in Bowser Goes To The Movies!
  • The YouTube channel LilShreddaTV is Lovell's channel.
  • Running Gag: Junior keeps getting punched by other people for using the N-word.
  • This is the first episode where there are two SML references in one video.
  • Junior and Cody saying that they could make reaction videos by missing all the jokes and details or just sitting and watching the video silently and then saying that it sucks could be a reference to the much-hated trend of reaction videos.
  • The segment where Bowser Jr. mentions reacting to other videos was by people who react to SML videos as a reference to themselves. For example, GameCubeDude300, a YouTuber that reacted to Logan's videos, said that he wondered if Logan knew he existed. Logan replied with a comment stating that he liked the reaction video.
  • Junior's channel, along with Cody's channel (HunkyCody), are still available on YouTube.
  • This was the first time Junior used the n-word being racist.
  • SuperPwnageThomas can be found Here , however the channel has been deleted along with Cody's channel.
  • HunkyCody can be found Here , however the channel has been deleted along with Junior's channel.
  • This episode shows that Bowser Junior does not like Logan Thirtyacre
    • However, in Loch Ness Monster!, he seems to like him.
    • This is the third time Chef Pee Pee beats up Junior. The first is in Bowser's House Fire and the second is in Bowser Junior's Broken Leg. In two of those videos Chef Pee Pee beat Junior much more brutally than Bowser as briefly shown where Junior was severely injured.


  • It is unknown why Chef Pee Pee didn't hear Junior, Joseph, and Cody planning the prank. Chef Pee Pee would since they were in the living room right next to the kitchen and he would have easily heard them.
    • However, it could be that they said it silently.
  • It is unknown why Junior and Cody were unaware and didn't care about pranking Jackie Chu since he was their teacher.
  • It is unknown how Tyrone got into Junior's closet unless he followed him home.