"Bowser Junior's Game Night 2" is the 138th video of SML Movies, and the second installment of the Bowser Junior's Game Night series.


Bowser Junior plays board games with his friends!


Bowser Junior and his friends (Cody And Joseph) plays some board games. Junior asks if everyone's ready and Joseph says he is as long as Cody doesn't take it seriously like last time. (which was in game night 1) Cody says not to talk about because that day still haunts him meaning he is still traumatized from the operation game since he thinks he killed the patient. Junior suggests playing Hungry Hungry Hippos so they play that first

Hungry Hungry Hippos

First, they play Hungry Hungry Hippos. Joseph reads the directions, then Cody insults Joseph. Then, Junior was about to ask Chef Pee Pee, but Cody convinced the others to have Ken play instead. When they play, Ken falls off. Junior says that the won Hungry Hungry Hippos, calling himself "The master of Hungry Hungry Hippos" and insulting Joseph and Cody.


The next game they play Twister. They all decided to quit since nobody was able to spin the wheel and they all got stuck in that position.


They play HedBanz, and they all got it right, but took them a few tries, and the card saying "Cheesecake" was stolen by Shrek.


Last, they play Pictionary, but they got into an argument, and Junior makes Cody and Joseph go home.



  • This video marks the third SML Movie to become a regular sequel. Following Bowser Junior's Happy Meal 2 and Bowser Junior's Playtime 2.
  • This is the first video that has Bowser Junior dismiss his friends. Previously his friends leave.
  • This video marks the first Bowser Junior video to not feature Chef Pee Pee since The Call Of Duty Problem.
  • This video shows that Junior is racist and enjoys making jokes out of horrible things like starvation and shootings.
  • Bowser Junior this time takes the board games seriously rather than Cody.
  • This is also the first Game Night video to be filmed at Logan's apartment.
  • This episode shows that Bowser Junior does not like Obama
  • Bowser Junior saying "You got shot up a couple years ago" is a reference to the 2012 Aurora shooting and him saying "You got shot up recently" is a reference to the Charleston church shooting.
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