"Bowser Junior's Summer School 2" is the 51st video of SML Movies and the 2nd episode of Bowser Junior's Summer School.


Today in Summer School, Officer Goodman talks to the class about drugs and bullying.


Bowser is in his bed waiting for Charleyyy and Friends to be on, which won't be for another ten minutes. He sees that it is 6 AM and he goes to wake up Junior by throwing his calculus book at him. Bowser yells at Junior to wake up, and Junior pretends that he is sick, but Bowser doesn't believe him. Bowser tells Junior to go wake up Chef Pee Pee.

Chef Pee Pee is laying down on the couch (where he usually sleeps), and is awake knowing that Junior will be coming in the room soon. Junior calls for Chef Pee Pee and slams his calculus book onto Chef Pee Pee's face. Chef Pee Pee yells at Junior. They go into the kitchen to make breakfast for Junior, who wants french fries. Chef Pee Pee says that Junior can't have fries for breakfast, but Junior whines over it.

Once the fries are done, Chef Pee Pee angrily tells Junior to finish them on the way to school. Junior takes the plate of fries outside and drops them. Junior starts to cry and Chef Pee Pee says that they are going to be late and that he will get more fries for Junior later.

Inside the class, Cody talks to himself about how much he loves school. Tanner calls him a nerd, and Cody says that he at least does his work. Tanner then proceeds to beat up Cody in the face. Junior complains that he is still stuck in summer school, and says that he gave his calculus book to Chef Pee Pee as a cookbook. Joseph says he used his book as a soccer ball. Toad says he burned his book. Junior wonders what Jackie Chu will think about them not doing the homework. Pixie Goblin wonders where Jackie Chu is since the class was supposed to already start.

Jackie Chu arrives two minutes late, being stuck in traffic the way to school. He introduces a foreign exchange student from Mexico named Cecilia, who only speaks Spanish. As Cecilia introduces herself, Jackie Chu laughs at her and calls her dumb. He also tells Cecilia to sit down and tells the class to laugh at her.

Jackie Chu says that the lesson for today will be about drugs and that Officer Goodman will be a guest speaker for the day. Officer Goodman arrives and says that his lecture will be about sexual assault and drugs. He brought in a prisoner named Bubbles, in which Junior, Toad, Cody, and Cecilia ask Bubbles questions (neither Bubbles or Goodman knew what Cecilia was asking).

Goodman then goes on to talk about drugs. Bubbles says that he does not like drugs. Cody asks what drugs do, and Goodman explains. Goodman calls his friend Jorge, who is a drug dealer, to do a real life drug bust in the school. Cecilia says that she has a brother named Jorge, but Goodman doesn't know what she's saying. Goodman realizes that he only has one pair of handcuffs left and he wants to arrest Jorge in front of the class, so he asks Bubbles if he can trust to not run off if he takes the handcuffs off. Bubbles says that he can be trusted, but he starts to run out of the class after Goodman releases Bubbles from the handcuffs. After that, he runs back into the class and captures Pixie Goblin.

Jorge arrives right after Bubbles escapes. He introduces himself to the class, and Goodman arrests Jorge after Jorge admits that he has drugs with him. Goodman arrests Jorge and has him sit down at one of the empty desks until the end of class.

Goodman concludes the drug portion of the lecture and goes on to the sexual harassment portion of the lecture. Goodman draws a "face" and an "elephant" on the smartboard.

The lecture ends and Goodman leaves with Jorge. Jackie Chu realizes there's only one minute of class left, and writes one Calculus problem on the board.

An episode of Charleyyy and Friends begins. Charleyyy is seen in the hallway of the same school Junior is at. Charleyyy announces that he is late for class. Bowser laughs at Charleyyy's antics. Charleyyy announces to the class that he is late, and Jackie Chu calls him dumb as s**t. Jackie Chu announces that tomorrow will be show and tell. Cody asks about the homework, which angers Tanner. Jackie Chu announces the homework, and Toad receives extra Calculus problems for rebelling against the homework.



  • This video marks the first appearance of Cecilia.
  • "N**ga" is censored.
  • This video also marks the first appearance of Chris Netherton portraying a human character. Jorge the Drug Dealer.
  • This marks Bubbles' first appearance since Toad's Stupid Idea and also his first appearance in 2014.
  • Jorge being played by Chris Netherton may be a reference to the fact that when Logan met Chris, Logan thought that Chris was Mexican.
  • This video was age restricted for Child Abuse and Goodman drawing a weird elephant
  • This is one the few times where a human character interacts with a plush character portrayed by the same person, as Toad and Bubbles talked to each other, despite both of them being portrayed by Lovell Stanton.
    • This was achieved by having only one character in shot at a time and jump-cutting whenever the dialogue switched.


  • When Jorge got arrested, Officer Goodman handcuffed him, but when Toad says to Cecilia he likes her face instead of tits, Jorge was unhandcuffed and his arms were crossed.
  • When Bowser says it's 6 AM, the clock actually says 6 PM.
  • Cody claims that his mom has big tits when they actually aren't big.
  • Cody says that he has a small when in Pop Rocks and Coke, Junior and Cody claim that Cody has the biggest balls.
    • However, it's either that Junior and Cody were actually referring to Cody's balls, not his , Cody wants to be cool or Junior's an idiot.
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