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"Bowser Junior's Sleepover" is the 96th video of SML Movies.


Bowser Junior has a scary sleepover with his friends!


Bowser Junior, Joseph, and Cody start by watching Doofy The Dragon where Doofy shows how to take a bath. At the end, he electrocutes and kills himself (like he does always) with a hair dryer by bringing it into the bath water and the screen cuts to the colored bars.

Junior laughs at it but Joseph and Cody hate the show, so Cody watches a girl show with barbie dolls talking to each other at 3 AM and they don't love each other anymore and the man chokes his girlfriend and Cody wishes that was him being choked.

Joseph decides to switch the channel to The Scary Channel where the trio watch "Attack of the Killer Donut", where a man has a late night snack of Krispy Kreme. He ends up choking on a donut and gets attacked by the box.

Junior and Cody leave the room to get snacks as an excuse to not watch the rest of the movie since they are scared. Downstairs, Junior and Cody take Chef Pee Pee's zebra cakes and Chef Pee Pee gets mad and decides to get revenge on them.

The kids tell scary stories, but however, they aren't really scary. Junior then gets an idea to play a game, so Joseph recommends that they play Five Nights At Freddy's.

On Night 1, Phone Guy annoys the kids when he talks for 6 minutes. Cody go to the bathroom and when he returns, Phone Guy is still talking. Now Junior goes to the bathroom and after he's done, Phone Guy is still talking! They die on Night 2 because Foxy jumpscares the trio because they didn't check Pirate's Cove on the cams. They then decide to go to sleep.

Later, Junior wakes up sees Chica creeping out of a dark corner out the door. He shows it to Cody and asks Joseph to go out there but does not return.

When Cody and Junior decide to search the house, they find Joseph dead in the kitchen next to a puddle of blood. Chef Pee Pee shuts down the power and the next time Junior and Cody go to the kitchen, Joseph is gone! They get jumpscared by Chica and they find out that Chef Pee Pee was dressed as Chica the whole time! They ask Chef Pee Pee why Joseph is dead. Chica then unexpectedly jumpscares the viewer shortly before the video cuts to static and ends.



  • This episode is the first appearance of Doofy the Dragon.
    • This is also the first appearance of Joseph in 2015
  • It is unknown if Joseph was actually dead in this video, or if he was just playing dead, and the blood was just water with red food-coloring.
  • When Chef Pee Pee scares Junior, he quacks while doing it. This is incorrect as Chica is a chicken, not a duck. It's possible that Chef Pee Pee mistook Chica for a duck.
  • Cody's voices changes from this video and the res.
  • This episode is much darker than other Bowser Junior videos, simply due to the presence of Chica, as Junior and Cody's paranoia inflicted by her, as well as her murder of Joseph, are played entirely straight, and the episode ends with Chica doing a jumpscare in the true Five Nights at Freddy's fashion.
  • After the Chica jumpscare, a troll face can almost be seen in the static.
  • Chica's jumpscare scream is the one from the Scary Maze Game.


  • Doofy the dragon is reffered to as a cartoon,even if its a puppet show and not animated.
  • At 11:17, Joseph says "You guys are so scary" after Bowser Junior throws the iPad as what Joseph's supposed to says is "You guys are so scared".
  • When Chica is outside the door, if you look closely, you can see she has no arms or hair.


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