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"Bowser Junior's Sleepover" is the 96th episode of SML Movies.


Bowser Junior has a scary sleepover with his friends!


Bowser Junior, Cody and Joseph start their sleepover by watching Doofy The Dragon where Doofy shows them how to take a bath. In the end, he electrocutes and kills himself with a hairdryer by bringing it into the bathwater and the screen cuts to the colored bars.

Junior laughs at it but Joseph and Cody hate the show, so Cody suggests they watch "Lifetime After Dark", a Barbie doll show where a man and woman are talking to each other at 3 AM and they don't love each other anymore and the man chokes his girlfriend. Cody wishes that was him being choked, which weirds out Junior and Joseph.

Joseph decides to switch the channel to The Scary Channel where the trio watches "Attack of the Killer Donut", where a man has a late-night snack of Krispy Kreme, but gets attacked by the box and then the "Killer Donut".

Junior and Cody get scared and they leave the room to get snacks as an excuse to not watch the rest of the movie. Downstairs, Junior and Cody take Chef Pee Pee's zebra cakes and Chef Pee Pee gets mad and decides to get revenge on them.

Junior and Cody return, and the kids decide to tell scary stories, but however, they aren't really scary. Junior then gets an idea to play a video game, so Joseph recommends that they play Five Nights At Freddy's.

On Night 1, Phone Guy annoys the kids when he talks for 6 minutes, and even when Cody and Junior go to the bathroom at separate times and come back, Phone Guy is still talking! They die on Night 2, however, because Foxy jumpscares the trio because they didn't check Pirate's Cove on the cams. Afterwards, they decide to go to sleep.

Later on in the night, Junior wakes up at the sound of Cody's snoring, but suddenly, he sees Chica creeping out of a dark corner out the door. He fearfully shows it to Joseph and Cody, and they become creeped out as well. Junior and Cody asks Joseph to go out there (since Joseph is "not" scared of anything), much to his dismay, but once he goes out the door, he does not return.

When Cody and Junior decide to search the house for Joseph, they find him dead in the kitchen next to a puddle of blood. Chef Pee Pee shuts down the power and the next time Junior and Cody go to the kitchen, Joseph is gone!

They then get jumpscared by Chica and try to figure out what they're going to do with Joseph being killed, and that Chica is on the loose in the house, trying to hunt them down. They then find Chef Pee Pee with a Chica-mask on, and Junior ends up beating him up until he and Cody figure out it's Chef Pee Pee, and they are angry at him for scaring them, with Chef Pee Pee snapping back that he did it to teach them a lesson (for stealing his zebra cakes most likely). They ask him if he killed Joseph, but Chef Pee Pee tells them that he only had the mask on, which makes them all realize stricken with horror of what's really going on and that Chica is real, and then Chica appears, jumpscaring the viewer, Junior, Cody and Chef Pee Pee and the screen goes static, ending the video.



  • Doofy the Dragon: Drops a toaster into the shower while he is taking a bath, killing him by electrocution.
  • Joseph: Killed off screen and placed in a puddle of his own blood on the kitchen table, presumably by Chica.


  • This episode is the first appearance of Doofy the Dragon.
    • This is also Cody’s first appearance in 2015.
  • Although Bowser is absent in this video, it's unknown if Chica killed him offscreen while wandering or stalking in the house.
  • This episode was uploaded 1 year after "Luigi's Mansion Episode 1".
  • This episode is much darker than other Bowser Junior videos, simply due to the presence of Chica, as Junior and Cody's paranoia inflicted by her, as well as her murder of Joseph, are played entirely straight, and the episode ends with Chica doing a jumpscare in the true Five Nights at Freddy's fashion.
  • After the Chica jumpscare, a troll face can almost be seen in the static.
  • Chica's jumpscare scream at the end is the one from the Scary Maze Game.
  • When Chef Pee Pee scares Junior and Cody, he quacks while doing it. This is incorrect as Chica is a chicken, not a duck. It's possible that Chef Pee Pee mistook Chica for a duck, as that is a common mistake even among FNAF fans.


  • Doofy The Dragon is referred to as a cartoon, even if it's a puppet show and not animated.
    • It is possible that it is supposed to be a cartoon in the videos even though he's a puppet in real life.
  • At 11:17, Joseph says "You guys are so scary" after Bowser Junior throws the iPad as what Joseph's supposed to say is "You guys are so scared".
  • When Chica is outside Bowser Junior's door and then jumpscares Junior and Cody in the kitchen, it can be seen that she has no hair.


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