"Bowser Junior's Summer School 7" is the 60th video of SML Movies and the final episode of Bowser Junior's Summer School.


Bowser Junior and his friends take the final exam!


Bowser Junior is playing with his toys when Bowser comes in and asks how his school is going. Junior mentions that there is a final exam the next day and Bowser, shocked and angered, sweeps his toys off the table and tells him to start studying. He also makes sure Chef pee pee helps him.

He goes into the kitchen to ask Chef Pee Pee to help Junior study. Chef Pee Pee refuses at first until Bowser tells him that if Junior fails, he will kill him, so Chef Pee Pee has no choice.

When he goes into Junior's room, Junior is busy playing Minecraft. Chef Pee Pee takes Junior off the computer and gives him his Calculus book but refuses to help him study as he is too tired. Bowser Junior then opens the book and immediately closes it saying that he's done studying.

The next morning, Bowser wakes up Junior and allows him to eat breakfast. Junior asks Chef Pee Pee to make him cereal, "pleasing" the chef because he doesn't have to make something complicated.  

Junior then asks for the cereal with the colorful balls resulting in Chef Pee Pee insulting him in the process.

When Chef Pee Pee gets out the cereal and milk, he pours the cereal in and when he tries to pour in the milk, Junior gets upset because he wants to pour it. Chef Pee Pee allows him to pour but he accidentally drops the milk spilling the cereal. Chef Pee Pee lets him try again but he drops it again. Chef Pee Pee loses his temper and both of them go to the car.  

At school, Jackie Chu is the first person to arrive but notices Cody is still in school. Cody says that his mom hasn't picked him up for two days and that he hasn't taken his medication. Jackie Chu ignores this and wishes him good luck on the test.

Before entering the classroom, Junior tells Chef Pee Pee that he did not study. Chef Pee Pee is shocked and angered by this at first but he quickly comes up with a plan. When they get to school, Chef Pee Pee was to hide in the bathroom and Junior needed to fold his test and go to the bathroom so they can Google the answers.

Back at school, Officer Goodman brings back Pixie Goblin who is traumatized because of what Bubbles did to him. saying that his sword was sown to his hand. He tells the class they can bring weapons to school only if they are sewn to their hand. Cody starts having a seizure and Tanner records the whole scene using his cellphone. Then Jackie Chu tells everyone to do the same and call the nurse. The nurse comes in and Cody tells her that his blood sugar is low and she goes to the vending machine to get Cody a snack.

She comes back with an empty Coca-Cola bottle and a bitten candy bar. She gives the rest of the bar to Cody and she leaves so she can go to the bathroom and throw up. Joseph, being jealous, and believing Cody was just faking it, tries faking having an seizure, but just gets called "dumb" by Jackie Chu.

After that, Jackie Chu passes out the test and Junior remembers the plan to sneak into the bathroom. After folding his test he asks to go the bathroom and Jackie Chu allows him to. When he steps out the door Jackie Chu calls his name and Junior thinking he was in trouble nervously looks at Jackie Chu He tells Junior to close the door as he leaves.

When Junior gets to the bathroom, he meets up with Chef Pee Pee. They realize that Chef Pee Pee's phone is dead due to extensive Candy Crush saga playing while he was waiting for Junior. When they notice someone coming, Junior then gets rid of the test by throwing the paper into the toilet. Principal Steinbeck then comes in and hears someone in the stall, then opens it. Junior tells him that Chef Pee Pee molested him, thus throwing Chef Pee Pee in jail.

Junior believes his only chance now is to kill the fly, as Steinbeck tells Jackie Chu about the "molesting incident". Junior then notices the fly near Steinbeck's face and risks expulsion to kill it.

Junior then kills the fly, knocking out Steinbeck in the process. Jackie Chu is glad that Junior killed the fly and passes him. Steinbeck then gets up and tells Junior that he is expelled but Jackie Chu tells them that he killed the fly so he gets an A+ and Steinbeck lets him go, telling him he's lucky.

Joseph calls it off being Junior's friend, jealous because of Junior succeeding. After Cody hands in his test, the fire alarm goes off and the fireman comes in. It turns out that Pixie Goblin pulled the fire alarm and the fireman chases him, but Pixie Goblin runs away before getting caught. After that, Jackie Chu grades all the tests, saying Chris, Toad, Paulina, Cody, and Junior passed while the rest of the class (including Joseph) failed.

Then Jackie Chu starts crying and said to the students to have a good summer. While Jackie Chu is leaving the class, Cody asks if Jackie Chu can give him a ride, But Jackie Chu saids no, much to Cody’s disappointment.



  • Chef Pee Pee and Bowser Junior breaks the fourth wall, after Chef Pee Pee said no more Pee Pee in video's, and look at the camera.
  • Despite the fact that Toad and Paulina are siblings, Paulina embraces Toad and kisses him several times after they pass the test, showing that they are incestuous.
    • It is possible they are just faking it.
  • "S**t" (x2), "f**king", and "f**k" are censored.
  • This is the first appearance of Nurse Tenny.
  • This is currently the final appearance of Cecilia and Tanner
  • This episode reveals that Tyrone is cheating on Judy.
  • Joseph calling off being friends with Junior is non-canon, because they became friends again along with Cody.
  • Pixie Goblin's sword was sewn to his hand, Because he Does not Want to go To Jail.
  • Even though Junior had a Calculus book with him the first day of summer school, he is seen with an Advanced Calculus book, it's possible that it was given to him before he left on one day.
  • The questions on the test are shown as:
    • 2+2
    • 2x+5y-2x=
    • If Timmy had 12 apples, and he ate 3, but his mom is an alcoholic, and his dad is in prison. Where did Timmy get the apples from?
    • Find q: pppppqpppppppppppp
    • How many gallons of water is on earth right now?
    • How big is the sun in centimeters?
    • What do you do if a fire starts in a classroom?
  • An A, or a 9 is not required to pass an exam in real life; C's and 4s are required to pass exams in real life.
  • Everyone's final exam grades were revealed except Black Yoshi's.
  • Junior claims that Chef Pee Pee molested him in school because he wanted to get revenge on Chef Pee Pee for losing his temper on him, and embarrassing him in the car.


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