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"Bowser Junior's Summer Vacation" is the 62nd episode of SML Movies and the epilogue to the Bowser Junior's Summer School series.


Bowser Junior gets to go to Toys "R" Us and Chuck E Cheese for a summer vacation!!


The episode starts with Bowser Junior coming home from Summer School after it was over. A Charleyyy and Friends episode airs about Charleyyy's love for pot, then Bowser Junior tells his dad that he passed Summer School! At first, Bowser didn’t believe him and thought he was lying, but Junior said that he’s not lying and passed.

With tears in his eyes Bowser gets extremely excited when he hears this. He exclaims, 'Did you hear that world? my son is not a failure!" Bowser then tells his son that he could go to Toys "R" Us and Chuck E. Cheese with his friends but, since Chef Pee Pee was arrested in Summer School, they had to bail him out.

Toad was already in the car so they had to pick up Joseph and Cody. At Toys "R" Us, Bowser Junior gets a Percy toy and a Diesel toy (since he forced Chef Pee Pee to get the Diesel for him). Toad gets a small Nerf Gun, Joseph gets a basketball, and Cody gets a Ken Doll.

Afterwards, they go to Chuck E. Cheese's. Chef Pee Pee hands the quartet their tokens and orders them not to bother him. Bowser Junior is scared to crawl through the slide and tunnels because he thinks there are monsters and Joseph, Cody and Toad don't like the tunnels.

Chef Pee Pee is sucked in, however, despite his protests. After being chased by Chef Pee Pee, Junior runs into Joseph. Joseph asks Junior if he and Junior face off in skeeball and basketball. Junior agrees and tells Joseph to wait. Junior plays the monster truck game and wins 4 tickets. Junior then runs into Joseph again and makes a bet that if Joseph won game of basketball, then he takes away all of Junior's tickets. Junior accepts the bet and hands over the tickets. The duel starts. Joseph makes successful shots while Junior keeps missing the hoop. During the duel, a kid cries and Junior tells the kid to shut up.

He then asks him if they can face off in skeeball and Junior bets that he gets his tickets back if he wins, and Joseph says that he gets one of his trains if he wins. They face off and Joseph ends up winning once again. Junior gets upset and asks Chef Pee Pee if they can leave. Relieved, Chef Pee Pee accepts and they all begin to leave.

Joseph gets a fake I.D. card and he also gets another ball, Cody plays a police game, and Toad gets a slinky. Everybody (except Chef Pee Pee) gets a McDonald's Happy Meal (once again, despite Chef Pee Pee's protests and suggests to let Joseph and Cody's parents feed them and only taking Junior to get a Happy Meal) enraged, Junior screams at Chef Pee Pee saying he wants everybody to get a Happy Meal, which they do, and then they get dropped off at their houses.



  • Logan has called this his favorite video of 2014.
  • This video marks the start of Bowser Junior and Cody's friendship.
  • This video marks the debut of Cody's doll, Ken.
    • In later videos, however, the Ken appearing in those videos looks nothing like the Ken in this video.
  • In October 2016, this video beat the longtime record of Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures Episode 2 in views and became the most viewed video in SuperMarioLogan history until "Jeffy The Rapper!" beat its view count a couple years later.
  • This is the first appearance of the Percy and Diesel toys.
  • This episode reveals that at the time, Joseph lived on the same street as Junior.
  • This is the last episode of the Summer School Series.
  • This video has reached 16 million views, as of August 2017, making it the third most popular video until July 7, 2017, when "Jeffy The Rapper!", "Jeffy Gets Bullied!", and "Jeffy's Parents!" all surpassed this video.
  • This video was referenced in "Bowser Junior's 11th Birthday!" where it it is joked Cody became gay due to Junior taking him to Toys "R" Us.


  • It's unknown how Cody got home from the last episode.
  • In "Bowser Junior's Happy Meal 2", Bowser Junior said the new Happy Meal box was scary but, it's unknown how he liked the new Happy Meal box. It is most likely just the floating timeline in effect though.
  • During a scene in Chuck E Cheese, Joseph wins a challenge where Bowser Jr. says if he lost, Joseph would take all the tickets and plus, take one of his trains Chef Pee Pee bought in Toys R Us, Despite Joseph winning, at the end of the video, after Joseph goes to his house, the two trains are still there, instead of only one train. This could be due to a video editing error or Joseph might have not wanted to look down on Junior.
  • Chef Pee Pee tells Junior that his dad only gave him enough money for one toy, but earlier in the video, Bowser gave Junior his credit card to use. Chef Pee Pee might have been exaggerating or might have forgotten that Bowser gave it to him.
  • Junior didn't invite Tanner despite Junior being more friends with him instead of Cody.


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