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"Bowser Junior's Lemonade Stand!" is the 149th episode of SML Movies.


Bowser Junior needs to raise money for some toys, so he starts a lemonade stand!


The story begins with Bowser Junior playing a battle between his Thomas the Tank Engine and a T. Rex. His fantasy is soon interrupted by Chompy, who is teething on Bowser Junior's toy lawnmower.

At first, Junior rebukes Chompy, but then he remembers that the toy is broken and gives Chompy permission to keep gnawing on it.

After this the TV shows an ad for The Big Jumbo Box of Toys, priced at three hundred dollars. Junior, instantly in love with the box, runs to his dad for the money.

Bowser, as usual, is counting down the minutes until a new episode of Charleyyy and Friends premieres. Junior comes bursting in, excitedly telling Bowser about the Box and asking for the three hundred dollars.

Flabbergasted by the price and thinking that Junior has enough toys, Bowser refuses, tells his son to make the money himself, and orders him to leave.

Junior sadly goes to Chef Pee Pee, who happens to be making lemonade. As Junior fills Chef Pee Pee in on the previous events, the latter commends Bowser's good parenting. Junior gets confused and a bit hopeless, wondering what kind of job would hire a six-year-old. Chef Pee Pee then jokingly suggests that Junior sell lemonade, which Junior excitedly agrees to. Junior grabs the pitcher Chef Pee Pee prepared, as well as a few lemons, and departs the kitchen.

Junior's first customer is Toad, who is skeptical about Junior's cause, but it quickly convinced to buy lemonade when Junior claims that he's raising money for the "Junior Needs More Toys Fund". Right as Toad is about to pay up, however, the two hear a shout for pink lemonade.

The shout came from none other than Cody, selling pink lemonade to raise money for an operation, and he sweeps Toad away from Junior. Junior himself then goes to Cody's lemonade stand, annoyed, and asks Cody to leave. Cody points out that this happens to be his neighborhood, and, thus, it wouldn't be fair. Junior doesn't know where Joseph lives and selling lemonade at his apartment would fail, so there is only one option: a price war.

Junior starts by offering lower prices on his lemonade, to no avail. Donkey Kong shows up to Junior's stand, however, delighting Junior as he brags loudly about his customer. Unfortunately for him, Cody is once again able to steal Junior's customer away from him. Outraged, Junior returns to Cody's stand, threatening him that he is getting angry, and when he is angry he "makes decisions he's not too proud of".

Junior keeps advertising his lemonade, as Brooklyn T. Guy arrives at the scene, parched after fighting a nasty fire. Having left his wallet behind, Brooklyn offers to have his lemonade now and pay later. Junior refuses, theorizing that if he gave Brooklyn free lemonade, he'd have to give free lemonade to his next customers. Cody chimes in yet again, offering free lemonade to policemen and firefighters, attracting Brooklyn. He picks up his pink lemonade, talks to Cody about what a jerk Junior is, and leaves.

Junior openly wishes that Cody would get syphilis and die, Chef Pee Pee returns to check on Junior. Junior points out Cody's pink lemonade and ponders why he's making all the sales. Chef Pee Pee explains that, by making his lemonade pink, Cody has given his lemonade a "wow!" factor and advises Junior to get one of his own. This gives Junior a rather dirty idea.

Junior has hired a teddy bear girl named Candy to twerk for him at his lemonade stand. This attracts Woody, Sonic, and Harold Wilfred. Cody looks on with disgust, then realizes all the sales Junior is making, and decides to use the strategy for himself, pouring pink lemonade all over his Ken doll. When this doesn't work, Cody theorizes that "it's too much man for them". Then Candy's father comes, asking Cody if he knows where his daughter is. He yanks her away, leaving Junior back at square one.

As a last resort, Junior calls in a hit dolphin to take out Cody's lemonade stand for him. The hit dolphin agrees for the price of all of Junior's earnings, but can't bring himself to do the deed, seeing how hard Cody worked on his stand. This proves to be the last straw for Junior, and he storms over to Cody one last time, singlehandedly destroying the pink lemonade stand. This takes a turn for the worse for Junior when the hit dolphin calls Officer Goodman, and he takes Junior to the side. Apparently, it is illegal to destroy someone else's lemonade stand, causing Junior's lemonade license to be revoked. Meaning that Junior is no longer allowed to sell lemonade or lemons in Florida again. Goodman confiscates all of Junior's lemonade and lemons, leaving him with a single cup. Junior asks Goodman how he can make money now and Goodman tells him to get a real job and leaves.

Down to his last shred of hope, Junior desperately tries to sell his final cup of lemonade, when Cody shows up. Despite Junior's actions over the course of the day, Cody has decided to give Junior his earnings. Junior is taken aback by Cody's act of kindness and calls him a true friend...only for Cody to reveal that it was a façade, spill Junior's last cup of lemonade, and run away gloating about his coming enlargement. An enraged Junior chases him, bringing the episode to a close.



  • Behind Junior's lemonade stand, a Fire Flower plush can be seen in the background.
  • A Pink Mushroom can also be seen on Cody's lemonade stand.
  • There is a brief callback to the video "Bowser Junior's Annoying Toy!", where Chompy chews on the titular toy and Junior remarks that the toy was already broken anyways.
  • This video features multiple appearances of characters that haven't been seen in a long while.
  • This marks the first time Black Yoshi meets Cody.
  • This is the second time Harold Wilfred appears without Mario, the first time was Bowser Junior’s 1st Grade! Part 1, the second time is The Life of Brooklyn Guy!
  • Woody, Sonic, and the Loan Dolphin meet Bowser Junior for the first time.
  • This is the first time Bowser Junior gets in trouble by Officer Goodman.
  • This is the last time where Goodman is canonically seen as a police officer, as Brooklyn Guy replaced him and Goodman became a person who gets house payments and runs a bank.


  • Junior claims he doesn't know where Joseph's neighborhood is, but in "Bowser Junior's Summer Vacation", he gives Chef Pee Pee directions to his house. It is possible that Junior forgot the location or Logan just forgot about Bowser Junior knowing where Joseph lives.
  • While Cody is seen serving Pink Lemonade to customers, he's never seen filling the cups, almost as if he has a cup automatically filled.
  • At 7:58 when Chef Pee Pee talks the hour changes its possible the camera quality changed.


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