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"Bowser Junior's Summer School" is the 49th video of the SML Movies and the first episode of the Bowser Junior's Summer School series, as well as the first video of any school series overall.


Bowser Junior has to go to Summer School because he FAILED SCHOOL!


The video begins on Junior's last day of Kindergarten. As the students leave, Mr. Goodman asks Junior to stay after class. A student says that he's staying because he's gay, but the teacher says that's not the issue. He then shows Junior his report card, which reveals that Junior got all F's in every class except for a B- in attendance. The teacher tells Junior that he is likely gonna have to go to summer school. Junior is worried that his dad Bowser will punish him big time for failing all of his classes.

When Junior arrives at home, he shows his report card to Chef Pee Pee. Chef Pee Pee is shocked that Junior failed all of his classes and wonders how Junior got a B- in attendance. Junior tells him that he and Toad would sometimes skip school and play ding dong ditch.

Toad then comes into the kitchen and sees Junior's report card. Toad says that F is good and that F stands for Fantastic, Fabulous, Future, and Feliz Navidad. Junior doesn't really believe him, so Toad suggests that they remake Junior's grades on his report card.

Meanwhile, Bowser is watching Charleyyy and Friends as usual. Charleyyy is at the library and tells the audience to be quiet. Charleyyy takes a book and reads for a few seconds before making chicken noises and running out, while other people in the library shush at him.

Bowser laughs at what happened and then receives a phone call from Principal Steinbeck. Steinbeck says that Junior had received his report card and that it would be interesting if Bowser would take a look at it. Bowser thanks the principal for notifying him. He hangs up and leaves his room.

Junior and Toad are still changing Junior's grades, and they hear Bowser yelling for Junior to show him the report card. Toad finishes the last grade and leaves as Bowser walks into the kitchen.

Bowser demands that Junior shows him the report card. Bowser looks at Junior's grades: an A++ in Math, A+++ in Science, and AAA+ in History. Bowser becomes suspicious about Junior's English grade which is "not an F." He calls Chef Pee Pee to come and look at Junior's grades.

Chef Pee Pee asks Junior if he thinks he can get away with the suspicious grades. Junior says that if Chef Pee Pee really loves him that Chef Pee Pee will say that all of the grades are A's. Chef Pee Pee tells Bowser that the grades are really F's just scribbled out and replaced with A's, To his response he whips Junior with a belt for lying to him about his grades.

Bowser tells Junior that he will have to attend summer school as he does not want Junior to be a failure. Junior complains and Bowser continues to whip him, Bowser also says that Chef Pee Pee will drive Junior to school since Bowser will be too busy watching Charleyyy and Friends.

The next day, Chef Pee Pee and Junior are in the car. Chef Pee Pee complains that his mornings are ruined because he has to drive Junior to summer school. Junior asks Chef Pee Pee if he can get him a Happy Meal, but Chef Pee Pee says only A students can have Happy Meals, and Junior gets out of the car.

Inside the summer school classroom, a Magikoopa named Cody is breathing strangely, and a Shy Guy named Tanner calls Cody a nerd. Cody says it's a medical disorder and Tanner then calls him four eyes. Cody tells Tanner to pick on somebody else, so Tanner decides to pick on the Goomba named Paul behind him. Tanner calls him No Arms, and Paul replies back saying that Tanner has no eyes. Tanner can't think of anything else to say back to Paul

Junior whines about being in summer school and calls it stupid. His friend Joseph agrees with Junior. Junior is surprised to see Joseph in summer school, and he also notices Toad is in summer school. Toad reveals that the answers he gave Junior in the past were wrong, and he's in school.

Junior complains that everyone is in Summer School and wonders who the teacher will be. Principal Steinbeck then enters the room and welcomes the failures to summer school. He writes his name on the blackboard in messy handwriting. He then sits on a swivel chair and falls as the students laugh at him.

