"Bowser Junior's Summer School 6" is the 59th video of SML Movies and the 6th episode of Bowser Junior's Summer School.


Bowser Junior and the class learn about Fire Safety.


The episode opens up with Bowser yelling at Bowser Junior to keep writing. The punishment Steinbeck gave Junior was to write "I am a cheater" multiple times.

After writing, Junior asks if he can stop because his hand hurts but Bowser tells him no because he has to write it 100,000 more times. Junior asks if he can stop because of school and Bowser lets him go. Junior then asks if he can have some bacon but Bowser refuses to let this happen since he cheated on his test.

When Junior gets in the car he takes out a butcher knife and Chef Pee Pee asks him why he has it. He says he's going to hurt Steinbeck with it because he punished him, but Chef Pee Pee takes it away and calls him a psychopath, and he says he just has to take him to school and promises to take Junior to a psycho-ward after class.

When he goes to school, Joseph asks where he was and Junior says he doesn't want to talk about it. He notices that Cecilia is not wearing glasses because she got contacts. When the bell rings the fireman from the previous episode comes in to talk about fire safety.

He asks the class for questions and Toad asks if he drives a fire truck. He says yes and then Cody asks if his fire truck is red. He lies and says it is purple and then tells the class to stop asking stupid questions. He shows the class a happy face and a sad face on the board. He says that the faces represent how he's feeling and puts a tally mark in the sad face for yesterday.

Cody asks another stupid question and the fireman puts another tally mark. Junior then sneezes and the fireman puts another tally mark in the sad face. Black Yoshi asks if he can get water and the fireman puts another tally mark.

After that, he shows the class what happens if they catch on fire. He tells them to stop, drop and roll. Cody asks if he can try it, fails, and the fireman tells him to go back to his seat. He shows them to call 911 extension 5 if there is a fire. He puts a tally mark in the happy face but removes after Cody asks another question.

When he leaves he tells Jackie Chu that the class is dumb and Jackie Chu tells them that the key is cupcakes. He tells the class that the big test is tomorrow and that they can pass the class if they pass the test or kill the fly.

He notices Paulina and asks who she is and Toad tells him it's Paulina. Jackie Chu tells her to introduce herself and when she talks, Jackie Chu says she sounds like his ex-wife. After introducing herself, Jackie Chu tells them they can go home early and Cody asks if he can drive him home since his mom didn't pick him up. Jackie Chu tells him that his car is too small and the video ends.



  • Logan announced in the video's description that the 7th episode would be the last episode of Bowser Junior's Summer School (not including Bowser Junior's Summer Vacation.)
  • This episode has the same duration as Bowser Junior's Three Wishes.
  • This episode reveals that the Brooklyn Guy has an ex-wife.
  • Running Gag: Paulina being told that she sounds like someone's ex-wife,
  • This is the first video to have a fade-in effect.


  • The SML question has capitalization problems.


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