"Bowser Junior's Summer School 3" is the 53rd video of SML Movies and the 3rd episode of Bowser Junior's Summer School


It is show and tell at Junior's school! Bowser Junior brings Chef Pee Pee as his awesome show and tell thing!


The video opens up with Bowser Junior figuring out what to bring for show and tell for tomorrow. He wanted to bring one of his toys to show and tell but he changed his mind and decided to ask Chef Pee Pee if he wanted to bring him for show and tell. In the kitchen Chef Pee Pee was about to cut the potatoes but Junior comes in and asks him but he said no and he would rather be at home.

However, Bowser told Chef Pee Pee to clean the whole house with a screwdriver. Then he changed his mind and rather go with Junior.

The next day at school, Junior and Chef Pee Pee waited until class started. Then Pixie Goblin comes back and Joseph asked him where he was but Pixie Goblin said "i don't want to talk about it" in a traumatized voice.

Then Cody was happy that he did 1,000 calculus problems last night but Tanner didn't know that he had homework last night and asked Cody if he could copy of his paper but he said no because it would be cheating. Then Tanner starts beating up Cody.

Then Junior also forgot that he had homework last night and Pee Pee told him that is the reason why Junior always fails. Then class started then Jackie Chu shows off his thing he brought to show and tell and it was a fly swatter that he would hit to any student that is dumb or hit the fly with it.

Then he told everyone to turn in their homework but Cody is the only one who did his homework then Jackie told everyone (except for Cody) that he would hit them with the fly swatter.

Cody was the first one to start with show and tell. He brought in all of his medication and took him a half-hour to show all of it.

Then Cecilia was next and she brought her taco that she got from Taco Bell then Toad asked if he can have a bite of it but she said no.

Junior was next and he told the class that Chef Pee Pee is cool, does tricks, rolls over, and plays dead but he got mad and told Junior he's not a dog but Junior ignores him and told the class that he's shy and told him to do a cool trick but Pee Pee asked Junior if he was high. Then he tells him to stab himself in the throat but Chef Pee Pee told everyone he can't do that but he is good at singing then Junior tells him that he's lame.

Black Yoshi was next and he brought in Call of Duty: Ghosts and told everyone his gamer tag if they want to be friends with him. His Gamertag was BlackerThanAfrica because his old one got suspended due to CharlieBrown678 reporting him. Then Joseph asked him what would happen if he met him in person then Black Yoshi told that him that he would kill him.

Next was Pixie Goblin who brought in his sword. Then out of nowhere, Officer Goodman comes and arrests him and tells the class not to bring weapons to school then Bubbles comes and asks Pixie Goblin if he is ready for Round 2.

Tanner and Paul didn't bring anything to show and tell. The latter didn't bring anything because he have no arms and the former was too cool for show and tell.

Chris the Cucumber was next and he brought facts in, after he told everyone Hawaii was a planet, Jackie Chu told him to go back to his seat for being dumb.

Joseph was next and he brought in his phone but he accidentally dropped outside of the classroom and the teacher told him to go sit down.

Toad was the final person to show. Instead of bringing something he made a music video but Jackie Chu asked him if it was school appropriate and he lied that it was. He showed the video but it was an inappropriate music video where a girl is seen shaking her ass and Toad sings inappropriate lyrics, (this music video caused Cody to get a boner despite his not being seen growing) Jackie Chu tells Toad to go sit down.

Then Jackie Chu told everyone to line up at the door so he can hit them with the swatter. Cody still wanted to get it even though he did his homework.



  • Black Yoshi's old gamer tag was BlackYoshiDaKilla or MidnightChocolate69, as both were revealed to be reported.
  • This is the 2nd video to have a warning message. The 1st being Chef Pee Pee's Lottery Ticket.
  • "Sh*t" (x4), and "f**king" (x2) are both censored in this video.
  • This is Dafawfulizer's favorite episode.
  • This is the first episode to see Cody's straight side, second being Bowser Junior's Painting!
  • This episode was demonetized due to Toad's video being considered inappropriate.
  • Toad's Rap would later appear in the 2018 SML Movie, Jeffy The Rapper 2.


  • Since Cody's product for Show and Tell was his medication for his medical disorders, if you look closely, it has Logan's name briefly visible on a few bottles.
  • Black Yoshi says he has been playing Call of Duty for 12 years. However, the first CoD game was released in October 2003, and since this video was uploaded in June 2014, Call of Duty is only 10 years old. It is likely that Black Yoshi does not know this given his dimwitted nature.
  • At 10:13, the S word is uncensored.


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