"Bowser Junior's GoKart Race!" is the 32nd episode of SML Shorts.


Bowser Junior and his friends have a GoKart Race!


The first scene takes place on the starting line with Bowser Junior and his friends (from left to right: Joseph, Cody, Bowser Junior, and Toad). Tommy Lakitu starts the race, and everyone drives and cheers, but a few seconds later, Joseph was upset.

  • 1st: Toad
  • 2nd: Cody/Ken
  • 3rd: Bowser Junior
  • 4th: Joseph

Bowser Junior and his friends says something from Joseph (LAST PLACE) to Toad (FIRST PLACE), then... They go to the item boxes, (Ranks from First to Last) Toad got a good item, while Junior hitted Toad with a green shell. and he got upset because he was in last place

  • 1st: Bowser Junior
  • 2nd: Cody/Ken
  • 3rd: Joseph
  • 4th: Toad

Cody told Junior to eat a banana, then junior and joseph crashed to each other. Joseph is laughing and Junior is arguing when Lap 1 is over


  • 1st: Cody/Ken
  • 2nd: Toad
  • 3rd: Joseph
  • 4th: Bowser Junior

Toad uses his secret weapon to get Cody out of 1st Place (GOLDEN MUSHROOM), and then everyone got another set of item boxes.

  • 1st: Toad
  • 2nd: Bowser Junior
  • 3rd: Cody/Ken
  • 4th: Joseph

Toad uses a Banana to trick on Cody, and Bowser Junior helped him by hitting Toad with a Red Shell. Joseph uses a Star to hit Bowser Junior, and he crashed, Joseph laughs hardly because he is in 1st Place (Tommy Lakitu respawns Bowser Junior, and Junior argues that he is in Last Place and calls his friends stupid.)


  • 1st: Joseph
  • 2nd: Cody/Ken
  • 3rd: Toad
  • 4th: Bowser Junior

Joseph and Toad is cheering, But Junior says STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID, Cody says Woo-hoo, before the final set of Item boxes

  • 1st: Joseph
  • 2nd: Toad
  • 3rd: Cody/Ken
  • 4th: Bowser Junior

Cody uses a Lightning bolt and Joseph and Toad shocked. Bowser Junior uses a blue shell, and Cody told Ken to win for him, and it all comes down to Junior and Ken. and Ken wins, but the trophy says Cody on it

  • 1st: Cody/Ken
  • 2nd: Bowser Junior
  • 3rd: Toad
  • 4th: Joseph

Back at home Junior feels upset about losing the race. Cody then comes to his house and starts bragging about his trophy throughout the rest of the video and keeps saying "SUCK IT!". While he is eating his breakfast, taking a bath, etc. The video soon ends.



  • A preview clip of this video was shown at the end of Mario's New Girlfriend.
  • Junior used 3 items while Joseph, Toad, and Cody each used 2 items. 9 items were used in total.
  • Junior was the only racer in which Tommy Lakitu had to respawn.
  • The items that Joseph, Cody, Junior, and Toad used are 1 Green Shell, 3 Bananas, 1 Golden Mushroom, 1 Red Shell, 1 Invincibility Star, 1 Thunderbolt, and 1 Blue Shell
  • This marks Ken's first appearance in an SML Short.
  • Obviously, this short is based on the Mario Kart series of games.
  • The track that Junior, Joseph, Cody, and Toad raced on looks like Figure-8 Circuit from Mario Kart DS.
  • Joseph's symbol is the only symbol that is not a letter, instead it's a green shell like with the playable Koopa Troopa in the Mario Kart series.


  • When the race starts, Tommy Lakitu says "Okay drivers, get your engines ready, set, eh-g-go!," but he did not say "Ready."
    • However, he may have counted "Get Your Engines Ready" as such.
  • When Cody is urging Ken to race on without him on the final lap, Bowser Junior's kart is a little farther away from Cody's kart than in the last shot.


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