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"Bowser Junior's Macaroni" (formerly titled “Baby Bowser’s Mac & Cheese”) is the 20th video of SML Movies.


Chef Pee Pee has to make Junior's macaroni and cheese.


While Chef Pee Pee puts a penguin in oven making literal penguin pie, Bowser wants Chef Pee Pee to make his son, Bowser Junior, some food.

Bowser Junior first demands that Chef Pee Pee makes him some blueberry muffins, but he rejects them when Chef Pee Pee brings them.

He then demands marshmallows. Chef Pee Pee brings marshmallows but Junior says he wants bunny rabbit marshmallows. Chef Pee Pee brings them but Junior rejects them because he wants yellow marshmallows.

Chef Pee Pee becomes angry and yells at Junior for being a spoiled brat. Bowser Junior then decides he wants some Macaroni and Cheese.

Chef Pee Pee then puts Bowser Junior in his highchair as a sack of revenge for being ungrateful. Chef Pee Pee tries to make the Mac and Cheese, but Junior keeps getting in his way because he wants to help.

After making the Mac and Cheese, Chef Pee Pee changed his mind and decides to blend it with everything Junior has been demanding. Chef Pee Pee then puts the mixture in Junior's sippy cup, as Junior doesn't want to drink it.


Main Characters


  • Chef Pee Pee and Bowser Junior meet for the first time in this video.
  • This is Bowser Junior's first major role, and his first appearance using his current portrayal. This also marks his first appearance since Bowser Juice Infomercial.
    • Junior would quickly rise in popularity to the point of becoming the 1st main character of the channel until Jeffy took his place as the 1st main character.
    • At that time of this video's release, this marks the beginning of the Junior Era, the third major era of SuperMarioLogan's history.
  • This is one of two videos where Junior is four years old.
  • The Penguin plush seen when Chef Pee Pee cooks penguin pie is actually a plush from the Academy Award-winning film, Happy Feet.
  • This is the second video with a custom thumbnail.
  • This is the first video to have Bowser Junior's name in the title.
  • The video was originally titled “Baby Bowser’s Mac & Cheese”, it’s likely that it was changed to avoid confusion between Bowser and Bowser Junior.
  • During the Macaroni milkshake taste test, it is revealed that Lovell does not like Macaroni and Cheese.
  • This is the earliest SML Movie to surpass 10 million views, and also the earliest video on SML as a whole to surpass 15 million.
  • This episode was uploaded 2 years after "Black Yoshi's Speakers", and 5 years after "Mario Kart Wii "Unboxing and Gameplay"".
  • the Bowser Junior plush used in the thumbnail is a bootleg you can tell because the eyebrows are flipped on the bootleg

Cultural References

  • When Chef Pee Pee says, "Your home is hot and ready," he is making a reference to Little Caesars slogan.


  • When Junior tells Chef Pee Pee to make macaroni and cheese, Bowser can be seen lying on the carpet.
  • When Chef Pee Pee is preparing the macaroni, you can see Tito's body.
  • Bowser Junior is referred to as Baby Bowser in the video. This also happens in Bowser Junior's Birthday Cake.
  • In the thumbnail, the Junior plush seen is a bootleg.
    • As mentioned above, the video originally had Baby Bowser's name in the title as well. It is likely Logan got both characters mixed up during the episodes and didn't notice until well into filming "Bowser Junior's Birthday Cake".


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