Steinbeck tells the class there is no laughing allowed in the class. Shrek asks if he is in the Culinary Cheesecake class. Steinbeck orders him to get out of the classroom, and Shrek leaves. Toad then throws a paper ball at Steinbeck, and Steinbeck freaks out as he beats up Toad and kicks him out of the classroom. Junior asks Steinbeck if he is going to be the teacher, and Steinbeck says the teacher will arrive shortly.

While Steinbeck waits for the teacher, someone says "ding dong" outside of the classroom. Jackie Chu enters the room as Steinbeck leaves.

Jackie Chu introduces himself by writing his name on the board, but it is a bunch of scribbles as he can't see. Jackie Chu also says that he has a PhD in calculus and that he'll make all of the students smart. Toad later reappears in the room and asks if Steinbeck is gone. Toad said he would beat Steinbeck up, and Cody makes fun of Toad saying that he was the one getting beaten up.

Jackie Chu tells the class that everyone will introduce themselves one at a time. They will stand up, say something about themselves, and tell everyone how dumb they are.

  1. Cody is a nerd who has a medical disorder, and he is in summer school because he wants to learn more, not because he failed.
  2. Tanner is a Shy Guy who bullies everyone for being nerds. He says that he failed and that failing is cool.
  3. Paul is a Goomba who has no arms, and he is in summer school because he has no arms. Tanner still considers him a nerd.
  4. Toad says that he is in summer school because he sucks at math.
  5. Joseph, his friend from school, is in summer school because he's just really bad at school.
  6. Chris the Cucumber does not say why he is in school, but he claims that cucumbers have their own planet, and laughs maniacally. Mr. Chu tells him that he is dumb, that he's dumb shit, and that his fact was wrong meaning that he made it up.
  7. Junior is in school because he was caught cheating on the final exam along with Chris.
  8. Pixie Goblin doesn't know why he was in school because he was born just a few weeks prior to the video.
  9. Charleyyy introduces himself the same way he does on his show, and he says that he is in school to learn.
  10. Black Yoshi and his girlfriend Pink Yoshi are in school for an unknown reason, Maybe they both commited crimes and got sent to summer school.
  11. Shrek is in summer school for an unknown reason, Maybe he ate cheesecake in school or pooped all over in the school bathroom.

After Black Yoshi's introduction, Jackie Chu gives out textbooks to the students. Cody receives an Advanced Calculus book, Toad receives an AD/HD For Dummies book, and Junior receives a regular Calculus book. Junior complains, and Jackie Chu says he has to do Calculus because he is dumb. Charleyyy receives a book on Parrots for Dummies, and he responds by making a parrot noise. Jackie Chu then gives Logan (who wasn't introduced) YouTube for Dummies. After that, he tells the class that their homework is due the next day, and the video ends.



  • This is the first time Principal Steinback beats up a student. In this case it was Toad.
  • This video marks the first appearance of Cody and Paul.
  • This is the only appearance of Shrek in the Bowser Junior's Summer School series.
  • "Shit" is censored.
  • Logan, receiving a "YouTube for Dummies" book, is an obvious reference to Logan being a filmmaker, and his organizing and directing the projects.
  • Pablo hates his Cody voice in this video and the rest of the "Summer School series".
  • This video is the earliest video to have over 20 million views.
  • In the comment section of the SuperPowers (remake), a viewer channeled in his hype upon the prospect of a Summer School Remake. And Logan subsequently prompted a response of "Coming this Summer :)", thus shedding light upon the high possibility or to a further extent inevitability, of the Summer School Series foreseeing a remake.
  • This episode was uploaded 2 years after "Black Yoshi and the Birds Episode 2".


  • When Joseph tells his name and why he is in summer school, Chris disappears.
  • If the viewer looks next to Cody while he's telling Tanner that he has a medical disorder, a chair that has Steinbeck's shoes and sports coat can be seen this could mean that they did not put the scenes in order.
  • When Bowser reads Junior's report card, he says that Junior got an A++ in Math and Science instead of an A+++ like it says on the paper.

    Chris disappears


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